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I did most of this page standing in the kitchen making dinner, because fuck me. But here it is. I did it anyway. Name me another artist with this kind of dedication. I may not be the best but I try so much harder. Don’t discount gumption, kids. It can carry you a long way.

We’re gonna need a fuckload of gumption to get through the next few days, weeks, years… Look for opportunity in the chaos guys. When things fall apart you can always find ways to win over people who lose their cool. Take advantage of that. Everything will be okay eventually.


Is their a reason our cubby bunny carol is starting to look a little toothpick-ish? Also loving the broader shoulders on Nina makes her look powerful, even though her situation is kinda Grim…

I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Under that jacket she’s drawn exactly how I always draw her.

Perspective. Second panel is a copy-pasted Carol from the first panel sans expression, but the way the panel cuts off from her lower body makes it look like she’s thinner than she is. To be clear, she’s not; it’s just an optical illusion due to where the panel edge meets her body.

Carol does look unusually scrawny compared to the abundance of Madison. I thought that was intentional though.

Chuckled at Nina’s expression and last comment, btw.

I continue to enjoy your comic. I love how cute a happy Maddison looks.

Some people think that President Trump is like the beginning of the End Times. Actually, it’s going to be fine. The press will be laser-focused on finding any way they can catch him doing something even a little bit wrong and you will hear about it 24/7 for weeks if he steps out of line. If he so much as misspells the word “potato” at a spelling bee, you’ll hear about it. If he asks the IRS to punish his enemies, they won’t do it (while they volunteered to do it for President Obama). The Congress won’t be falling all over themselves to do his bidding either. If Trump pushes for more Executive power, he will be checked by the other two branches of government. Gridlock for the win. And while it looks like the Republicans are holding both houses of Congress, they don’t have the kind of supermajority it would take to slap down the Democrats (like what the Democrats did to them in order to pass the Affordable Care Act).

So: comedians will have a field day every day, the news will be “interesting”, but life will go on and it will all be fine.

The press seems to be in shock, because the guy they haven’t been taking seriously his entire run and purposefully undermining as an absurdity, has, actually, gotten ahead. A few of the media in discussion were wondering if they were going to be deported. Combining their current failure of prediction with the noted tendency of the media to be more sensational that factual, I’m wondering how much faith people are going to have in the media, tbh. Republicans in Congress haven’t had that great a show of standing against Trump, and Democrats haven’t had that great a show of routing Republicans. Though, I hope that’s just paranoia on my part. But, underestimating Trump, I think paid a large part in his success…

Well, gumption, for the next years I guess.

The media richly deserve it. Their constant attention when he was a nominee amounted to millions of dollars worth of free publicity, and even though most of the “scandals” they went on about were old, they didn’t come up until after he was the candidate. They felt he’d be the easiest for Hillary to beat -notice they didn’t even give Bernie a fair shot. The liberal media effectively picked the republican candidate (as they generally always do), and they deserve what they’ve caused.

Yeah the Democratic party stopped the ball on that one, Bernie had allot more support than anyone realised, and allot of Bernie supporters were sorting him because he had a similar stance to trump on corrupt government, but the Democratic party likes their government the way it is, so they picked what they thought would be an easier sell, which was “first woman president/trump hates women”

But the Bernie supporters started supporting trump(at least in my district) because he stood for abolishing corruption.

This would have been more fun election of Bernie had been the candidate

While I’m pretty sure he won’t much “policy” done, because both sides of congress will block it, there’s a couple things that still remain scary. He has sole discretion over a nuclear arsenal. There’s no voting or filibustering to prevent that. And that’s in the hands of a person who can’t be trusted not to blow up in a twitter war. On a slightly less serious note, he (or more likely, his vice-president) gets to pack the supreme court with people who will set back civil rights for decades. He will not get opposition from the R-dominated senate on this. If there’s any sanity left, Trump will soon be removed from office, but that still leaves the US in the hands of someone who’s going to cause more damage.

Maybe now legit conservatives and the left can unite under the banner of less power for the federal government, more for the states. I can only hope.

Except giving the states more power is an even worse option when you actually look at what has happened till now.

Have you looked at how much of state level legislation has been bought and paid for by incumbent monopolies? Waht? Monopolies? Collusion? Cartels? You ask and I shall give some quick answers. Cell phone services, Cable, Auto Dealerships. Mind you at the federal level are bigger players doing the same by owning the regulators, Publishing, Medication, Banking, Broadcast and Media.

Why would the left ever ever ever (ad infinitim) support less power for government of any kind? Or republicans, for that matter, but that has very little to do with conservatives any more.

Honestly speaking, I voted for Hillary. However, I think everyone pitching a fit need to shut the hell up and pull on their big boy pants. It happened. Trump is president. Waah. Now kindly shove your insistence that you’re leaving the country, going to protest, conspiracy theories, whatever. The country will go on like it has every time a controversial person becomes president, and throwing hissy fits while calling everyone who voted for him children and idiots paints a telling portrait.

The man may not be who I voted for, but he WAS voted for. He is my president, and I may not like him, but I have to accept that he is here. I will be graceful in defeat and live life as I always have, and I expect anyone with an ounce of reason to do the same.

If you are leaving for Canada because you were deeply tied to Hillary and her backers may I suggest South America where there are no extradition treaties? Besides our servers crashed so be patient. We are still dealing with all those actual refugees fleeing death and they come first.

Could you possibly make nina any more desirable?
Amazonian, athlete, bibliophile, cheerleader, and motorcyclist?

Also add: Nude yoga instructor? Bikini model?

Nina, the Nude Yogi…?

Heh, heh!
Well I DEFINITELY would by DVDs of her classes! : )

Sounding a lot like a blue lantern, Jackie. “All will be well!”

I’m enjoying seeing some after-work banter between the crew here. That time when everyone is leaving was always an interesting time when I worked retail. We were all off the clock, so we could say what we wanted and no shits were given. But we usually managed to be a team, so it was usually witty banter and joking around much like this page.

Trump plays the role of a dumbass because that’s what the crowd wanted. The media is just pushing the OMG HES GONNA PRESS TEH RED BUTTON angle because they’re trying to save face after treating this election like a joke. LOLOL Hillary has 99% chance of victory, let’s make funny headlines about his hairdo instead.

Also, did you know Harambe got 11k votes?

It is amusing that Mrs. Clinton herself, back in 2013, said that Trump would be a good president, if he would venture into politics.
Her review of him, at the time, was quite glowing…
I grant You, though, she did, since then, curiously enough, apparently change her opinion.

This election was incredibly disappointing. But it made me realize I got complacent in the Obama years. Other millennials and kids in Gen Z feel the same way, and I hope we’re gonna give the Trump administration a rude awakening in 2018.

I actually paid a lot of attention to the election beforehand, and would get into arguments with Trump supporters over how “Trump is going to get a huge surge of voters and win.” I kept pointing out the mathematical difficulty of that, and then the election happened, and I apologized to some folks and ate crow. Then I saw the more detailed returns. Republicans voted in the same numbers are usual, Trump got about the same number of votes as Romney or McCain.
Democrats didn’t bother to show up and vote…

Hey, long time reader almost never commenter, but I just wanted to say I really liked the line work in this one. I get that you were cooking at the same time but it really worked for you. Bravo sir.

Jackie,still love the comic, in fact I did an archive crawl last week, I don’t do that for many of the ones I read. I like how your style has grown over time, if someone is dissing your work, screw them, you have talent AND a good story. Sure there are other slice of life retail comics out there, yours has a unique quality to me.

Regarding the US politics, I do suspect that Trump will not be as… flamboyant in office. As pointed out above he will still have to work with congress to get a lot of what he spouted off about on the campaign done which should not happen. Trump, whatever else he is, happens to be a businessman, sooner or later he will get down to business and understands that in business there is give and take.
In my opinion, out of the the 2 candidates that had a chance of winning i do think he is the lesser of the two devils. That said being the best of poor choices is hardly a ringing endorsement….. The major parties have failed us once again, the country deserves better than what we’ve been getting and I don’t see a way to change it.

Gumption, Jackie, you sir have it already, my hats off to you and what you do.

And here we see Reggie’s co-workers still underestimate him. They’re continuing to assume that (like most guys) he’s attracted to the outside, not the inside. Not that it’s a bad assumption to make (after all, it IS the default setting for guys). It’s just that it’s false.

Maybe if these two gals started attending the Furry meetings, they’d get to know Mr. Boothe (and his sister!) better.

My impression of the last…gosh, I don’t even know, maybe 24 years? is that we are splitting into two (arguably 3) cultures, and those cultures are both geographically communicatively separated. “Flyover country,” is resentful of the coastal cities growing larger and larger, meaning that they get more and more election power (in a one-person, one-vote system, areas that are losing population lose power). They are watching their best and brightest go off to the cities and never come back. They are watching the jobs leave and never come back. They are seeing their populations dwindling. They are pro-life because they need every baby they can get to keep the decay at bay! They seek solace in religion because the rural way of life is…if not dying, at least shrinking.
Meanwhile the cities are getting busier and more complex and there is always something new and exciting and who are these red state folks who are not hip with the newest trends? They don’t think gays should be able to get married? They don’t think people should be able to pick their bathrooms? Sheesh, old farts???
This cultural divide means that whichever culture wins the election is essentially a foreign ruler of the other culture. Either urban culture is being forced on the Rural areas, or rural culture is being forced on the Urban areas. Either way, it is really unfair to the people suffering foreign rule, and the “well they did it to us,” is not a great rallying cry.
I hear Oregon is going to have a vote on leaving the US in 2018. Maybe that is the solution? Have the coastal states leave the union and create two new nations, the Pacific States of America and New England. The United States will be a lot smaller, but probably happier. (New England would include not only the traditional New England region, but also much of the mid-Atlantic region-possibly as far south and North Carolina).
There might even be some state border changes. Eastern Washington and Oregon might not want to leave the US, and might form a new state-possibly with western Idaho (those three half-states are all in one valley, separated from their respective capitals in a case of badly drawn borders). Western Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina might also stay in the US.

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