And then he plugs her one in the back, just to prove her wrong :P

Also, got anymore BF cast at hogwarts pics? I’m kinda curious to see Ed and Thomas now. Maybe Mike too.

We never got a write up with Nina’s, did we? Bet she’s on the quidditch team (if not captain!) :P

I’ve posted all I’ve had time to make, and I went back and added some flavor text to Nina’s. So you can click back a couple to check that out if you like. I’m not sure when the next one will be along.

Huh, really? ‘Cause I’m only seeing a couple of sentences on Nina’s pic, and I can’t remember if they were there when it was posted or not.

*Shrugs* Oh well. Your creation, your decision. I’ll not complain.

Little does Carol know that the Orcs know of a weakness in her defenses, a small hole in the base allowing the internet cable through. With enough explosives they could cause an explosion and press in on both sides.

…Hrm, does Carol have a secondary line of defense? If not this could get dicey.

yeah, tomas needs to ditch one of the mavericks. You need two hands to cock and fire it, unless he just wants a fast double shot…

As the President of my Campus’s HvZ Club, I appreciate that you actually draw what the blasters look like instead of making shit up. Is it bad that I know the names of every single one I see?

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