So is Reggie’s sister a goth? Cuz she’s kind of giving off goth vibes here.

She’s a furry. They’re more or less the Anti-goth.

Does the legend say:
that when the goth and the anti-goth fight, that means the end of the world is here?

Those goth vibes are precisely the disguise she’s trying to hold up, to hide the fact that she’s secretly a furry. Duh.

I would say no. Shes not dressed in black or anything of the sort. She just gas black hair. Black hair does not make you a goth. And she uses colorful makeup. Not black. Probably not goth nor has anything she done resemble goth. Once again black hair isnt goth. And yellow shirt? Not gothic at all…

I believe shes probably very much like reggie. Intense in her own way but not goth.

Jackie could still prove me wrong. I doubt it though.

Seems like she just uses too much eyeliner. This was noticable the last time we saw her out of costume, and even in costume.

Not necessarily a sign of goth, might be she’s just not really good with makeup yet. Maybe she even just recently got into doing makeup for herself.

I wouldn’t even say that. It’s just that she does. It’s difficult to distinguish otherwise given the comic format. We can assume or not assume the other females wear makeup just jackie doesn’t make a point of showing it.

Aka I think people read into it way too much. :P

I am very much enjoying private-life Reggie vs his Business/Social-life Reggie. I dont think its so much that he’s mellowed out at work (which, he did after being with Nina for a while) but I mean overall, he is a more likable person.

I’m just thinking:
Maybe Victoria’s makeup + fashion style is a rebellious style- one that is something other than the goth style, or the furry style.

I’m under the impression Victoria isn’t wearing make-up at present. She just has bags from stress and lack of sleep.

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