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This is something you don’t see too much anymore. The idea that two competing ideas can be right simultaneously. Not all ideas can be, of course, but some things are subjective. Either way it seems like Jo would like to come together again.

As far as your artist and writer goes he’s having a tough time this week. I’m having some really abnormally severe sleep issues. I don’t know what I need to do to fix them but I’m waking up all screwed up after having truly messed up nightmares. It’s happened several times this week and it’s way worse than the normal kind of problems I have. I’ve used every kind of allergy medication I have access to and they haven’t helped at all. Maybe it’s my cpap mask getting bound up weird or something. I don’t know. All I know is it’s wildly disruptive. Hopefully I can sort it out over the weekend finally and come back Monday firing on all cylinders. Cross your fingers. Please support the comic via the links above and I’ll see you then.


To paraphrase Victoria (and Elvira), “Pleasant dreams”.

I’m not exactly like Jess but I do have this tendency to devalue abilities I have sometimes yet sometimes can’t teach them to others even when they’re really interested in learning.

Frick, I caught up. Great comic; 2nd time through I’ll glance at more essays and comments, rather than rushing to see if Reggie gets laid, or if the central relationship implodes.
My click-through is just a curated list of webcomics, majority not safe. This comic was mentioned a few times on a QC subreddit critical of QC phoning it in, with BF listed as a slice of life that hasn’t similarly tanked in quality.
For reference, my favorite webcomics author is View, aka Forview, the legend behind Cheer from a decade ago.

Reading your afternote, I have issues with insomnia as well, and likely undiagnosed sleep apnea, but I’m a lifetime stomach sleeper, and I take low dose expectorant with my regular meds, which seems to help not feeling like I’m choking on phlegm. Nightmares for me are usually from caffeine, or thinking someone close to me died. Hope that helps in some way.

I honestly kind of forgot Forview existed. I should probably look his stuff back up again at some point, I know his character development was incredibly good.

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