907 By Your Leave.

I don’t usually go looking for info about new games, but while I was researching something else I was randomly looking up stuff in the other window. Nerf guns, Gamecenter CX, and eventually Skylanders. I ended up at videos from Toy Fair showing off Skylanders Giants. You may recall back when I got Skylanders that I said I hoped they made sequels where you could use the old characters in the new game, and just added a few new faces. Well that’s pretty much exactly what they are doing. As I understand it there will be 4 new Skylanders, 8 new giants, and 4 old skylanders reissued with new light up features. That’s brutal… The light up features serve no purpose other than to screw up the lighting when you play in a dark room, as I do, but I love the idea. Activision is going to do what I hoped and what I also, on some level, feared. If nothing else the old portals still work, and hopefully the maps will be much more vast than in the first game. I want to take on wave upon wave of enemies, and have reason enough to try doing so with all 30 plus Skylanders. I hope they include the jump mechanic in the new games, but I didn’t see anyone springing around in the videos, so that’s a shame.
At any rate I’m going to need to make a lot of money to feed this addiction… Along with my many other addictions… So be sure to look to me for all your art needs. Reasonable pricing structures are available. XD What I should really be doing is saving for better drawing stuff. We’re getting to the Jo’s movie and Thomas’s recconing portions of the story finally and I want a larger drawing area. I’ve got most of my problems with Photoshop worked out. Not that I had to do anything really. Windows seems to be slowly learning to fix problems on its own. Which I freely admit is creepy. Creepy, but useful.
The other day I was cleaning my truck and part of it fell off. There was this plastic wind thing on the hood that… Well I don’t know what it did actually. It’s primary function seemed to be a place for leaves to collect. Anyway I always assumed it was bolted to the hood underneath, but that was not the case. While wash off that section the whole thing came off. It has been held to my vehicle for years and years with nothing more than double sided tape. That was surprising enough, but it also led me to wonder who made the tape. That’s some quality tape right there. It held that thing on for… maybe a decade? through every weather condition, to the point I thought it was BOLTED DOWN. I want more of that tape for everyday use. Imagine the havoc a person could wreak upon an unsuspecting public.
In addition to all of that my truck looks like it shaved its moustache. It’s weird. Just like seeing someone who just changed their hair. I drove it around without the thing on and noticed no difference in performance. I really have no idea what its function was. I just never thought to remeove it.


Can love bloom, even on a battlefield?

Yeah. I do. I think at any time, any place, people can fall in love with each other. But if you love someone, you have to be able to protect them.




No, but seriously. I bawled like a child the first time I saw Otacon run out after the second sniper battle with Wolf. Then again, I was only 9 or 10, but that scene, man.


Wait… reckoning? For dating Carol?

…It’s Reggie, isn’t it? Him or Wes… Anyone else could keep a secret, even Mike.

Or hey, it might be something else entirely. I just like Thomas enough to want the best for him, you know?

Or possibly the ex-girlfriend visiting the store thing. That hasn’t happened yet (that we’ve seen, anyway)

The truck’s screen thingie: If it was see-through but tinted, it was to reduce road glare (never works). If it was a solid color, it was a bug screen. I assume the function is interchangeable depending on whether or not you live in a state where bugs on the windshield/grill is an issue.

She knows he likes her, since Brooksie spilled it back in day one, so she’s counting on that, I think. Perhaps a bit calculating, but all for the better.

Yes, they’re pretty much interchangeable. I would have automatically assumed it was a bug screen, anyway. in theory the stick up part of it catches the bugs before the air flow splats them against the windshield, at least partly. It sorta works, sometimes, I guess. maybe.

Okay, I have no proof of it ever actually doing what it is supposed to do outside a vague, theoretical sense of they probably did that whole smoke in a wind tunnel thing that was popular in car ads about fifteen years ago.

She’s putting herself in front of him. Makes her more of a shield for him than he’s a shield for her. I hope she realizes there’s always the possibility for treachery in the ranks.

Anyone who would say no to Nina at that juncture is either gay or severely confused. I’m bi, and I’d say by your leave as well.

I never thought I’d say something like this, but she could best me any day.

By your leave indeed. *sigh*

I like the part where she thinks he can pick people off with an unmodded longstike.

they’re in a store, range at max is gunna be like 50 ft. they’re gunna have to get closer than that to shoot Nina. i’d say he has pretty good odds. Even unmodded, the longstrike still shot farther than my three other guns.

The long stike probably has the worst range out of those guns. Don’t get it confused with the Longshot which has very good range and is a different gun.

Methinks Ed enjoys being dominated. That can happen with guys who tend to get into fights alot and have to work at being top dog all the time. The role reversal outside the traditional male hierarchy gives them a kick.

Also, did not expect them to team up. Kewl.

Huh. Nina made hot-tempered Ed blush. Is that a first?

Probably not. You do recal when both Nina and Brooksie kissed his cheeks, yes? That was rather spectacularly blush-ridden, if I recall correctly.

But I DO know for fact that when Nina introduced herself to Ed, he was blushing pretty hard.

*le sigh* Ed is so adorable when he’s stunned…

Someday I hope to cause that expression on a man’s face.

Reading this, I suddenly had a vision of the “Amy/Rory” dynamic. Some of you know what I’m talking about.
Of course is Ed had said “As you wish…” instead, the blush may have been reversed.

Well that’s just not fair. You’re not gona say no to that; especially not with that little sweat bead running off her brow.

So cute. ^^ I’ve been waiting for some more interaction between those two. :)
Also, that is some awesome tape. Huh.

No no no, Ed. Not “Yes, ma’am.”
It’s “Aye, milady.” XD
Somehow, I have a feeling Nina’s going to win the day. She’s outrun John and conquered Ed; she even successfully disarmed Thomas earlier. She’s got this on lock. ^^

Only if she’s aware enough to best the resident ninja and eager enough to hunt down Wes before he catches wind of it and somehow sets everyone on fire >__>

And the first bit was what I came here to say, so kudos for that.

You forget. The rules were “Whoever has the least evidence of attack on their person at close will receive a prize yet to be determined.” Nina failed to leave evidence of an attack on either Thomas or Ed, so, so far, only Brooksie has been successful.

And she’s put herself out as a target and is expecting Ed to hang back and provide support fire. In other words, she’s technically given Ed the win against her, as he’ll probably be a whole lot less targeted if he’s hanging back to protect her.

Was just on Modest Medusa (webcomic) and saw what must be a new link to your comic:
“Hold still, her vision is based on movement.” says the caption as the picture shows Nina toting Nerf guns.

Just amusing enough to me (which is to say it could be as funny as something from comedy gold to a dead baby) for me to feel I should point it out!

Personally… I’d have taken that moment to shoot her at point-blank range… but personally, I wouldn’t take part in a gun game. I get enough Matrix comments without guns. I’d rather just find a foam sword or something and do things Highlander style.

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