906 Grace Under Fire.

This scene was hard to put together since it’s hard to tell exactly how far away Ed is from Nina. In my head he’s about 12 feet away, but the images don’t really convey that as well as I would like. One must use the gifts they are given though.

The guns they are playing with are clearly modled after Nerf blasters, as many of you already know. The thing is, having never actually touched many of them, I don’t know ecactly how they work, or sound, or what have you. So these, like many things in my world, are not exactly as they are in our own. Details like what sort of ammo a toy uses, or how it sounds, are not neccessarily important to telling a story unless you make them important. I’ve cut down the types of ammo available too, since some use smaller darts. I’ve depicted them all more or less the same size and type. Some of the styles may not be available yet, or at all anymore, as well. I’m sure the afficianados will spot them when, and if, they appear.

So I found a used copy of Skylanders 3DS.  $7 no shipping.  You can’t beat a deal like that.  It showed up today with all the parts in working order, & no Skylanders, as was agreed upon.  The game itself is actually better than the console version in some ways.  Being able to jump stands out as a big plus.  Of course the inclusion of a jump mechanic leads to some moments of not being able to see where you’re gonna land and fighting the camera.  You can save 2 Skylanders in the 3DS, so you don’t have to take the toys with you everyplace with the portal.  I like that, but it’s hard to choose 2 of them.  It would be cooler if you could store 8.  Shoulda coulda woulda and all that…   I’m sure there are going to be frustrating levels later on because of the jumping.  Of course the challenge may be a nice change of pace.  Hard to tell at the moment.  In any case I have a portable game to amuse myself with for a while. 


This may be dating myself, but that whole scene of Nina dodging reminds me of the Destroyer movie they did back in the 80’s. The scene was the old Master Chuin dodged an entire clip of ammo at nearly point blank range. Well done!

Huh, it’s odd for someone to name a movie from the 80’s I haven’t seen. The name sounds familiar but I have no memory of ever seeing it. I know I’ve seen this kind of thing in manga tons of times though. XD

The whole darker, more superhuman assasin focused novel series that the movie came from, was more entertaining.

Oh no, Nina is going to take Ed prisoner, and do…”horrible” things to him! :D

ed will die with a smile on his lips im sure….

Or Nina if he is really lucky… or fast enough in close quarters. XD
For some odd reason I am picturing him pulling an old school Bugs Bunny move next.

Movie was Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins and Master Chuin was masterfully played by Joel Grey.

Chiun is from a movie called remo williams.. chiun was this korean fighting master with scary skills and powers.. he kinda reminded me of the nun i had for homeroom.. they kinda dressed alike too….

Judging from the results of the last comic’s comments, I’d say if you ever needed onomatopoeic (boss word for scrabble, btw) advice, whether on the sounds of any Nerf blaster or anything else, your fan base would be more than happy to provide. Also, not to be a snob, but the Long Strike rifle that Ed is using has a pump action system, so each foonk would be followed closely by the oh-so-satisfying ker-CHAK of the next dart being loaded into the chamber. Plus, if you wanted to get clever with Ed’s tactics, the barrel of that particular rifle (the part he’s holding with his left hand) comes off, allowing for much shorter range combat.

“Grace Under Fire”…brilliant choice of title ^_^

And Nina…GAWD, she is crazy hot right now. I hope you keep her hair that way more often. Ponytails and similar hairstyles are a major turn on for me <3

Ed should have taken her on mano-a-mano…he sucks at firearms, apparently.

Judging by the track record, this is gonna come down to Brooksie’s stealth versus Nina’s awesome dodging skills.

Is just me or does anyone else expect Nina to growl “Don’t you know, you always pull your shots around me.” Maybe I just read to much 80’s Suicide Squad.

Nah, you got the Nerf guns right, pretty much. Especially since the size or type of the gun doesn’t really effect the range. For instance: the rifle Ed is using is mostly for show. It LOOKS like a long range type, and I’m sure it has a bit of range over other Nerf guns, but really it just looks cool. You’re not gona get any more accuracy over a longer range than with a normal Nerf gun, though I certainly thought I would when I had it.

I’m sure someone can prove me wrong, but I honestly haven’t noticed that much difference in performance other than “man that looks cool!” Probably the best gun in this fight is the Barricade Brooksie is carrying. A friend of mine bought one of those and it had CRAZY range for what it was. I think it’s because the thing has this rail-gun feature rather than a pump-action air propelled system. These two wheels inside propel the darts automatically so they fire fast and HARD. She’d have to reload sooner than others, but it’s amazing how much range that little sucker has.

On top of which, because the motors make it semi-automatic, you can dual-wield them.

(nearly wrote that as “twin-link them.” Too much 40k? Never!)

You then can put twenty darts into the air in ten seconds flat. Wheeeeeeee!

I’ve doubled the voltage in mine. Those darts fly out of the barrel at almost twice normal velocity. It makes a hell of a noise when spun up though.

the spring loaded guns, I refuse to believe have not already been modified at least by Thomas and Ed

How fast do you think they are?

I’ve had friends mod dart guns in 15 minutes improving accuracy and range at least fourfold, though you need to have special equipment to mod some guns, also all you really need to do to double the range of the things is to use a little putty to seal up the cracks so you don’t lose as much force over the length of the barrel

So Nina is officially of Amazon descent in my book. She is tall, toned, and a warrior with great reflexes, not to mention she loves to read. Amazons had a knack for knowledge as well as enslaving their men..

I’ve done that, though I doubt I looked anywhere near as hot as Ms. Grace doing it.

Now, Ed, she’s got you right where you want her. Next move: Dip her and plant one right on her lips.

I think when they wrote out her birth certificate, they meant to spell “Ninja” and just forgot the j.

I think I’ve always liked Nina the best, now she just looks even better with her hair up and casual clothes. Her overbite is the hottest thing about her!

I’ve always liked the whole cast (even Reggie & Wesley, in their own deluded ways), but I think that Nina is really starting to shine now, and I’m really looking forward to what comes next. :)

So… I’ve already expressed my undying hate for the creator of these webcomics, but I have yet to explain why. Here is the closest thing to a review that I can give, given the current state of… whatever the hell state I’m in.

You, good sir, manage to excel at so many points other webcomics fail at. Some of them seem quite obvious as being needed to be good, while others are the more subtle parts that make it great.

The first and most obvious is the art. What can I say. It’s good. It’s certainly not perfect, but it has it’s own look to it that is consistent and visually appealing. Character design is much like this. Though you yourself might have changed some things, hair looking different at different angles being one I remember you mentioning, it’s still all been very naturally flowing with the rest of the world.

The characters themselves are their own living things, in the sense that any character is a living thing. They have a life to them that comes from so many different places, each necessary, such as art, writing, and other things less easily explained (I’m tired but motivated to write this. >.>) They bounce off of each other in the most interesting ways because they aren’t just interesting but feel almost real. I could go to a store like theirs and actually expect to find people like them. Interesting, sometimes eccentric, people that are either truly enjoyable or truly spiteful.

The setting feels like a real place, most of the time. The few time’s it doesn’t is not to be faulted either. The lack of customers feels unreal, having worked at such a store in a small town before, but it’s supposed to be a noticeable thing.

The expressions people have in your drawings. It’s a small thing, but people often forget how lively someone can be even when they’re standing still and talking about something boring. You somehow nail it down perfectly.

Now, I am not without a complaint or two, but they’re mostly small and honestly forgettable. The only real issue I sometimes have is the background, but even then what you have works with the rest of the art in a good, visually pleasing manner.

So there you have it. The reason I hate you, Author of this webcomic. It’s in there, somewhere. If you take the fourth letter of every other word that starts with P, add them all together, and then look at it in a mirror while upside down you’ll have your answer. Maybe.

That is some truly unbridled hatred right there… O_O

Is this a real riddle? I tried figuring it out but Im stumped. Also, it doesnt seem that hateful of a review, must be a joke thats going over my head. :/

No, it’s a poorly thought out joke I’m sticking with because I’m stubborn.

You hate Crave because he’s got you hooked on his creation, and you can’t help coming back for more.

Every. Single. Time.

tfcppcppfa…I think. Some one grab a mirror, I don’t have one on me.

You forgot the n in points. here are the words I saw:


nfpcpa…..I still dont get it.

I KNOW I commented on this before… and yet no comment.
So either it was removed… or it hit the spam-filter thing… OR it went somewhere else like the dot-Net?

So its not just me, I am wondering where my comments have gone, and there is no way I didn’t comment on this one cus Nina is just too…Nina.

Some comments get lost when the servers crash or any number of things that have happened. Entire blog posts have gone missing as well. Also the spam filter is on high alert because of all the facebook spamming.

Man, I am way too old to be in love with a cartoon character, but Nina just stole my heart!

Ed: “W-What ARE you???”
Nina (leans closer and whispers in his ear): “I’m Batman!”
Ed: “…I don’t remember the part where Michael Keaton nibbles on the thug’s earlobe.”
Nina: “If that thug was as cute as you, I bet he would have!”
Ed “…I have to say never blushed shyly and shuddered in disgust at the same time before.”

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