it’s been more than 8 months since this comic strip went up and nobody has made the obvious Godwins’ law joke? Oh, Come on, internet, you FAIL!

*clears throat* Ahem.

Godwins Law, FTW!

She seriously needs to get her historical facts in order. Germany annexed Austria, Poland got invaded… didn’t put up much of a fight tho. And anyway, serves ’em right for… well I don’t really know for what, but I bet they did something to deserve it.

From what I’ve learned in school, Germany invaded Poland to gain more territory. It was Germany’s goal to gain more land from surrounding countries, though it was handled as Germany taking back the land that was once lost to them. Germany was warned to cancel their invasion of Poland, otherw

From what I remember of history the land Germany wanted from Poland would give them an outlet to the sea/ocean. Otherwise Germany is land locked and they couldn’t properly deploy navy/u-boats.

You’re backwards. Poland wanted part of Prussia after Germany lost WWI so that they would have an outlet to the sea and not just border two of the most aggressive countries in Europe. Germany took back Poland to recover the land they lost and gain a tactical advantage.

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