552 Self Evident.

Christmas messed up my internal clock so bad.  I spent most of the day thinking it was two days hence.  Anyway, I had a jolly holiday.  All my younger cousins are now old enough that they are very entertaining to be around.  In my family we open presents in order from youngest to oldest.  I am the oldest grandchild…  So my spot has been getting further and further down the list every year for many years.  At the rate my family breeds Christmas is going to have to become a three day event.  Two is just about not enough time anymore.  XD

To those of you kind enough to give presents unto me, in various forms, you have my thanks…  And my axe!  And my bow!  XD  I will bend all the items in question to my twisted will.


Why do I get the feeling that Lady Ace there is quoting a movie and I’m going to hate myself because I don’t recognize it?

@ Bill M. – She’s not as far as I know. I do try to write her dialogue, at moments like these, in such a way that it sounds like she’s, at the very least, channeling some past cinematic experience. Mission complete it would seem. XD

I feel like a dork for asking this, but I just have to: What color and Brokksie’s eyes? In the header and on the last page they were brown, but this time (and in other comics) they look purple or blue.

I love my BF as always. Your art style is always so unique! I enjoy every panel, though.

And once again you had me in a gigglefit at work. SO worth the looks I get, though. <3


Man, did I just go through 552 webcomic pages in a few hours again? Hate catching up (and from the comments that I have read, I’m not the only one to have done this).

Anyway, great comic, keep it up. One of the most enjoyable things about going through a webcomic is watching the artist get better and better. One of the first things I noticed early on was that you didn’t draw in the back eye (the eye behind the nose) for the first few comics. I’m not sure i that was just your style at the beginning or if you had problems with it, but it’s one of several (and the easiest one to make an example of) noticeable changes from the start.

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