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Thanks to you guys who offered up audio equipment advice. The loop thingy fixed the issues with the PC. The TV still has the static but someone said that just might be the nature of the device. Anyway, 50% success is still pretty good.

The Teen and I watched Wrestlemania tonight. In fact we’re still watching it. It’s okay so far. We aren’t watching the walking dead finale till tomorrow. So don’t spoil it, please. XD

I drew stuff for people who helped me out last year while viewing the show. Couldn’t find my regular markers though, so they are just in one color.

Teen corner hello inter web world miss me yet? Lol just kidding you haven’t missed much spring break wasn’t eventful school is boring and almost over I’m single again because the relationship just wasn’t working for me,I have prom April 25 which I’m excited for I have almost all A’s in school the play is May 1st I’m super nervous for it. I don’t wanna go back to school tomorrow but home is dramafied so school is preferred and Wrestlemania has been Goodyear can and my man orton both won so I’m happy for the most part but im irritated that sting post and there’s no sight of undertaker also butts butts butts love the teen hopefully you’ll hear from me regularly again


“I wonder wonder who, oouu who
Who wrote the book of love”

Right back at you. I’m waaaay behind on The Walking Dead. But I’d like to catch up some day. Course I’m a season or more behind so I’ll likely forget spoilers by the time I get to it. Bad memories do have there uses.

Studies The Teens speech patterns intently….

Sorry it didn’t work out with him.

……………… (something about wrestling??)

Butts… butts are nice….. (they’re like cats that way)

It looks like Maddi might try to bone up on usual conversation topics, so that she can try to compete with Veronica’s (?) memory.
Uh oh. This could get messy. [ Hee, hee!]

Okay thank you Reggie for not being weird about the whole thing.

Maybe you could message her sometime? And be like “hey we banged that one time, wanna go again?”

Actually no don’t say that.

But you could still strike up a conversation, see where it leads. Maybe she’d want to come visit you on her next holiday?

*Whew* Thanks, Jackie, for not having anything tragic happen.

yet. give it time! give it time! you’d be amazed how much 6 panels can throw a story into chaos!

What I meant was: I’m glad Reggie’s story about Veronica didn’t end in a tragedy, like her getting killed in a car accident or something. In fact, it looks very much like it could still continue at some point.

You always remember..those in your life that could’ve been..

Those who say..they wanted,

and those whom both walked away then regretted it only to later..admit it was a mistake..

this comic hits home on so many levels..it isnt funny. It tugs on my heartstring on levels only she would know and feel as well.

good job sir, good job.

First, his family wants him to work in retail to stop being accident-prone, and then he wants to be better than most of the people surrounding him (which isn’t difficult at all, by the way). However, someone in his life did manage to truly supersede his capabilities and show him what wonders may come to good people.

Reginald Boothe, if you ever want to be happy again, you’d better pray that your cousin-in-law hasn’t started banging dudes in college (or gained the “Freshman Fifteen”). If such is the case, then hit the books and expand your knowledge base, hopefully finding yourself a career of which Veronica could be proud.

As though gaining the Freshman Fifteen would suffice to kill any feelings if you actually cared about the girl (or even if you just kind of liked her)… too much superficiality in the world today. That’s leaving quite aside the fact that tastes differ, of course.

Dear Mr. Boothe–

It it with deep regret that I must inform you that Miss Veronica has passed away. Her head exploded while cramming for her Spring Semester Junior midterms.

With deepest sympathy,

–Perfesser Bear

P.S. Ya should’a chased her while she was still within reach, blockhead!

Maddi is thinking; can you smell the wood smoke? Anyway, these two are adorkable.

“The TV still has the static but someone said that just might be the nature of the device.”

May I have a pound of Ground Loop, please? TV audio just sucks, anyway; it has for the 85 years it’s been around. My system snags the audio at the cable box and routes it to the stereo via IR audio lines, and it still sucks. It definitely sounds better than the TV speakers or plugging my OTE headphones into the TV.

Hey Guys, remember not to tell Jackie and The Teen that Shane, Lori, Merle, and Herschel all come back as one big mega-zombie and tear up the place. We wouldn’t want to spoil anything.

I saw that the writers of SNL are fans of Your furry-arc;
[Check youtube for: SNL Bambi ]

Welcome back, Miss.
Sorry the boys weren’t working out for You yet.
At least no-news wasn’t bad news.

Glad to hear all you needed was a ground loop isolator.

“The TV still has the static but someone said that just might be the nature of the device.”

Do you have any switch mode power supplies (wall warts, AC to DC converters, or cell phone chargers) plugged in on the same line as the TV and/or cable box?

You can get static like feedback from those adapters. If you want, try removing them and see if the static goes away. If it does then grab a AC line filter or a power strip that has the line filtering and/or isolation built in.

If it’s not line static and you really want clear TV audio, you’re going to want to grab the digital signal from the cable box or see if your TV has digital audio out if you are using an OTA antenna. There are digital audio (TOSLINK/SPDIF) to 3.5mm adapters that should remove the noise and as a bonus some can do simulated surround sound. You could also use this to get audio direct from consoles (PS3) and possibly PC as well; if yours has digital out.

I can see the wheels turning.

The mark of a true strategist and forward thinker, Maddie. Not asking “IF” you can tap that…
…but “HOW” can you tap that…

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