1370 No, you.

April Fools can bite me.

If you think Reggie is going to let Evrina get off easy over her shenanigans then you don’t know Reggie. Sticking her nose in it is the perfect end to an initiation “ceremony” that her knocked out of the park.

Just so you know, I updated Julius Drywood and The Wandering King on Patreon. Hopefully next month I’ll be able to really get into it and move the story forward significantly, since I’ve gotten just slightly ahead of things again. I would also like to tempt those of you who haven’t done the Patreon thing with a reminder that anyone who pledges a dollar gets an avatar drawing. Those of you who have been supporting me for a few months can get an updated one if you like. If you’re very good I might even let you talk me into drawing a simple sketch of whatever you like. Just click on Nina’s beautiful form on the sidebar if you want to go to there.

Those of you who are interested in my Animal Crossing adventures might like to know that Beardo moved into my new town. I got him from some people online. As you might recall he was in my original town that got corrupted when Nintendo was updating their eshop. The little asshole put his house right next to my fountain… So that’s about as landscaped as my town hall area is going to get, I guess. XD T^T

Nintendo will, by now, have officially closed their club service. I used the last of my points to get a game called twinbee, because I couldn’t work up enough to get anything better. Still, if platinum status means anything i’ll get whatever bonus they might give. I really hope they replace it with something better. Getting free stuff for buying games was a pretty sweet deal, even if their free stuff was kind of janky at various points.

Sadly, I found out today that my 3DS had broken its camera. Or rather my constant dropping of it broke it. I’ve dropped this 3DS more than all my Gameboys combined. It’s almost as slippery as an uncased iphone. By the time I upgrade this thing there won’t be much left to get out of it at this rate. It’s nice to have a cool Legend Of Zelda themed 3DS, but I’m really hoping that the new Fire Emblem game has a special 3DS. Because I’m going to do whatever it takes to get that one this time.

I would also accept Advance Wars, since we need a new AW game. Animal Crossing, which is unlikely. One Piece, if some Japanese exclusive gets released that has one.

That gets me to thinking… There hasn’t ever been a good Dragonball 3DS game. I can’t remember a single good DBZ portable game. Were there any?


The Legacy of Goku Series on GBA weren’t that bad, I’ve played them a few times over. Over time though, they haven’t held my interest. Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans on DS though, I have to say is probably my favorite and best DBZ. I could play that forever. Only problem is that it’s not really that long and -sniffles- it’s the only one. They never made a sequel for it, and that’s a damn shame. I liked the format of it the most out of any DBZ game.

Before this story arc, I appreciated Reggie but didn’t like him too much. I like him a hell of a lot more now. God damn, has he been spectacular.

Nintendo Club doesn’t actually close until the end of June but no new games have codes to register. Some older downloadable games can still be registered, and games that came out before either January or February have codes in them. No news about the new rewards program. At least, I haven’t heard any yet, beyond that they have a replacement service planned.

I really should get back to AC…JT, you helped me with getting some of the furniture on my files but I haven’t played in over 9 months now and I worry what has become of my villagers. Their reactions when I turn up again makes me feel too guilty though, so I put it off for even longer….such a vicious cycle.

Apparently, what cut off today was the ability to sign up or register anything new, actually. I apologize for the misinformation I posted. You can still spend coins through the end of June.

Reggie has been really great, and I like Evrina’s eating crow expression but, (and I know you will probably check in with other cast for a bit) I am excited for John and Veronica developments (yes. I totally jumped on this ship from like her first appearance and freak out)

It is sad that Club Nintendo is gone. Luckily I was able to get to Platinum Rank for the final time and used the last of my coins to get Golden Sun and a Fierce Deity Link jigsaw puzzle.

I just hope at some point in the future, Nintendo puts up a new rewards program. Club Nintendo was kinda fun.

I dropped my 3DS a while ago – and, well. Living on a farm, you don’t want to know what it got dropped IN. Long story short, I had to get it repaired, and it turns out that Nintendo customer service is desperate to make a good impression. They will just about let you name your own price for repairs if you are reluctant to pay their quoted price (on the phone). Cost me with shipping I think something like $30 whereas the original quote was about half the cost of a brand new one.

Just FYI if you’re thinking about doing that!

Ah yes, it wouldn’t be Reggie if he didn’t rub it in.

All due respect, she DID throw down the gauntlet. This is his way of not only picking it up, but slapping her with it. To paraphrase Dr. Weizak from the Stephen King book THE DEAD ZONE, she thought he was selling empty bottles.

I dont know if anyone else has mentioned this….but it just struck me that Evrina is almost literally the opposite of Nina (at the very least in looks if not personality) and if this was any other comic I would have expect a ship tease since everything seems quiet on the Nina front for Reggie.

Well I mean it makes sense. Evrina is the one who challenged him, and she’s also an actual member of the club. *shrugs*

Damn are they gonna make John do it too? I wonder if his first time will follow through with the tiny box I have sadly put him in, or if it will be something meaningful.

Y’all keep talking about how magical first times are, but damn. My best friend’s first time was when he was drunk. He fucked a girl he didn’t know on the porch of some random guy’s house. He doesn’t remember her name, and barely remembers what she looks like. My first time was painful, bloody, and I regret that it was with who it was. I’m impressed with you guys who had awesome and fantastic and i-will-never-forget-them-damn-i-wish-i-was-still-with-them times.

My small box where John lives is telling me his time wasn’t so magical, and he doesn’t really want to follow up Reggie.

If I were to ever go through an initiation like that, it would be short and simple. “I’m a virgin.” There, done. Unless they require a vividly described sex scene regardless, in which case I guess I’d have to make something up on the spot.

Oh, Reggie, way to verbally bitch-slap the little rat! He turned Evrina’s spiteful little initiation rite around and dumped it in her lap.

And I’ll thank you to stop referring to me as Beardo.

Nice one, Reggie, rub her face in it.

Also, Jackie, I agree with you, we are long overdue for a new Advance Wars game. A new one would probably be enough incentive for me to get the new 3DS. My old DS got stolen and I haven’t felt any need to replace it yet, none of the 3DS games were interesting to me.

I’ve dropped my 3DS a few times, but I’ve got an awesome protective case for it that doubles as a backup battery, so it’s only got a little ding on the corner from before I got that.

The case really gives it some weight, though. It’s a huge, chunky thing now. Not sure my hands would manage the thing without it.

Is it just me or is it going to be really weird seeing Reggie without the ears once this arc is done?

I started reading this a couple days ago, through the wonders of webcomic ads, and ho-ly hell. You’re up there on the top three of my favorite webcomics. I honestly have way too much in common with Thomas, it kind of scares me and is really cool at the same time. Here’s to Between Failures!

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