1368 Hangman.

We can probably assume that Victoria was moved by her brother’s story, but not so much as to want to keep hearing the details of his sex life. Unfortunately for her everyone has bought in at this point. Curiosity may not kill this can, but what it has heard cannot be unheard.

Today has been one of those days where every time I sit down to work someone has some damn issue that I have to deal with right that second. I am starting to exist in a constant state of feeling harried by random bullshit. I’m going to have to set up some rules for scheduled work so I can deal with the unscheduled stuff more efficiently. For example, I think I’m going to set aside one day a month to do Patreon drawings for people. Doing them piecemeal ruins my flow. (Also, if you want me to draw an avatar for you please direct yourself to the link that is Nina on the sidebar. For one dollar of support you too can have a digital drawing from me of your very own.) I hope that the tablet that I may be getting in the future helps alleviate the need for that. Since I could do those drawings anywhere and wouldn’t need to fire up the entire system to complete one.

Time management is key.

I need to set aside time to talk to other people. I always say I’m going to but never make the time. It feels like goofing off when I should be working, but the longer I go without outside voices the more blank my head becomes. Well, not blank… Emotionless.

I got these new headphones but I think they are too good. I can hear the sound the keyboard makes while I type. Not the clicking of the keys. The electrical change in the computer that touching a key makes. There is a level of sound that it too much for my computer apparently. On my 3DS it’s like a symphony though. There are levels of nuance I have never heard before. Things made to play music on are perfect. things made to do other stuff, not so much. The TV has this constant staticy sound. I feel like a sound expert would know what to do about this stuff but I don’t. There has to be a way to make these headphones sound good on anything. Are any of you guys sound ninjas? I know one of you on my twitter is. How can I fix this stuff?


Well, I mean, I think the original intent was for him to give the messy details. What were her boobs like, did he use a condom, what were the actual acts…stuff like that. But I guess they don’t care anymore! They’re into the ~romance.~ Which is kinda cute of them actually!

But Reggie PLEASE tell me you’ve moved on. Three years is a long time to be pining over your cousin. Being sad over something that never can be will destroy you. But maybe…maybe that’s why you’re so cold?

Heehee…If I was his sister, all I wouldn’t mind. I’m pretty open and stuff with my siblings. But if I was HIDING…yeah actually that would be a big problem, especially if I was found out. I can hear the “Why didn’t you tell me?” and “I wouldn’t have minded if you’d just been honest instead of hiding.”

Um wow lots of mistakes in the grammar and deletion of thoughts. o.O Whoops! Well, you get the general idea.

Is she actually his cousin? I’m pretty sure it’s just by marriage…she’s the bride’s sister. If the groom was his uncle, the bride is his aunt…by marriage. Her sister wouldn’t be…well, anything, really. Now, if the bride were Victoria’s mother, they’d be cousins…by marriage, which would be no obstacle (legal or moral) to Reggie pursuing a relationship. Heck, almost every serial romance book out there has the brothers marrying the sister or cousin of their brother’s new wife. One of the purposes of big weddings is to introduce eligible youngsters to each other…what, you thought it was because everyone missed Great Aunt Grace?

There’s obviously much more to Reggie’s story (and Victoria’s) than we’re being told at this moment. I mean, c’mon…*Reggie* believing ANYONE is out of his league?!? Not the Reggie *we* know, for sure!

Did some looking…

He said that it was his Uncle’s wedding, meaning Victoria is the sister of a woman who is not related by blood to Reggie.

However, his sister said “he’s talking about cousin Victoria.” And then when Evrina said “…that means you fucked your cousin!” he didn’t deny it. Though he did try and clarify that she wasn’t a blood relation.

BUT that wasn’t my point, my point was that three years is a stupid long amount of time to pine over someone. I mean come on Reggie, lets move on with your life.

I know that that is kind of a tough love statement (or being bitch, whatever floats your boat) but being sad over that kind of thing will eat out from the inside out. You gotta move on.


Too many V characters introduced! Victoria is his sister, Veronica the First Love…

And it’s kind of funny you think 3 years is a long time to mope. To be blunt and brutal…really tough love: a guy NEVER forgets the first time he fell hard and if we’re ever completely honest, ANY that come after are only pale imitations striving to recollect the perfection we once had. Seriously, ladies: get your man tipsy and ask about his first. He’ll get embarrassed, maybe brush it off…but you’ll see that look in the depths of his eyes, maybe a little smile you rarely ever see any more…she may have banged the basketball team and broken his heart, but he’ll never forget her and he’ll always wonder `what if’.

“Back in the summer of ’85, I was feeling more dead than alive
I was holding on to the radio, you know it really helped me get by
Down the street she moved to the beat, just an angel in her Daddy’s car
Through my life she cut like a knife, and I’m still walking ’round with the scars…
Somewhere in the night; she’s reaching out and touching me
Somewhere in the night…and I just can’t let her go
Seventeen, caught in between what I was and what I wanted to be
I was listening to no one, and nobody was listening to me
She said, `Oh, baby, I know how it feels, and what you need is more than a friend’
You know the first time live feels real, it can never come your way again
Somewhere in the night…
And after all my friends think I’m crazy living in the past
But all you give to keep all the memories, you gotta make the good ones last
Somewhere in the night…”

Yeah. Just like that. Go ahead…ask your man.

Mmm never forgetting and being actively in love with someone are different things.

I’ll see if girls that aren’t me work like that, and I’ll ask my girlfriend about her first!

“Back in the summer of ’85″…is that from a song, or a poem or something? I really wanna know.

I think one version of this song was: “Somewhere in the Night”, by the Michael Stanley band. In that version, the song doesn’t talk about the summer of ’85, but the summer of ’65, i.e. 1965.

Actually, I don’t think the goal was “messy details”. In fact, it’s probably good for Reggie that he didn’t go for that.

She mentioned from the outset that this was partly to get a feel for Reggie’s character. If he’d focused on appearances or bragged up, they would have be treated to some auditory smut, sure. But it also would indicate that Reggie viewed the experience as a extremely casual or, worse still, just a conquest.

Instead, he focused on her personality, the emotions he felt, the lingering effects of the relationship, etc. So, instead of the audio smut they could go online for, they got to learn that the FNG is, underneath the snark, a romantic at heart.

He probably earned some respect from a lot of them. Hell, Evrina is easing off. That’s rather telling.

Most likely thr point of this is to tell a personal story that mqkes them vulneeable

They are going to let strangers in a personal hobby that most people could kake fun of them so this could scare people that only joins to mess with them

I am not an audio guru, more like an audio enthusiast, so I can try and lend what aid I can. What kind of headphones do you have? It could be that the impedance (in essence how much power the headphones need to work) of the headphones is more than your computers on board sound can comfortably drive.

Had that problem when I got a set of over-ear headphones. Supposedly great sounding headphones sounded like crap with my mp3 player. Picked up a little headphone amp and now they sound awesome. Maybe you just need a little extra to give them some extra oomph.

Victoria in that last panel just gives me a huge “silent internal scream” vibe. XD

Every… single.. time… I see that frame, her line totally cracks me up again.
“I’m actually ok with hanging, if it matters…” and her actual expression is OH DEAR SWEET MERCIFUL GOD MAKE IT STOP!

I have had many headphones do that on several computers. The problem’s likely with the pc and it’s frequency shielding. Frequency shielding of some sort coats every sensitive chip on a electronics.as it prevents errors and shifts in charge/polarity the problem is all audio seams to pick it up more noticeably then most functions. If the pc is a laptop/Mac anything experiment with how far in/out the Jack goes if the plug or jack is too far outside standard manufacturing tolerances the ground on receptive materials that transfer noise. A tower pc has the less jerry rigable option of a sound card though an external amp could fix it. And if jiggling the cords or buying other audio don’t work for you, you could dissasemble the jack and reasonable it with greater frequency isolation or adjusted positioning or size, (this option not advised as any errors brick the jack) So yeah you probably just got a misfit connection

I wonder if the other dude is going to make a furry version
I dont know if the guest drawuings are cannon but a story like that is likely to be insparing for an artist

What in the world are you talking about?

Oh stewardess! I speak rube!

I think what @Daxo is trying to say is he wants to know if John Kepler is going to relate his first sexual experience in an anthropomorphic milieu. He goes on to reference the Guest Strips from Mid-January (Times Between Extras: Patronic Love, Prevention By Moonlight, Survival Guide and Oldy) and wants to shoot them out of a cannon.

That story inspared me, too; I think I’m going to go paint the Celestine Chapel (or at least make a drawuing of it).

You right, me stupid
hahaha I just saw that movie a couple of nights
Still now that I am not at the border of sleep land
Niel (had to go 33 pages back to look for his name) is a web furry comic drawer and while romance may not be his strong point Reggies story is a good story as seen how everyone is hooked on it and he has like 7 readers he could use something like this to attrac more readers but making Reggie (and maybe victoria) his enemy because even if he changes the names he is telling them in clubs secrecy

Mmmm i hope now you undeestood that, ona related story, I hate to write in tablets

I hate trying to type on plate glass, which is why I bought Bluetooth keyboards for my tablets. They’re a pain, but I can’t thumb-type to save my neck.

Yeah, that would be a neat twist if Neil illustrated Reggie’s and John’s stories.

For the headphones on the PC, use a USB or dedicated sound card. It will get rid of the noise and depending on the card give better sound. I use a USB sound card for a similar reason at work, constant hiss. Other options is a headphone amp with a ground loop isolator, though a ground loop isolator might be all you need.

Those are both A #1 ideas. I hadn’t thought of the ground loop isolator, and I had to install one on my big laptop’s port replicator (it doubles as a hum noise generator). USB sound cards can be had in the $20+ range, I have no experience with them, although I know Creative SoundBlaster fields several in the $35 range (Amazon). Thanks, @Hakira, filing for future reference.

Many people are recommending a dedicated headphone amp, and yes that’ll probably work. But if you want to try the cheapest fix first and go from there, for a couple bucks at Radio Shack you can get a “ferrite choke.” It’s a little clamp-on black metal donut that fits to a cable and gets rid of certain kinds of noise. These things usually can be found on power cables and things as a lump in the cable near the plug that goes into the device. Sometimes you can take them off and use them elsewhere, if you’re the scavenging type.

A friendly computer repair shop will probably be awash in chokes, and could salvage one for you from broken equipment. Find one big enough to run your headphone cable through, and then pass it through again so it’s wound around the choke once. If it helps, upgrade to a nicely sized clamp-on one.

But! The dedicated headphone amp is probably the best option because it can improve the sound out of every device to a certain degree…not just “cut off the noise.” It’s a little pricier though.

If the sound from the TV is staticy, it could also be a ground/common inversion between the TV and the cable box. (Assuming there is a cable box.) This was common years ago, I don’t know if it still is – but the easiest thing to try before spending money is to unplug the different portions of the system that’s providing the sound, then turn the plug over and plug it back in. Which also assumes that they have 2-pin plugs, but many of them still do. See if that makes a difference. If the TV and the cable box are using the common and hot sides of 2-pin plugs in an inverted fashion, they can cause an interference loop between each other that you normally wouldn’t notice… though it would easier to hear on headphones.


Sorry, I’m that special kind of pedant that everyone hates. Unless you were going for the “Si from Duck Dynasty” feel, which I missed.

IMO- that’s ok.

Throwing around lofty ideas, + throwing around maybe-pendantic comments, in the comments section of webcomics, is half of the fun of the internet!


I’m surprised nobody (that I could tell from the comments since Cousin Veronica was introduced) has picked up on this yet, but I’m betting that “Cousin Veronica” is actually the sister of “Aunt Sylvia”. I take this comic to be foreshadowing this somewhat: Mike states that Sylvia isn’t that much older than Reggie, and Jo muses that she’s probably married in. Calling it now: “Aunt” Sylvia is married to Reggie’s Uncle Junias, and it was at that wedding that Reggie met Sylvia’s kid sister, Veronica. Plus, they are both blonde, as shown by the one picture Jackie has given us of Sylvia:
I kind of get the idea that in Reggie’s family, at least (as someone surmised earlier), they refer to her as a “cousin” because that’s either how they think of her, or it’s just easier than saying “uncle’s sister-in-law”.
Sure hope Monday doesn’t reveal the reason for the end of Reggie and Veronica’s relations to be something awful, like Cousin Veronica getting killed in a car crash (which besides being tragic, would be all too cliché). I hope, at least for the purposes of the story, that she’s alive and well.

Not sure why my links weren’t showing up. The comics I was referencing were Nos. 1229 and 1228, respectively.

And I now see that “Samson” also called this in the comments a few comics ago when Veronica’s actual name was introduced by Victoria (#1364).

Yay for Reggie! Everyone needs a little romance in their life at some point, the heart is so much better for it. And the head, well actually, the head is better for it too.

So now we got Reggies Story for the most part.

Will we hear Johns Story after that?

I would think so, since Evrina made it clear they both had to do it, regardless of who went first. Reggie’s going to be a hard act for John to follow, I think. At this point, it’s never really been confirmed whether or not John even had a first time–his talk of his exploits may be nothing more than just BS on his part; for all we know, he could still be a virgin and just likes to make stuff up to save face.

I recently stumbled on your page a couple months ago and I’ve devoured between failures since then and I just want you to know it is magnificent and I love how you write your characters.

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