1367 My People Call It Maze.

I briefly considered showing a little bit of Veronica and Reggie making out, but decided to just go with the hedge maze image. I didn’t feel like it was going to ad much to the story. On the other hand I kind of wish I got to draw them kissing at least. In any event this was the choice I made and there’s no changing it now. Maybe he’ll get a kiss later on.
I find Reggie’s story incredibly romantic and also atypical of initial sexual experiences. Spontaneous and perfect romantic moments like these are rare at best. Generally speaking at least one party has to do some planning for epic romance to happen. Maybe that’s for the best. I’m not sure. That said I’m not going to pretend that I don’t want to have spectacular moments of spontaneous romance in my life. I just don’t think it’s very likely on match dot com. (which I am not on, by the way.)

Love is an area where my heart and head are perpetually at war. This comic is a reflection of what my heart wants. My life is a reflection of what my head is capable of. I don’t give romance a chance to happen because I don’t act on impulses. Mostly because I can’t image a woman existing anywhere near me that has any chance of understanding me. I judge people as wanting without ever giving them a chance to prove me wrong. I am controlling the situation by not letting one develop. And in spite of the fact that I KNOW THIS I still do nothing to change it. And I already know that a lot of you are exactly like me in this way, because I can hear echoes of that style of thinking in the comments you leave. You, like me, want to be in control of everything all the time. Love resists control because it takes two people for it to happen properly.

I don’t think the Teen thinks I understand love as well as I do. Or people, or anything really. On some level she’s probably right because the definition of love varies from person to person. We all have various expectations that don’t coincide. Which is part of what makes it such a mess. I think that her definition of love is constant reassurance of love. Strangulating love, I have come to call it. Perpetually worrying love that can never be confident in itself. I’d like to believe I don’t experience love that way, but on some level I do. Because deep down I don’t believe I’m worthy of love and therefore it will never last. So it has to be tested, brutally, at every turn. You push and push and push to see if it breaks, if it’s real, until it does, and you are proven right. I don’t know why I’m that way. I come from a family where my grandparents and parents have been married my whole life. Happily by any reasonable standards. But I can’t believe in that for myself.


wow, first panel. So even she can be adorable :O Also its not a bad choice, but its kinda nice to see reggie loved cus as you say, it won’t take him long to slip back into usual habits. I am sure he finds a way to mess up soon, but I really like this. I can honestly begin to feel for Reggie cus of this arc, before I just couldn’t.

*in regards to the maze metaphor instead of the making out. I really have to remember to clearly state my thoughts, sometimes I’ll be thinking something and forget to type half of it so then what I actually write doesn’t make much sense T_T

i think the reason this arc is making him more likeable is because it’s showing that there’s more to his character then a smug ass using his family name to get by.

Yep, there just wasn’t enough of a reason to like him before. Can admire how he chased nina, but that wasn’t really enough, this arc+Jo’s backstory really helped change my impression and give more to consider with him. Wes is still pretty evil in my mind though, I dunno how/if he can redeem. Actually Wes may well be the antagonist among all this, as far as the store goes.

d’awwww even has got the flutters in the chest.

i didn’t try and call for it but i had a suspicion she would be the one taking charge, quite litterally ^-^

Reggie totally knows that’s his sister by now, right?

No its his bother’s wife’s sister. So just his cousin by marriage. Which I see no issue with him having sex with.

Pretty sure Jonsy was saying that Reggie must know Victoria is one of the people listening. Which he may or may not, depending on how distorted her voice is inside that fursuit of hers and how closely he’s been paying attention to the others.

No – I don’t think Reggie realizes yet that his sister is the one in the suit. That awkward conversation has yet to occur.

He’s got Regina into it pretty solidly now.


I think I’m coming at it from the mirrored opposite side of what you are saying. I can believe there is someone out there who can understand me (not like I’m deep or complex anyway) and be good for ME but I can’t believe that I am good for them. And if they are up to the standards I was raised to want then I would be right. If I could somehow catch them at a moment in their life when they are, for some bizarre reason I can only guess at, willing to form a relationship with someone like me then I’d only drag them down. I couldn’t be an equal partner. I don’t want to be a part of that kind of relationship. At least alone I can almost believe I am a decent person on a good day. (since my failures mostly only affect myself [not real surprising I found a comic named this is it?? :-P heh])

And I’m juuuust ugly enough that this policy doesn’t require me to do anything to actively enforce it! XD (I suppose living in a dying village in the middle of nowhere probably also helps… )

The So Romantic panel just reminds me of a line in a song from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog….the song is now stuck in my head again.

“Because I have a phd in horribleness”

Which song?
Or, better yet, which line:
“Lacy, Gently wafting”?
“Underwear tumbling”?
“Here lies everything”?
“I’ll give You a sec’ to catch Your breath”?
“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do”?
“Everything’s slipping”?
“The event horizon”?
“Now the angels sing”?
“I stopped the van”?

In “So They Say”, when the Captain Hammer groupies are singing, one line is “So, they say that it’s real love, so romantic! (He signed this)”. It’s right in the beginning of the song.

“They say it’s better the second time,
“They say You get to do the weird stuff…”
(“we do the weird stuff!”)

The line You wrote is 20 seconds into the beginning of the song.

Have You listened to “Commentary! The Musical”, yet?

I haven’t actually. I was rather late to the Dr. Horrible party, also. The first time I saw it was only a year or two ago…

The party was over before I got there.

The music and video of Doctor Horrible was on itunes, I think…
And they used to have “Commentary! The Musical”, also.
If You got the DVD from Amazon, I think, “Commentary! The Musical” was a bonus audio track You could listen to instead of Doctor Horrible’s soundtrack.

Now if only they would hurry up with the sequel…

I love this scene! I wonder how Reggie will feel after doing the deed?

Is this maze called, “The San Jose”?

As in: Do you know the way to San Jose? I’m going back to find some piece of mind,…in San Jose.

That’s not helpful, Alex, some of us here haven’t experienced it yet and learning that it’s a maze causes even more anxiety.

Mr Wolenhous, I get what you mean, though, about trying to control things by not letting it happen. For me it’s because of my crippling anxiety that I can’t abide a chaotic world and fear how… random other humans are…

This is really sweet, but I can’t help but remember that there is no happy ending to this, or Reggie and this girl would be together now.

I’ve been with the same guy for almost 10 years. The first few years were pretty bad for him. My dad left when I was five years old, and my previous (and first) relationship had burned me pretty bad. So I subconsciously did everything I could reasonably do to make things end, but somehow, they didn’t. He stayed. And things are awesome now, and have been for a while, and we’re getting married a week from today. It’s possible, Jackie. If you find a good one, a real quality person, sometimes they actually stay, no matter how much stupid sabotage shit you throw at them. Even if you’re a moody control freak with a potty mouth, like me (: PS my dad isn’t coming to my wedding, and that’s a relief. We invited him two years ago when we announced our engagement, and when asked if he could/would come, said “I don’t have a crystal ball, I can’t see the future.”

I don’t know. I think love like that is a thing that only exists in fiction, and for two people who happen to meet each other and have the exact same thing wrong with there brain… until they die.

I’m usually oblivious to other peoples affections towards me, and when I’m not I don’t know what to do with those affections. And then when I feel that way towards someone the universe doesn’t seem to care. I definitely have a problem letting go of control.

Not everybody gets a happily ever after. And realistically very few people ever do.

At this point I just can’t imagine a girl who I’d be interested in who would be interested in me. I think maybe I’ve over romanticized the idea of romance. Who knows.

My observation is that love can start in spectacular romantic fashion (usually doesn’t though) but for it to deepen and last requires a serious commitment by both parties to WORK at it. You find someone you are attracted to and enjoy being with and then make up your mind that – hey – this has potential – I think it’s worth committing to making it work forever and I’m willing to pay the price (also known as getting married if you do it right). It’s scary and risky – and totally worth it if you are willing to – let me repeat it – WORK at it.
So far in his character development, it’s not clear if Reggie is the kind that is willing to put in the requisite work to make something last, as opposed to feeling entitled to it. I also get the impression that Thomas’ earlier relationship (the one he was still getting over at the start of this comic – the one who came to the store for her book signing) was doomed because at that time Thomas was not willing to put in the requisite work. That’s sort of why you hear people referring to the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship. That’s the part that can be carried by the initial euphoria and before all the hard work has to be done to maintain and grow the love. I’m just really lucky to have found a good spouse who has been willing to work with me and put up with all my crap – and I’ve found the work I’ve put into the marriage to have been paid back many times over. It ain’t all beer and skittles but the good way outweighs the bad.

Aw man. That sounds like maintenance. I hate maintenance.

Also, eww to beer and skittles, which sound like a terrible combo. :p

Chris the Human probably know this, but for the other commenters who might not: “beer + skittles”, means [ fun and games]. This type of skittles is a vintage type of lawn bowling with pins, or sometimes skittles is a [table-top bowling or bowling pins]-kind of a game.

* TRA tries to cover up his Johnny-pedantic pin * :D

Wow … it appears even the harpy got hit right in the feels. Her interest looks genuine! Also, love the last panel … Alex made me actually LOL here. Nice job!

Despite how long this furry arc is taking, it’s very rewarding to see some of the other characters in a different light. Most web authors would deliberately break the story by going back to other characters just to mix it up., kudos for sticking through it.

And after all that build up… we’ll find out that John’s a virgin, or will claim to be without a way to overcome that massive Reggie-reveal. :P LoL

Love the story arc so far. [squeeee]

“I briefly considered showing a little bit of Veronica and Reggie making out”
Do it anyways. It does not have to be part of the story line or posted here.
If you feel like you want to do it and already have an idea on what it is to look like then make it happen.
As long as you have the time and energy mind you but still, give in to those creative urges.
It already exists in your minds eye and needs to be born into the Real World(tm) because if you put it off till later, later may never come and that would be a shame.

You’re not alone on your thoughts on love. I’ve seen PLENTY of girls that are attractive, and not a single one that I could ever appreciate for who they are, and even less who would do half as much for me. Love, like anything else is a matter of perspective and standards. Some find it easily while others may never. The real difference is how you handle the lack of it.

I think I have trouble loving people because I typically dislike people. I find that they talk far too much and think too little and never truly have a mind of their own. Acting on impulse is fine, but seeing it end in tragedy so often just has to be indicative of something wrong in the selection process.

So why do fools fall in love?
“Because only fools CAN fall in love.”
Ignorance is bliss
yadda yadda
etc etc

I think I have a little insight I can provide for the lonely souls on this board. To put it… Less than rloquently, it’s a dog’s nature to chase the cat. If the cat ever chases the dog, the situation seems, bizarre.

In regards to my wife, I was annoying. I didn’t always understand her, nor did I expect her to understand me. I still don’t have any expectations of us fully understanding each other.

I was goofy as hell, and she seemed out of my league. She has an ex-boyfriend who is an airline pilot.

Nevertheless, who does she wake up next to every morning?


What did I do different? I was willing to commit. We survived some real stupidity on both of our parts to each other. We had to forgive, and continue to love through real hurt. We even survived really cute people on both of our ends expressing real interest. We both had to apologize to each other. 90% of the time, I had to apologize first.

I could go on, but the major points are that the pursuit belongs to the man, and thete must be a strong commitment, moreso than even a feeling or sense of love.

Emotions ebb and flo. Will the two of you still be standing after the storms end? My wife and I choose yes.

You can always just draw them kissing the way you’ve drawn other BetweenFailures related art.


I don’t know if this helps but I think nobody really *deserves* to be loved. It’s like the only true gift. All kinds of people, both great and horrible have it. Sometimes for long sometimes for short.

In fact, plenty of humans don’t really deserve very much at all. But if everyone got only what they deserved then half the world would be a miserable place.

“Sex is God’s joke on human beings” Bette Davis
“The difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs less” Brendan Behan
“Sex: A lifetime on the lips, a minute on the hips” Me.

“Romance, like the rabbit at the dog tack, is the elusive, fake, and never attained eward which, for the benefit and amusement of our masters, keeps us running and thinking in safe circles” Beverly Jones
“When one is in love one begins by deceiving oneself, and one always ends by deceiving others. This is what the world calls romance” Oscar Wilde
“The duration of passion is proportionate with the original resistance of the woman” Honore De Balzac
Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig, then suddenly he turns on you with a machine gun.” Matt Groening
And bringing it back around to the beginning…
“Love ain’t nothing but sex misspelled” Harlan Ellsion

Aside from a brief interval there at the middle, I don’t think I need say any more.
Quotes: It’s like having an opinion by cribbing off someone else’s test.

I can understand the feeling of not wanting to relinquish any control to someone else. After all, losing control can be a scary thing. I tend to avoid this problem in its entirety by having no interest in romance, sex, etc. Never even experienced a feeling of attraction to anyone I’ve seen, whether in person or some celebrity I see on TV. It’s probably some form of schizoid personality disorder on my part, but it certainly has given me a unique perspective through which I view life.

Whenever I see a character in some anime or TV show bend over backward for a chance to go out with a girl or have sex or whatever, I just think how stupid that is. Surely it’s not so great a thing that people would willingly abase themselves and humiliate themselves for a chance to experience it? The “doesn’t matter, had sex” meme being the epitome of this.

Now would I like to be able to experience romantic love, sex, etc, someday? Sure, from a scholarly viewpoint, you can’t really understand something until you’ve experienced it. It’s just that I don’t see myself feeling a romantic attraction to anyone in the foreseeable future, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

So your Asexual

That is another possibility. If by asexual you mean “lack of interest in sex and sexuality” rather than “reproduces by budding/self-cloning”. I always figured it was a toss-up between that or SPD.

Yeah, if you don’t feel sexual desire or romantic feelings for anybody you’re asexual/aromantic. Though I just googled SPD and it may be the case that some SPD folk are also asexual/aromantic. But SPD sounds more like a social disorder than a “sexuality.” It says they have difficulty building any kind of social relationship, not just romantic/sexual. They may be happier alone. Or they may feel loneliness because they lack the ability to build platonic relationships.

I have to say I’m somewhat like you when it comes to romance. Not the controlling part per say, but I’m a very cerebral person who overthinks things too much, and just enough of an oddball that I’m constantly able to reinforce the idea that its impossible for anyone to truly understand me.

That plus selfconciousness, and perhaps being too much of a romantic fool probably sets me up for failure from the beginning. That said, if I ever ended up in a relationship with someone, I’d probably be the type to plan out ridiculously complex romantic schemes…I mean I’m not saying they wouldn’t implode, but I’ve always loved the romantic side of things.

I just don’t tend to have the interest in most people, and the ones I’m interested in…well, those are the ones I tend to suddenly get super self-conscious around. Which is why I just settle for being happily single and getting my romance kick from reading webcomics or stuff.

Bleh I’m super crazy allergic to grass so sex in a maze sounds like a bad idea.

Hopefully that is not an issue for them! Sex that ends in people breaking out in hives is not good! Unless that’s your fetish I mean idk.

I think this may be my new favorite arc. Until now, I never understood why Reggie was kept around…he was annoying with no real purpose other than to be That Guy We Hate To Work With…because every retail crew has at least one.

Now, he’s interesting, and I’m pretty sure we’ll actually see why he’s That Guy We Hate To Work With. I believe he started working shifts not quite three years ago; we know he got along with Brooksie to start. A Dear John letter, perhaps? Victoria died in a car accident? Some sort of trauma; at 17-18, you really don’t know as much as you think you do, though no one ever believes that until they get a few more miles under their wheels. He’s down, people start thinking he’s an insensitive jerk, he gives them what they expect, and it feeds on itself.

As for love…everyone has their own definition. Couples in love may blow air kisses in passing as each partner motors on to their independent day. Other couples may be possessive/obsessive. Some are even abusive…but in their heads, it’s what they consider to be love. For me, I sum it up in the phrase `Circles & Rings’…every person is a circle, complete unto themselves. Where our circles overlap, that’s where we love. We like the same books, movies, videogames, webcomics, sexual positions, whatever we have in common and we treasure those commonalities. We also understand that our circles don’t touch everywhere, nor should they. She’s free to watch American Idol and go to karaoke bars; I can go to the gun range. We come home and shift Me into Us.

Course, it rarely works out that way, but that’s how I envision it. In my experience, the old adage rings true: a woman (marries/love) a man thinking he’ll change; a man (marries/loves) a woman thinking she won’t. In reality, both partners change, but most of them don’t change together.

Actually, makes me wonder how the human race has survived as long as it has!

Until the scene with Brooksie, I was with you. I thought he was the dick that people had to deal with. But that scene made me reevaluate my thoughts. And this scene (that seems slightly strange to me because outdoor sex makes me shudder) proves to me that there really is something up. He lost a girl that he knows he would’ve loved…and maybe is pulling a Snape and actually does! But it makes me wonder if he liked Brooksie, and shut down his feelings when she became his superior. Because he knew that if a coworker relationship wasn’t okay, then THAT relationship would be doubly not okay.

Since we’re all meditating on Love I guess I feel the need to comment myself. It’s probably because I’m getting married in like 50 days and have been writing and re-writing my vows and you can’t help but think about what “LOVE” is. ::queue Foreigner::

I guess in a lot of ways I’m lucky, I’m a bit of a serial monogamist. The longest I’ve been single for a run in the past 13 years was 8 months and my shortest relationship was 4 months. I feel like every time I’ve been in Love its been different but a lot of it has to do with who I was at the time. For two years I was in an abusive relationship wherein my partner wasn’t physically abusive but verbally and emotionally abusive. The reason that I was in love in that relationship with him was because I hated myself. In my teen years, my first relationship was a reflection of what I *thought* love was in an adult context – a partnership but one riddled with ridiculous expectations of one another and one bounded by proximity. I felt the need to change but not because I wanted toin those two instances among others.

Now I feel like my Love is tempered by my self confidence and grounded in realism. I know my partner and I are flawed beings and that change is something inevitable in both of us but a lot of that change is internally driven. If I want to change or be different its because I want to be a better person. But being flawed and raw in front of another person is giving up that control. It’s a vulnerability that I thought I would be uncomfortable giving up but I guess I was lucky to find someone that makes me feel safe while vulnerable.

Coincidentally, I feel like Ga-in’s song and music video “Bloom” is representative of that love. It uses sex as an analogy for the euphoria for love.

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