1684 Sister Sister.

Damn Nina, way to bring down the room.

I did some character popularity poll on Patreon. Here’s one. And here’s the other. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this data, but I saw that I could make polls and wanted to try it.

So I finally beat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft. It actually didn’t take very long because I was way overprepared. Everyone made it sound so dangerous, but I pretty much just arrowed it to death after arrowing it’s little crystals. That was pretty fun because the archery in Minecraft is fun. There’s not usually a reason to target something really far away, so it was a fun challenge. I finally allowed myself to try the creative mode, which is fun, but without the element of danger I lose focus a lot faster. But it will be usefull to test redstone stuff before I try to make it in a survival world. I think i’ll try to make a haunted house someday.

Also the teen isn’t moving back in with us. For now. Maybe. Who fucking knows.

Update: her trailer was broken into, but all they stole apparently was her huge tv.


I feel like breaking the boys and girls up might be a little more fair for getting an idea on the male’s side. I mean, the girls are kinda heavily favored, but I don’t dislike thomas or ed by any means. that free-for-all vote poll is really awesome ^_^ picking top 5 instead of being torn and settling on one is way less sadistic to me, you make your characters so likable crave

Who knows? Maybe there has been a long enough time, since the accident, and Alex is ready to be some-kind-of-friend with Nina, again. *goes off to get popcorn and candy bars, then waits for the next reel to begin*

It’s nice to see an empathic side to Evrina, I guess the whole incident affected everyone to different degrees.

Should try modded Minecraft at some point.

Half the fun is just learning how all the modded stuff even works.

Not sure if it’s intentional, but the word bubbles seem small the last couple updates, gives the impression they’re talking quietly. Almost whispering.

To the Teen:
Re: Big TV

An ancient proverb I’ve lived my life by is: “The rich man considers his wealth an impregnable fortress, but the poor man hears no threat.”

In other words, nobody wants to rip you off if you don’t own anything worth stealing.

It may be un-American, but being poor white trailer trash DOES have its advantages.

I’m not trash. I may have the 14 immobile vehicles (or more), but the house has a foundation and a basement.

Sure thing.
This may be unrelated, but: I know a guy that had a lot of old cars + station wagons in his back yard. This was maybe in the 1960s or ’70s. Some people always complained to him about this collection of old cars.
One year- it turned out that (His wife or someone) owed a lot in taxes. So he sold about 7-8 of these rusty cars, and the money from those cars paid off this tax problem. *shrugs*

Bought a 74 Charger basket case for $50 and sold it for $300. Guy was going to crush it. You DON”T CRUSH a Charger!

Ow! Yeah. I’m a fan of classic, 1970s muscle cars, too! I’m also a fan of some other era’s classic cars.
(Doing a hippie-type voice, like Donald Sutherland in the film, Kelly’s Heroes):
Yo, Universe! Don’t crush the classics, man! :D

Just a teeny tiny question about the time flow in the comic:
How long (In comic, not irl) have tom and carol been going out? Because it feels like it would be a few weeks, but a few pages back tom’s talking to the cutie about he and carol becoming complacent which doesn’t feel like it’d happen in a few weeks.

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