chaos is the absence of rule.

Better than the imperiam.

It’s spelled “Imperium.” But I guess you filthy Chaos types can’t be bothered with proper spelling. ;) :P

Well to be kind, on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.
American English just hits it with a hammer a few times afterwards to make it their own.

Japanese is much the same way — even worse in some cases. Especially since many of the sounds used in English just aren’t available to Japanese speakers.

The joys of katakana, where latinized ‘Daniel’ is ‘Danieru’ (dah-nee-ay-roo) and the proper form [dan-yuh?l] is ‘Daniyoru’ (dah-nee-yo-roo).

meh, British English has changed things more recently than American English. Color/Colour was spelled with an “or” for a long time, but the Oxford standard changed for many words ending in that sound or similar sound so that they all used “our” in British English.

There is a slogan from the 1970s, + probably before, that was/is popular in the US + the UK:
“The United States and England: two countries separated by a common language.”

I’ve got a 1977 copy Mastermind 44. I don’t suppose you’d be interested in taking a whack at translating 70s British English to Modern American English?

I had an easier time reading the ‘Canterbury Tales’.

I know what you mean.
I think I’d be terrible at translating the rules for the M44 board-game.

I’m from the US, however-
I once tried to read a 18th century-ish, USA[?] manual on fencing / sword-fencing.
I gave up after 5 minutes…the text was too unusual, to me. Also: there were no pics in the book…that made it even harder. :)

Misspelling words pisses Khorne off!!! Blood for the Blood-God!!! Skulls for the Skull-Throne!!! Piss on Tzeentch!!!!(not technically an official slogan or warcry of Khornates, but might as well be)

I am sincerely curious: if Khorne is the god of chaos, and chaos has no rules- How does He/She/or unstated, rule over something, that , by definition, has no rules?

Chaos isn’t Chaos incarnate, it’s a dimension that is a manifestation of all sentient’s psyche, dreams, and emotions, from which four major Avatars of emotion and ideals have sprung, the Chaos Gods. Khorne is not only the god of hate and violence, he’s the god of honor and respect. He eschews the use of Sorcery, and his minions are those that will fight you honestly, but go all out and fight you with everything you have.

Cool, Thank you. :)
If he deals in Hate + Violence, but also admires Honor, + respect, and fair fights, he sounds like a very interesting dude, indeed.

Well how about that… Evrina has a soft side, or at least, we can see why she has friends. Very cool to see her development, always knew she’d have some more sides to her, this is nice to see. She is right, you have one foot in the future, one in the past, you pee all over the present.

My fauxlosophy is “Expect nothing short of death and everything else is a pleasant surprise.”

Can’t edit so I’ll kinda footnote that I picked this up from Vladimir Taltos from a series of novels by Steven Brust.

Mine is more along the lines of “Be a pessimist. At worst you were right. And being wrong is always a pleasant surprise.”

Mind you I am warming up to Maxim 70 – Failure is not an option – it is mandatory. The option is whether or not to let failure be the last thing you do.

Failure isn’t mandatory because mandating failure means you are required to fail even if you have the means to succeed. Failure being expected would be a better term here.

She has an excellent point. This was something that took me a long time and a lot of pain and anguish to learn. I am glad that I did and now live with a lot less if no stress. I keep the happy memories and keep moving forward.

But… chaos is a good thing. Law is boring.

Gotta balance the two

Never confuse law with justice. They rarely resemble.

As one author once said: “JUSTICE….is one thing. The LAW, is what we settle for.” – from one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s, Sherlock Holmes stories.

More like balance the two provided that chaos and law in the context of proper justice are the factors at play.

The boundary between the two is at most times difficult to define but at others very easy.
Chaos is pretty much freedom. Freedom to do what you want when you want just short of your fist to my nose, or some such. Someone else said much more eloquently.

Just in case anyone’s interested- “law”, and “justice”, in all capital letters, are how Sir A.C. Doyle had originally written them.

JUSTICE — Batman

LAW — Superman

Back in the 50’s and 60’s they were able to get along. But haven’t since the 70’s.

Justice – especially the original Batman, whom casually killed criminals; I.E.: threw them off of rooves [possessive noun, if you weren’t aware] tops and let them land wheresoever they may.

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.

“…and hear the lamentations of their women.”

Samurai Cat: “Did Plato say that?”

Conan the Barbarian: “No! That was ME!”

Didn’t like Reggie at first, but he has grown on me a little, shown his redeeming qualities, same for Evrina. Would love to see Wes get his ass kicked by Reggie, but then Reggie would be fired

I remember the first rule of “Rincewind,” the world’s most cowardly wizard; “Never look back… it only slows you down!”

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