1576 Playing Dumb.

James isn’t a complete dimwit, although I think he underestimates, and/or misunderstands what kind of person Jess is. As far as Jess goes she doesn’t intend to rip James off. If her plans go well she’ll compensate him properly. If not she’ll find something to make it seem like his time wasn’t wasted. Right now though she just needs a person who has skills she doesn’t and manipulation is a tactic she knows rather than using him as an employee.
After supper I laid down for a minute and fell asleep until the alarm to post woke me up. I don’t even remember the last time I fell asleep without the mask thingy on. I didn’t even intend to really lay down I just kind of started to settle in to work on comics and when I was stretching I fell asleep. I didn’t sleep well last night. Like particularly so.
Anyway, the Teen got a partially complete Lego set from her therapist for me. It’s missing the most impossible to replace parts, but I think I’ll try and get them anyway, just to see if it can be done. I actually have a couple of parts it’s missing, but the Ninjago guy is gone and they never have those parts in the replacement thing. Maybe I’ll finally go to bricklink and see if that will work. Anyway, it’s set 70753 if you want to see what it is. It’s funny that she actually remembered because I saw that he had Lego, like, two visits ago and she said she wasn’t going to take Legos from him for my stupid collection. Anyway, it’s just funny that she actually did it.

Teen Corner

hello world that’s right I’m posting again, shocked? cause I am. I have spent the last couple days messing around with clay that Jackie had around and so far i’ve made flowers, a cat, a bear and Pikachu. I’m actually better with clay than I ever thought I was. the Pikachu keychain came out pretty good. I made it for my crush/friend. dorky I know but he likes pokemon and I thought maybe he would like it. I had sworn off boys until he came around and now I’m super into him I’m unsure of his feelings for me though. anyways I am running out of clay colors that I like and I desperately want to go buy more but I cant since me and Jackie cant go to town which is super sad. today was therapy day and the one time I actually had a lot to say my therapist kept interrupting me and not listening. he was also talking over me which was very iritating. so eventually I gave up talking to him and just let him talk. sometimes I don’t think he is a very good therapist. I have six days of freedom left until senior year starts and I still cant seem to make it to bed at a decent time or wake up at a decent time. I still need to get school supplies, a backpack and some clothes. I know, I am so prepared right? I went to the college today to take my accuplacer and walking in alone made me realize how not ready I am for my last year of highschool. I was lost and terrified though the people were friendly. I just cant believe that I spent all this time trying to grow up and now I’m there and I’m just like no I want a redo. weird, I know. one thing I am looking forward to is all the football, volleyball and basketball games this year. I came to the conclusion that I actually enjoy watching my school play. I just want to make sure I don’t miss out this year, I want to participate as much as possible and just enjoy this last year before I’m thrown into the real world. I know that graduating doesn’t mean I’m an automatic grown up but it just makes me look back and regret all the time I wasted trying to be a grown up as a kid. I know I can still adult and be a kid but it just isn’t the same.


Hmmm … sounds like James is misunderestimating her … I’m this second interaction will be a great success for him …

Teen –

Done and doing the therapy thing myself … it can be really helpful if you feel emotionally safe (e.g. accepted, valued, understood) AND the therapist is skillful with a flavor of therapy that actually works. However, a therapist that doesn’t listen to you and talks over you sounds pretty crappy … if this is his usual ‘style’ can you try someone else?

If you don’t feel like this guy is helping you make whatever progress you are aiming for (or figure out what you want to accomplish in therapy), then interviewing other therapists could be more worthwhile than having your current one talk at you … actually, posting here is probably better therapy than being talked at …

Good luck!

I have been seeing this therapist for a few years now and he tends to constantly talk over me and then get irritated when I give him attitude because he has irritated me but sometimes the sessions go very well and he actually listens it just depends on the day really.

Well, it sounds like you don’t want to dump this therapist … since you’re contemplating the ‘joys’ of adulthood anyway I’m going to scrape the moss off my idealized adult behavior simulator┬«

it suggests initiating a “non-judgmental” discussion of this issue with your therapist

I think this could possibly mean something along the lines of:
1) expressing appreciation for how he has helped you in the past — specific examples and any relevant generalizations could be really helpful here
2) acknowledging that you have not always handled your frustrations with some aspects of (his version <- don't say this! :-) of the therapeutic process in an ideal manner
3) saying you would like more of whatever has contributed to 1) and what you think contributes to 2)

I would personally find this difficult to do … but it could help to run some version of this by an actual adult (and/or role play various scenarios with someone who can simulate your therapist) …

As a recipient of mental health care and having…various issues I won’t disclose here, your relationship with your therapist is important. One thing you (and they) need to understand: they work for you. You are the client, you are the boss. If they are trying to do things that are uncomfortable or aren’t working for you, then you need to politely remind them (or firmly if they don’t get it the first time) that you know you better than anyone, you aren’t a text book or a piece of paper, if venting is what you need to do, you do you.

Bricklink is an awesome resource. I’ve made many bulk purchases there while working on some of my projects. They had parts in colors I didn’t even know existed!

Brick owl is also a good site for reference as they have a visual catalog you can peruse and get the official Lego part number. (These are oftentimes cast into the piece itself at the factory) Once you have the part number, punch it in on BrickLink and you have a list of sellers, colors, and quantities available. Oftentimes very inexpensively too.

Well Jackie, even an unexpected sleep is more beneficial than no sleep. And that you slept through to your alarm is a neat bonus :)

To the Teen: While it is a positive step to see a therapist, it only helps if the communication is happening both ways. If he is talking over the top of you, then you are well within your rights to either remind him (politely but firmly) of your place and reason to be there, or find another counsellor to talk with. If you feel his service is not benefiting you and your needs, then either he or you need to change his service.

On school, I know it is easier said than done to “not fret about it”. The only advice I can reliably give is just be yourself. You will more likely find good friends amongst the things you enjoy, whether it be in art (you should probably post some examples of your creations. Expressions of creativity can inspire others, you know) or in sports, having some common ground always helps.

Hmm. James is smart. I just kinda worry about Brooksie possibly getting jealous of his attempts to get close to Jess. Then again, I’ve come to think that Jess is conscious of said possibilities and will likely find a way to let Jo know that she’s still ultimately the special one to her.

Not sure if this is how it’ll turn out for you, but I usually find that when I accidentally fall asleep, I usually sleep better than usual the next night. Especially if it happens after a bad sleep. Here’s hoping.
All this talk about lego is making me want to get back into it. I don’t really have a good space to work with lego right now though. Any idea where to get a lego X-Wing? I’d definitely make a space to work on that.

I wish you good luck with your crush. One of my favorite quotes seems to apply, given that you feel your gift is dorky: “We’re all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join them and fall into a mutual weirdness and call it love.” Don’t ever turn yourself down for anyone just because they can’t handle you at 11.
Also, I agree with others about the therapist talking over you. It’s one of my pet peeves as well. Tends to be the fastest way to get me to start yelling… which seems like the opposite of what a therapist should be trying to do, yeah?
About the future, from experience I can tell you that being afraid when you go into a place alone is normal. It doesn’t make you not ready, it makes you cautious. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m 25 and still find myself nervous doing things on my own. I tend to feel silly afterwards. It’s kind of like you mentioned with your plays. There’s a moment of dread leading up to it, then an immense feeling of accomplishment once you get it done. Try not to look at being an adult as this overly-defining thing. In fact, I personally try to define being an adult as simply making myself do the things I know I need to do. After that, you are still you. “Adults are just kids that have been around for a while.”

I actually really like that quote and I think it works because we are both dorky. I typically just have high anxiety when it comes to new things which is why adult in has me so freaked out I’m sure I’ll be fine but I haven’t quite figured out how to cope with new things. All the comments on here re real helpful though having the support Is nice. Thank you and everyone else that comments I appreciate it very much.

Teen: If your crush is like most guys (such as myself), subtle hints as to how you feel will pass right over his thick head. Don’t force anything, but when an opportunity presents itself TELL him how you feel, simply and clearly. It will be one of the scariest things you’ve ever done, but it’s worth it.

On a related note, always remember that it’s the 21st Century, and it is completely acceptable for ladies to ask gentlemen on dates or to dances. Again, it’s scary to put yourself in that kind of position, but if boys can do it so can girls. And if you think about it, the worst thing he can say is that he just wants to be friends, which is where you’re at already. In short, you have nothing to lose. :)

I have already told him straight up that I like him and he acts like the feel is are mutual but says he doesn’t know how he feels. Ugh boys.

Teen –

If possible, take a tour of the college before classes start, or attend orientation day if they offer one. Just knowing your way around will really boost your confidence. Also, most colleges have a map of the campus online. If you’ve got a smart phone, download that map. It could come in handy.

I don’t… but I could. If you helped me look.

And leaned over my chair and rubbed those things all over my back. James’ Mom didn’t raise any fools!

Good luck finding your Lego bits. I’m kind of OCD as a completist myself, but my brother has been scouring eBay, Amazon and other sources seeking all the CD albums from one label, DMP Records. They seem to have vanished 8 or 9 years ago, but he’s making slow progress.

Now that you’re making little clay goodies, you’ll have to get an Etsy page to sell them! Or at least, Jackie can help you build a DeviantART account. Your work has to be better than a lot of the stuff people post out there!

There is a distinct possibility that the missing pieces were consumed when the “therapist” wasn’t paying attention.

Doesn’t sound like a good therapist;
He should listen, and only comment / ask questions to help You to realisations of Your own.

Nothing wrong with making things for someone You like,
Especially if it has to do with something they like.

Sketches, I’ve found, are surprisingly popular.

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