… He has… ohhh dear…. He needs to get rid of that scarf. It looks like it belongs in slytherin, no wonder.

Haha, loved your little comment. I have my cat on my lap, and she’s just purring away.
Considering the comic though, I liked this a lot. It’s a touching, yet casual moment (kinda makes me think of something from the FANBOY’S comic, and makes me wanna get a DS to play with my best friend <–I’m not saying you’re copying, at all, it’s just a similar moment that I find very touching, so it’s a good thing!). Also, considering art, I think many people overlook your artistic prowess in this one. I think you drew those DSs very well. Giving good 3-D effects along with light and shading for such a small thing in the comic. Good on ya Crave.

The dissing of the DSlite is unforgiveable. It trumps the original DS in so many ways… but I am eagerly awaiting the release of the DSi in America. It combines the awesomeness of both predecessors into one magificent, portable machine of incredulity.

Haha, there’s an actual green DS now. :) It came out last year in Europe, and then they released the same bundle here over the weekend.

It comes with Personal Trainer: Cooking and a custom carrying pouch.

It’s not that kind of medium green color though, it’s more neon lime green.

Dude, having read the story until ep. 638, I dare now say that it’s awesome to see resemblance between me and Thomas.
Seeing as I own both a black and a green DS Lite.

Yeah, I have to admit: it is pretty darn cute when dogs do that. I kind of wonder if it wouldn’t be more cute if a kitten did something similar. Or a cute girl? What would Brooksie look like if she were having puppy dreams? O_O,

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