299 See You Tomorrow.

 I went to Garden yesterday and got to see several of my friends.  I tend to talk a lot in a social situation, and unintentionally dominate conversations even more now than I used to.  I usually don’t realize it until much later.  My friends always listen attentively to me, and I almost always end up talking about this comic at great length.  I’m sure I must repeat stories sometimes, but they always tolerate it. 

I’m sure that the cast of Between Failures seems far too intelligent to some people, but it does come from the way I’ve experienced life.  For whatever reason, I always seem to end up working with exceptional people.  Extremely witty, intelligent, funny people.  Many of them become, and remain, my friends.   

The reason I lasted in retail as long as I did is from looking forward to seeing my friends every day.  I still hope that someday we’ll all get to work together again, on some amazing idea one of us dreams up. 


Yeah, come back and work with this old man on some nefarious scheme and we can (dare I say it), yes, RULE THE WORLD!!!! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!

I wish I got to work with INTELLIGENT people. I’m 18 and I’m tired of working with stupid kids who half ass everything. Not to mention they’re as dumb as a brick.

Brilliance at work here… I need a chicken suit, 3 blown out tires from a monster truck, the tops from two women’s bikinis, a tube of toothpaste, 5 fireflys (no, I don’t mean the insect. I want the damn ship [x5]), and a jar of anchovies. Please tell me you’re on the same page with me now. I don’t want to give too much away here!

Are you pondering what I’m pondering, Pinky?

I think so, Brain, but won’t the anchovies clash with the toothpaste?

Actually…the cast of BF reminds me a whole lot of my high schools. The first one was a health professions school, so all the kids HAD to be bright, and my friends were all pretty weird. The second school had a magnet program that I was in, and, being that it was supposed to attract smart, artsy-fartsy kids…well, you get the picture. The scary thing is, some of the TEACHERS were like Thomas.

Man, it isn’t a toleration thing. We all run our own shows in our own ways in other circles of friends. We all dominate conversations in those places. When around our group, and particularly with you there’s actually a ton of intelligent people who could run the show, but you got elected for life. Deal with it. *grin*

And now I just noticed that Thomas does the same two finger salute I do to my friends as well, haha!
And before I get to the big 300 comic, when I post a comment, and address you as “Crave.” Is that preferrable, or do you prefer JT? Just curious is all.

300 Comics and FINALLY the first day ends… its been quite a ride, and I’ll be sure to continue on reading!
Thank you for creating this comic and giving me another fun way to waste my time~! ^^

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