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Man, I had something I was going to talk about but I’ll be damned if I can remember it. Guess it wasn’t all that important, but I’m sure I’ll think of it as soon as I hit send.

You probably have better things to do than read my blog anyway, so I’ll just remind you that you can support my work via the links above & let you get on with your lives. Stay safe till we meet again.


As something of a compulsive reader, I was a veritable fount of obscure knowledge even before the ‘net. Thanks to the ease of following one hyperlink after another down the online rabbit hole, I’ve since gotten much worse.

Yeah, I’m the same way, there was a popular card trivia game (can’t remember the name of it) out back in the mid-80s that my wife and family banned me from playing, I always won LOL. The internet is a great place to waste hours on. Much to the complaint of wife and kids :p .

This sounds like it’s gonna be a great arc for character growth and interaction. If Ed is involved, he would bring in Nina, causing get and Alex to interact, and maybe finally make a start on becoming real friends again. We could find out that some old hoarder out of state had some parts they need, leading to a road trip story (I’d use Jesse, Brooksie, and maybe Evrina.) Stuff like this.

Hey Jackie; are you familiar with the music video for the Interpol song ‘evil’? There’s a whore lore attached to the puppet the fandom named norman

There’s probably at least a grain of truth to this. I know that there are CEC/Showbiz collectors out there that work on the old bots. I saw a video of this one guy’s place somewhere in the south where he’d basically recreated an entire Showbiz on his property, including this weird tunnel thing that kids could crawl through. I think it actually went under the stage, where no adult could reach them without unscrewing some panels. I don’t think that’d fly today. XD

Ooh I can’t wait to meet this inevitably weird old man. This is going to be so much fun. :D

Wow that does sound a lot easier than trying to fix it….I suspect Reggie will still try to fix it out of pride lol

I am frequently surprising not only my friends and family, but also myself, with all the weird crap that I know from a combination of school, books, and simply existing on the internet. I have had many instances where a topic will come up and I’ll be like “I don’t know that much about it, but…” and then proceed to give like a three hour lecture (assuming they’ll let me keep going and ask questions to encourage me, which happens a bunch) on a subject I don’t even remember learning about.

Back when that pandemic phone game (before covid) was first getting popular I had a kid at my LARP who was playing it during down time (not really allowed, but he was like 14 and we were between stuff to do anyway so who cares) asked some offhand questions about virology to help optimize his disease and it lead to like a 2-3 hour discussion on disease vectors and the evolution of viruses that I have absolutely NO idea where I learned all that, I’m assuming it must have been high school biology since I don’t *think* I had read any books or internet articles/discussions on the subject at that point, but really, who knows? A few years later when covid hit and there were all those discussions about that stuff online, I was pleased to discover that I had been mostly correct when helping that kid out. Still no idea where I learned all that, though.

My girlfriend is apparently continually amazed by how knowledgeable I am, even on topics I’m pretty sure I don’t know much about, she’s made a bit of a game out of texting me weird questions just to see how much I can tell her about random topics. I love that woman. Apparently it’s NOT normal to be able to type multiple walls of text about several dozen (so far) disparate subjects that you have only a passing familiarity with. She’s convinced I’m a several hundred years old (at least) immortal, I keep telling her that not all immortals are old and my immortality has nothing to do with how knowledgeable I am or my taste in music (I’m a folk singer, by hobby, so I know a few dozen songs that are well over a century old), but she doesn’t buy it.

That’s pretty cool. :)
What folk songs do you like?

It started with Irish stuff, “Star of the County Down”, “I’ll Tell Me Ma”, “Whiskey in the Jar”, “Red is the Rose”, etc. Then I started getting into sea shanties and maritime stuff, “Roll The Old Chariot Along”, “Old Maui”, “Santianno”, “Paddy Lay Back”, etc. That grew into more recent stuff with a specifically piratical bent, “The Derelict” (that’s not exactly recent, though, the lyrics come from “Treasure Island” but it was first fully adapted into a song by the Jolly Rogers sometime in the 1990s), “Domain” by the Musical Blades, “The Royal Oak” by the Jolly Rogers, “Up and Away” by the Poxy Boggards, “Shiver my Timbers” from “Muppets’ Treasure Island”, etc. I also know some old mining songs like “Sixteen Tons”, “I Can Hew”, etc. Then there’s the bawdy songs, “The Good Ship Venus”, “The Cuckoos Nest”, “The Coachman’s Whip”, “Itches In Me Britches”, “Bell Bottom Trousers”, etc. Some drinking songs, “The Scotsman”, “The Old Dunn Cow”, “All For Me Grog”, etc.

Really, if it’s being done at a Renaissance Faire, there’s a solid chance I not only know of it but can list a few groups who do it and have opinions on who does it best, unless it’s an original piece, then I’d have to be familiar with the specific group who does it, but I am familiar with a lot of them, don’t know if it’s quite most yet, but definitely a lot. I sing a lot of them myself, but only really for myself and sometimes my friends and family, I doubt I’ll ever record anything or put anything up online, but if you ever see anything by the username I use here, or Captain Thunderclap, or Jester King, that’ll either be me or someone who decided to steal my monikers (or a really weird coincidence, those do happen).

Thanks for the great list of folk songs. :D
I’ll listen to them.

Two. folk songs I like are from [the 1970s era], Irish band, named- “The Irish Rovers”.

The two songs are: “Come in”, [which is about a barman asking people to go into his pub], + the sentimental-like song- “Bonnie Kellswater”. :)

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