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It seems like the days are going by unusually fast. As I age I think my mind is slowing down to the point where it seems like everything else is going by much faster. Anyway, there were storm warnings tonight so I got slowed down from keeping an eye on them. It’s tornado season, which is a real threat out here unfortunately. Now that we had flooding last week the local farmers prepared the irrigation ditches a bit to help mitigate that if it tries to happen again. We don’t usually get this much water. It’s been extremely wet this year. Anyway, I won ‘t bore you with any more of that.

If you’d like to support my work please use the links above. I hope you have a nice weekend. As for me I’ll be competing in the latest Splatfest just to make sure I get the resources in case I go back to playing regularly. Hopefully it won’t take but a couple of hours to grind out the ranks.


Edward is being far too nice to Reggie right now. I sense impending doom. (Given one possible inspiration, I have to wonder if he has some rather dodgy political views…)

Not sure where you’re getting politics from, here. He is being unusually cordial for these two, but aside from the fact that both of them have made at least some effort to get along, Reggie came up and asked him for help with something that’s both interesting and a good cause, and managed to be mostly civil about it. He seems downright enthusiastic, and getting to fix something together could be a bonding experience for them. Very traditionally masculine, but it suits them.

Not even “traditionally masculine” here, I think.

Almost all peeps in this comic are pretty nerdy in places, and us Nerds are known to (at least temporarily) bury lots of hatchets if there’s a common interest.

Reggie *did* reach out, for a purpose that is not necessarily in his own self-interest or glory, and which aligns with Arthur’s own geekdom, as he clearly indicates.

Right button under the right circumstances..

“Awwww. Thumbuddies made fwends.”

(Also, I’m not trying to make fun of you by asking, but why were you thinking “Arthur” instead of “Edward”?)

I’m just guessing, but-
I’m guessing that Raen wants the robot fixer to be like- somebody’s eccentric, old uncle, like: A Burl Ives -looking guy…(look him up), who [has a strange beard], + likes pg-rated, Burlesque shows, + wants A French…Royal family to take over France, or something.

Maybe something like that?

I’ve always thought the reason days seem to go by faster is that each day, each year even is a smaller percentage of our overall life. At 10, each year is 10% of our life, but at 40, it’s only 2.5%. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve also noticed time appears to slip forward faster and faster. So what I’m trying to say is it’s not you, it’s the human condition. My dad’s in his 70’s and he says time literally flies by at his age. Something to look forward to? If you don’t like something, at least it goes by faster?

There’s an idea that time moves faster as you age, and it all comes down to the brain, but there’s two different theories as to why.

Theory 1. As your brain ages, your mental processing slows down. You start to feel like everything is speeding up because you’re processing less stuff in a day.

Theory 2. As you experience more time, your processing becomes more streamlined. The less unique the experience, the less detailed the processing is. The less detailed the processing, the less likely you retain it as a unique memory. Is kinda like how M. Bison says “For you, it was the most important moment of your life. For me, it was Tuesday.”

Some of it is that fewer experiences are truly new. For example, I’m pushing 70 myself. When you turn 39, it’s a big deal. When you’ve turned 39 every year for 32 years running, there’s a lotta deja vu. :D

As to theory 2, I saw a study lately which showed that old people had the most vivid memories from the age between 15 and 30, which would seem to fit that theory – you remember the time when you were establishing yourself in life rather than the time as an established citizen.
As to the general feeling of time flying by, I remember what my aunt (now nearing 90) once said: She used to feel the weekends were recurring awfully fast – now she feels Christmas is recurring faster than it should

I think one’s sense of time is relative to the length of your life so far.
Each day is a percentage of your life so far.
When you are twice as old, that percentage will be halved.
That percentage expresses how long the day seems.

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