2558 Marrying And Burying.

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I spent the better part of my weekend not cleaning as intended, but troubleshooting my Surface. It suddenly decided it didn’t know how to use the keyboard specifically made for it. It ‘s an apparen’t evolution of the problem of not being able to properly use the keyboard, that I feel like I must stress in the strongest possible terms, WAS MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR IT. In the end I couldn’t fix it even with help. I didn’t want to reinstall windows though because I have to verify that I can download clip studio’s older version that doesn’t require a subscription or to be online all the time. Rather than endanger the comic I’m cripping along with an old USB keyboard until I can make sure I have a safe CSP install file.

Anyway, that’s about all I have. If you’d like to help fund my crazy life of making various art, please use the links above.

What’s been going on with you guys? Are things okay in general? Everyone I talk to seems kind of stressed all the time now.


Been awhile since I’ve commented. I’m changing jobs from one that pays 11 an hour to one that potentially pays 13 an hour but is even further away, which is something I was trying to reduce.

I hated how much of my time was eaten up going to and from work and I never worked more than 20 minutes from my house. I can’t even fathom giving up even more of my time just getting to the fucking place.

Just for shits and grins, did they suggest a q-tip and alcohol – isopropol alchol, not rubbing alcohol, whuch has glycerine in it, and cleaning the contacts, both on the keyboard and on the Surface GO?

This has saved my ass more than once on my Surface GO?…

Been stressed due to being overworked and underpaid, GF using the excuse of a state line between us to not come up and see me even though it’s been 6 months since we’ve had any ammount of time together and my home life being full of unnecessary drama.

I’m tired and miss sleeping in a bed. e_e

Tired of life. Haven’t cashed any paychecks in two months, they’re just sitting in my bag. Don’t see the point anymore.

The point is to live, even if you’re tired of living. Don’t break your mother’s heart after what she went through to put you into this world.

for your computer you should look into making Msi files of your csp version or maybe someone made one online

and yeah the dreadded no appropriate fancy clothes problem. i dont have anything really fancy. but i got shirts with nice paterns thay are date apropriate

Yeah, unfortunately, this kind of failure is a feature of the Microsoft ecosphere. Equally unfortunately is that your alternatives are either expensive (Macintosh) or don’t have as complete of a software library (Linux).

I use Linux because it does what I need reliably, but I am not trying to publish a most excellent comic thrice a week, so I don’t know if the software to do it is there.

Every other aspect of the Surface has been a complete joy compared to any other setup I’ve used. This keyboard thing has been the one continual issue, so it’s really not so bad all things considered.

Recently started seeing a girl who works as a senior manager at a movie theatre and got to see Blue Beetle before literally anyone else, she’s fantastic. Got a promotion at the arcade I work at to be Assistant manager, and I’m starting collage in a week. All in all I’d say life is going pretty good and thats a stark change to this time last year; when I was jobless single and without any sense of direction.

I felt that fancy clothes joke, I didn’t realise I needed a wardrobe update until I had a date

…you WORK at an ARCADE??

That alone means something. You’re basically assistant manager of ATLANTIS at this point. Jimmy Hoffa’s application is already in.

Then prepare to lose your mind, it’s an arcade on the beach side that still does tickets and quarters. Atlantis was actually a very accurate analogy!

In general, things seem to be falling apart all over. We’re running out of new movies and new TV thanks to the strikes. Video games are holding up, sort of, but they cost more than ever.

Eventually the whole mess will collapse in on itself. Hopefully I can get to live like The Stand for a couple years before I die of measles or something.

You aren’t running out of movies due to the strikes. You might be running out of news about movies due to the strikes but movies coming out this year and a good chunk of next year are already past being written and filmed.

You could call them: “Team ED-JESSICA!”

I can’t tell if this is a pun or not…

I guess not.
I just like the sound of, “Team Ed-Jessica”.
It’s just a silly thing I created.

Maybe I was kinda inspired by the people who took the famous couple, Ben Affleck [sp?], and Jennifer Lopez, + gave them the name, “Bennifer”, or something.
Or maybe I was inspired by Pokemon’s, Jessie + James?
I don’t know. Cheers. :)

Ironically she Can respond to this. ‘Well… as long as yo don’t ask about the source I Do have some options.’

Perhaps solicitor was the better noun to use here. It was all in graphic design and animation for the channel. It was sub-par after $700 was spent on them and I was desperate to improve the layout. :(

Any time there is an event in my family for which my presence is requested one of the females will take it upon herself to take me to get some appropriate clothing. Once the event is over the clothing is immediately donated. I did keep a pair of nice shoes though from about 50 years ago they were probably one of the last pairs made in Canada and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I fell like dancing whenever I wear them. For the fellow not cashing his paychecks…. Try Meccano. Cheers from the wilds of Canada. ~ulrich

A similar toy that people can try, in the USA, are the “Erector sets”.
[The brand name is Erector [R], I think].

Erector sets are mostly: pencil-sized…metal beams/sticks, bolts + nuts, + things like that. You build things with them, + play around with them, + things.

so I have, I think, a newer surface (pro 4) and I’ve experienced a similar issue, which can be fixed (at least temporarily) by pressing on the physical connection between the surface and the keyboard and running one’s finger along it repeatedly. seems to be an actual hardware issue where something in the keyboard side of the connection isn’t making proper electrical contact. Then again that whole connection inevitably falls apart for me and I have to glue it back together or buy a replacement keyboard ¯?\?_?(???)?_?/?¯

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