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Most of you probably won’t know who Donovan Castillo AKA CrippDaddy AKA RealYungCripp was. I mostly just wanted to make a note that he died the weekend before this comic went up for myself when I look back on these pages. If I ever do. His comedy was extremely offensive in a time when that kind of comedy was genuinely dangerous to do and he did it from a wheelchair, as he was mostly paralyzed. He put comedy veterans to shame with his absolute disregard for what was acceptable to say. As someone who has been a fan of stand up since as long as I can remember I’ve never seen a more cowardly era of it, but he had nothing to lose and that made him dangerous. In public he was bold and unapologetic, in private he was genuine and kind. I will genuinely miss his antics.

Anyway, for those of you who want to fund my antics, the links above will serve you well. Also, there’s a Twitch streamer doing a read along of the comic, I think once a week, until the current day I assume. https://www.twitch.tv/thatonecomicguy I don’t use Twitch very much so I don’t know exactly what instructions to give. It’s interesting to follow along while someone reads if you want to look back over these long years. He’s been doing 2 hour intervals. My work is almost never mentioned as being liked by anyone outside my bubble, so I feel like I should try to help in some way. It also inspired something I’m going to try rolling out when my partner in crime and I figure out how to do it.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Has anything happened for you since last time we visited?


9/100, sis. Here’s a nickel, get a haircut.

Yeah, I laughed when she thought she was a 9 :p

You guys are mean.

Kids can be so cruel. She is a solid 9 if you include her self confidence.

But I’m not a kid. :p I just don’t think she’s a 9 :p Brooksie and Nina have her beat :)

She is beat by her own admitting. She says Nina is a 12. Her girlfriend obviously has has to be higher than her. Just give her the win ?. She established a scale ?? where she can live her fantasy 9.

Kindly, don’t let them bug you.

Jess is fantastically beautiful.

If I had a girlfriend like Jess, I’d be over-the-moon happy, for eternity. :D

[TRA sits back + awaits the possible flame-war comments.]

Not to diss anyone’s waifu but … As the saying goes, show me the most beautiful woman in the world and I’ll show you a guy who is tired of her shit. But I mean, Jess is not even in the top three of the group, right? And with a terrible personality too.

“My work is almost never mentioned as being liked by anyone outside my bubble”
Could that be because almost everyone that likes your work immediately joins your bubble?


I think Between Failures is one of the best webcomics.

Just my view- people who do [art + entertainment as a profession], as well as blue collar workers, + [if you care to know…people who make middle class, or lower class livings in bands/doing music], are sort of unsung heroes in our society.

IMO: It is also nearly impossible in the USA- to get into a position to make a middle-class living…or better: in the fine arts…or in TV or in movies.

So, to Jackie + all the others who make it work as professional artists, + professional entertainers, kudos to you people.

Doing any type of art or entertainment job, + succeeding at it, [is a Hercules sized accomplishment, in our society].

You think it’s hard to make a living as an artist in the US? You try doing it in a small country where few or noone outside the borders even understand the language (spoken as someone who has tried and subsequently given up on being a full-time author in Denmark)

I always was told Denmark was very fond of comics. Maybe the population isn’t big enough to support them without outside intrest?

It USED to be so, back when I was a kid/young man (70s/80s), but alas, not today. There’s only a fraction of the comics published that used to be, and the younger generation generally isn’t very interested (I’ve had a young guy asking me whether I was a graphic designer, since I was looking at comics on my laptop in a cafe – that I might be reading them because I LIKE comics apparently didn’t occur to him as a possibility). I don’t quite know why it has become like that, though. I’ve seen it explained with the competition from computer games, but that would apply to other countries as well. It may be another effect of country size – if the percentage of people interested in a certain genre fall, a small country will sooner fall below the treshold where it’s just not economically feasible to publish that genre.

In small language communities, there will be fewer good authors. Thus it is easier for a good author to get to the top, locally — less international-grade competition. Thus there’s a chance to be noticed elsewhere and succeed in translation.

That may be true if you’re an immortal genius (to keep to Danish examples, the H. C. Andersen/Karen Blixen-class). But if you’re less than that, it can be hard to even get published. Having a smaller pool of potential buyers, the publishers are far more wary of putting money into books they aren’t sure will have a large audience.And God help you if you’re a genre author and don’t follow the cues of the latest bestseller. I write fantasy and detective stories, and in those genres the publishers feel certain that you can only sell fantasy for 10-14 year olds (the Harry Potter segment) and Nordic Noir thrillers – neither of which I have the slightest inclination to write. In a bigger country/language zone they can better take a chance on books that appeal to a smaller segment – 0,1% of 500 mio+ English speakers is still a sizeable audience, but 0,1% of 6 mio Danes is not.

I always wondered about the term: “Offensive Comedy”. I can’t help but think that the term itself is an oxymoron. If something is offensive, then people, for all intents and purposes, would be upset over the matter in question. If something is funny, then there was never an offense to begin with. Perhaps it’s high time that the term got a makeover.

And Donovan Castillo knew how to capitalize on the notion that there are no “sacred cows” in comedy. If people like Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Sam Kinnison, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, and Andrew “Dice” Clay were able to get away with their brand of humor and still be treated like heroes, no reason that Castillo can’t.

Alot of them were raunchy in discussing sex and violence and using naughty language, but it’s different these days, where the main problem is daring to oppose people’s ideology. Not normal people, the people with out-sized influence in Hollywood, the people who think EVERYTHING is problematic. Alot of comedians won’t even try to go to college campuses anymore, because they’ll just attract angry mobs objecting to an off-the-cuff joke they made 12 years ago.

I genuinely don’t know where the line can be drawn anymore between whether the joke dealing with a particular subject matter will get massive laughs and hoots from the audience followed up by a standing ovation versus getting booed and pelted off the stage.

Well, the audience will probably still love the jokes, but there will be the angry few in the audience, and angry mobs outside, and angry mobs on Twitter, condemning anyone for coping with dark topics through humor. We live in the age of Karen–everything is to be classified as either deadly serious or completely superficial irrelevancies (e.g. TikToK) and nothing in between. Nuance is hard and scary.

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