I like the telegram talk on the last panel! :D

What are you talking about?

I think Morriy means something like- Ed sending short messages, with few words + broken sentences.

Something like: “Jess…send…help…to…bro! Me…need…help…now!”

Maybe something like that. :)

Back when telegrams were a thing, companies charged by the word or the total length of the message. Senders responded by omitting any words that weren’t strictly necessary to convey the desired message or using a brief abbreviation to represent an entire phrase. (Sort of a precursor to BRB, AFK, etc.) The resulting messages could sound choppy and odd compared to normal speech but they did save money.

If it involves a shot or iv, I hope they’re better than my last one. It took them 8 tries. Maybe that was the one before last. Kind of runs together.

The last IV I had took them 13 tries… and they finally ended up calling in the hospital Head of Phlebotomy.
He took 3 tries.

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