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Well here we are again. I survived my procedure. Although I did have an incident that made it much more unpleasant than it already would have been. The new hospital is not very good at putting me at ease like my previous doctor’s office was. Anyway, I survived and here I am to bring you more pages.

As long as I’m thinking of it, the entire hospital smells like mold. I don’t love the smell of hospital, but I have to say that at least they smell clean. It’s worrying when a hospital doesn’t meet that criteria. It used to just be the place were they did blood labs, but now it’s the entire place. That can’t be a good thing…

Going there is already a bit worrying because several years ago a lady came in with a broken arm and they managed to kill her in the attempt to repair it. A story like that does tend to reduce confidence…

Anyway, that’s as may be. For my part I am further restricting my diet. Cutting out soda is a potential goal as it is my strongest addiction. If the world can give me a fucking break for a bit maybe I can get off of it or at least reduce my intake to one tiny can a day.

But this page is late so I won’t bore you with any more of my saga. I will, however, remind you that you can support my work via the links above. I will see you again at the appointed time.


I really LOVE the sunset(s) on this page. Great art.
Was this page late? I thought it was on time.
I’m glad to hear that your medical visit went well, Jackie. :D

She came in with a broken arm, and then…!
Holy geez.
What a story to have to encounter.
As Snoopy might say: “Wouldn’t [that] unplug your heating pad!”
I’m glad that you’re feeling OK, Jackie. :D

I used to drink something like 3 liters of soda a day. After I cut it out I found it amazing how sweet other processed foods tasted. So much stuff has added sugar it’s kinda scary. Good luck cutting it down Jackie. I’ll keep sending patreon dollars your way, not a lot but maybe enough for a coffee. Keep up the good work!

The main reason for the obesity epidemic is the consumption of highly-processed foods, according to a study in the British Medical Journal.
Abd the main reason for highly-processed foods doing that is their lack of protein. People tend to eat until they have enough protein, so they eat more other stuff to get that far if they eat highly-processed foods.
Why do highly-processed foods lack protein? Because there’s a vast chemical industry figuring out how to replace protein with cheaper, tasty, but less nutritious ingredients.

When I go grocery shopping, I usually look at the protein content of tv dinners and the like. There’s astonishing variation.

I’d never base my opinion on a single study, especially on a topic so complex as human metabolism. We still don’t fully understand it. I’ve heard that argument about protein before, but much like the claim that soda causes dehydration (which is false because I would have died as a teenager, going days on end drinking nothing else), it doesn’t jive with real-world experience–I know lots of people who eat minimal protein and yet don’t eat much overall food AND are not ravenously hungry all the time (like most vegans) and then there are others like me who eat very large amounts of protein yet are fat-asses. Protein used to also be so much more expensive than it is now, yet it wasn’t like 90% of the population felt constantly hungry because they only had limited meat and beans each week. That’s not to say I think processed foods are healthy (although that’s a fairly nebulous term) but I don’t think it’s that simple. I think there’s a role played by pharmaceuticals, pollution, diet, exercise, personal metabolism, and other factors, many of which have been sadly under-researched. I saw a great breakdown not long ago of the limited but intriguing studies showing how various plastics interfere with insulin, for example.

Jackie, I cut out 99% processed sugars, and bread/pasta and lost 40ish pounds in the last month. I didn’t think I could survive without my daily gallon of mtn dew, but here I am

I cut out all soda (and it was alot) and lost nothing. Not rain on your parade or anything, but it does sadly seem more complicated, at least for some of us.

Yeah, turns out there is a non-zero chance of what’s called a fat embolism when setting a fracture. And that can cause a heart attack and kill you, so fixing a broken bone has a small chance of killing you and there’s no way of knowing in advance if you are susceptible to that.

That’s not what happened. They made the cast so tight that it caused a regular blood clot.

given that the cast I got when I broke my wrist wasn’t even that tight (could stick a finger or two inside it), they really fucked up on that one
can’t help but think it’s just another symptom of the dying US healthcare system though

Glad you made it through your procedure – although your practitioner’s building… your description sounds like the beginning of a gothic novel.

Feel better, and maybe consider finding another care provider.

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