2562 Under The Law.

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Man alive… I helped my mother tear up some old carpet and my eyes have been making me pay for it ever since. Twenty plus years of carpet dust really got all up in there. Whatever, anyway, I’m just gonna post this and sign off.

Links above to support my work blee blah blee bloo.

Hope you guys have a nice day or so until the next page drops. Keep on keepin’ on my brothas and sistas.


I [really] like Rulette. :D

If I knew someone like Rulette, in real life, I’d probably see her, in her shop, every day.

She’s the type of woman/person that makes you feel like- there are fun + happy friends out there, and, to modify a common saying: “That Goodness is in the heavens, and all is right with the world.” :)

Makes me all the more curious if the bad blood Thomas has with her is actually anything serious or if it’s something petty that he took personally

I think the bad blood is something like: Rulette’s Dad, who is now passed on, used to say [really mean] things to Thomas, + Thomas is perturbed that she didn’t try to stop her Dad, or something like that. I’m not sure.

I’m just curious- did you want to say, not wordpaly, but wordplay?
I work with librarians + internet information all the time, so…as far as I know, wordplay might be an established word, + I just don’t know it yet.

And then I make [my own] typos, while [I talk] about typos.
“I is [such] a smartie!” :p
I’m too tired to write. I’m going to bed. :)

“And then I make [my own] typos, while [I talk] about typos.”

No worries, it’s an internet law.

Wikipedia even names it “Muphry’s (sic) Law”, but I can’t say I ever heard that. A bit like the many creative terms one can find in Urban Dictionary.

Thanks. :)
I had made my comment to try to be helpful, but- talking about typos, while making my own typo, made me feel kinda daft about it.
Ha. :)

Being a rules lawyer can go either way. I tend to be a rather fun rules lawyer, at least in my opinion. But I have been around a lot more over the years that just make the game unbearable sometimes.

Yes, most rules lawyers I’ve run into have been pretty insufferable. The fun ones are rare enough that many gamers doubt they exist.

We didn’t have an out and out rules lawyer in our D&D group but I have seen friendships take a pretty hard bruising over the outcome of a game. For instance when the DM wiped out the entire party in one evening when we were on the cusp of completing a campaign. We always suspected it was because it was because of his paladin/girlfriend not getting her way. 35 years later and I’m still in touch with most of the party. People invest a lot of time and energy into a campaign so I can see hard feelings between Thomas and Rulette being plausible.

I can see that happening.

Some years ago- I was playing the RPG named Cyberpunk [tm] with a few college people.
(Cyberpunk is kind of like the cartoon film- “Ghost In the Shell”.)

Our party got into a battle, + I took a leg wound which was making me bleed to death + had knocked me out.

Our party’s medic, whom I’ll call, “the Goof”, was asked to patch me up + save my life,…but he refused, + that made my character die. O.o

What was [that] all about?

I then said: “Goof! What the hell?? You let me bleed to death??? What did I do to you? I worked very HARD to make my character!”

And he said: “I don’t care. when those two players asked me to help you- they were rude, and they yelled, + they didn’t say PLEASE!”

I said: “Thanks a LOT. Goof.”

Anyhow, months passed. I left the game, and learned not to play RPG games with him much, after that.

Anyway- I forgave him for acting like that, he was going through a bad time in those years, but- I [still] feel the emotional bruise that came from that event. IMO- I mean, COME ON- don’t kill off my character because you’re mad at someone else.
That’s just impolite. *shrugs*

Honestly being a rules lawyer can be fun. The Gordian Knot solution from Alexander the Great is all about rules lawyering. The challenge was to untangle the knot so he cut it in half.

Most of the fun in being a rules lawyer is malicious in nature.

See also “malicious compliance,” where you use the rules against other people, especially those who MADE the rules in the first place.

As a tabletop game designer hobbyist, I find rules lawyers to be the most helpful when writing the rules. They help me be clear, concise, accurate and complete.

So they DO have their uses.

As a rules lawyer I’m offended with the insinuation that we as a group abuse the rules. I simply point out when someone has more options than they realize, or can’t do something they’re attempting by RAW (whether it helps the party or gets everyone killed. One must be unbiased in their interpretation of the rules)

I am sometimes what you might call a rules lawyer, but I generally use it to have some unusual trick out of bad situations. Back in High School I regularly took this to extremes, figuring out ridiculous potential interactions between D&D spells to spring on my DM at the best of times. ie. “I cast minimize on that statue. Cool, now I can launch it with my crossbow and then release concentration on the spell!”

Regarding the tearing up of old carpet. My last wife and I bought an older home in 2000. The day the deal closed we went in and tore up all the lime green shag carpet from the house. It was like a beach under the carpet from all the dust and sand. A moment after we began the project we suited up in coveralls and dust masks. Cheers ~ulrich

I guess the unasked question has been answered now.
Carole is indeed more blessed. Or cursed. Depends how you look at it.

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