I really like Rulette’s pose, in the last panel.

She seems to be tall, but she doesn’t use her tall-ness, in a pushy, or overbearing way,…around other people. :)

“I don’t want to be a dwarf.”

I hear those words so often when we start a campaign, and someone wants to min/max a warrior/barbarian. The answer usually is, “Well, you should either roll a human or a dwarf.”

Granted, I dislike min/max players. I understand trying to get a slight one-up when the game can be deadly, but trying to make the ultimate build in a tabletop game feels … too competitive with the other PCs. I always play up to my faults, and that usually makes the game more entertaining. Like the gnome who casts fireball but always stands too close to the target (and hoping that chance won’t kill him).

I don’t like it when people do this either, but we use a modified 2E which is super deadly if you don’t pay attention. and showing PCs that a broad spectrum of skill will help not party wipe is always a fun thing.

In my experience it depends on the game & group.

Some GM’s run their games quite deadly & any default system advantage can be quite appreciated.

Some Players also hold an attitude that each PC should play a specific Party Role, and should be built appropriate (Min-Maxed), or the Player is undermining the Party.

For me there’s a range.

I like playing “against type” for race, I loved my gnome fighter, for example. But I’m not gonna make Str and Con my lowest stats if I’m planning to be a frontline fighter, unless I have something clever in mind.

I laught so hard, I scared the cat! What a punch line!
The art work really nailed the expressions, but still, the dialogue. Well done, Good Sir.

Soooo…since Patricia is partly based on Peppermint Patty…[or so I guess], is Mike based on Charlie Brown? [No pun intended].

Calling someone, Peppermint, is racist?
Dang. I’m sorry. I didn’t know. :D

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