Patricia needs a wardrobe malfunction, stat!

Please at least pretend to be a gentleman. (Or a lady, whichever.) :P

There’s “gentleman”, and “lady”, but is there a formal name, for a person who has not declared a gender?
Seriously, I want to find out.

Ed, you gotta chill a bit, for real…

He knows what’s coming. You can’t blame him; he’s lived with that hurricane for almost two decades and knows what to watch for.

Nah, she’s taking something Rulette did for fun and spinning it up into a Big Project without knowing anything about the market. Lots of people play D&D for fun and then want their creativity to have a monetary side. Granted, writing campaigns makes sense and I’ve never looked into that, but given her phrasing I can’t help but imagine she wants a book with its own lore and its own rules/engine.

We have fallen behind top 200 on TopWebComics. We need to do smth

Is that site even relavent anymore?

I want to say something about Machiavellian machinations, but I’m not sure that spelling is right, even after spell check. On a related note. I have recently realized that all those (admittedly stupid) people didn’t wreck while texting. They wrecked while battling the amazingly distracting auto-correct. “Auto-correct, stop messing with my curse words, you mother-forklift.”

Is it an artist’s device to give us a sense of Rulette’s personality powerr by drawing her with a fairly open, sorta big, mouth several times? (I mean that in a good way about her.)

There’s no audio of course, the lettering isn’t large or all caps, but as a reader I get the force of her person, her comfort in her setting, her role, her own skin, here.

She’s basically designed to show her confidence via her big mouth. She’s small but her voice carries easily.

“Though she be but little, she is fierce”,…and all of that.

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