1069 Preparedness.

Jo is unapologetic in her love of drama. Really though it makes sense, for what is life but a movie you take part in every day. All the world’s a stage.

Technically Jo is holding a DS, or a reasonable facsimile, but still calling it a Gameboy. I don’t know for sure if other people do this, but I know I do from time to time, especially when I’m talking to people who don’t keep up with stuff like that. Most humans know what a Gameboy was and if you call a different thing a Gameboy they understand that this is the new version of that old thing.

I hesitated to use an actual card game on this page, but Magic: The Gathering has lasted for a long time and I see no reason for it to stop existing anytime soon. Wizards Of The Coast will likely ride that cash cow all the way to the apocalypse, much like they will with D&D if they don’t manage to run it into the ground first. If memory serves Hasbro bought WOTC not too long ago and sold the license for the Pokémon card game back to Nintendo. I played both Pokémon and Magic at one point in my life. Eventually I quit both because my obsessive tendencies were making it unhealthy. Particularly concerning Magic. An even occurred that caused me to stop playing for an extended period of time and after a while I decided my life was better on the whole without Magic. I thought I kept some decks, but as far as I can tell now I must have just sold them all. Either that or I packed them away so well I’ve never found them.

I still have the Pokémon cards, but since no one really played it was never a problem. Basically I have all the cards from games that no one ever played much of. Pokémon, X-Files, Animehem, DragonBall Z, ect. Most of them are just random cards from a few packs and starters. I think I gave all my Star Wars cards to my friend Chris. He was the only person who ever understood the rules to that mess anyway. If memory serves I am one card shy of a complete set of Dragonball Z Animehem cards. I don’t even thing it was a rare, but it just never showed up in packs. I think it was one of Krillin’s special moves. Anyway, that’s been ages ago, but I know that I still have those cards.

I still have some regular trading card sets too. Akira for sure and maybe Robot Carnival? I’d actually have to go look. After all this time I bet the plastic card pages have welded themselves to the cards. They aren’t supposed to do that, but the manufacturers lie. They totally do. I think I’m a card or so shy of a complete Akira set. Although it is possible that I completed it and just don’t remember. At the time it seemed really important. That was back when you had to scramble around to find anything to do with Japanese comics or animation. I mean, they were just frames of animation printed on cards. Kind of bullshit in retrospect.

In any event Brooksie has a little elf deck of her own. Fully prepared to irritate other players in that way that only Magic elves can.



Is it bad that I recognize that card as the Elvish Visionary? Or something Visionary, at least.

That’s probably bad.

I’m almost positive that the card is Wlvish Vissionary and for the record it’s only bad if your first thought upon seeing it was “what card is that?” (Mine was)

God i’m revealing all levels of nerd looking at the Elvish Visionary and thinking yay blink effects!

Ahh yes i remember when you where the pokemon gym leader or what ever it was called years back. I had a most epic duel with you that employed the ever annoying mistys poliwag it all came down to coin flips and i was just one turn shy of winning before you won the three coin flips in a row that allowed you to knock out my last pokemon. I miss card games like that. Magic really lost its way a few years back.

XD I can’t believe you remember the game so vividly. I can barely remember how to play at all. I guess that’s just how it is when you’re young. That stuff sticks in your mind.

Damn. Jo plays Magic? Even though it seems she plays White (from what I can see), she’d probably hand my Red/Black setup its rear end. Why? She’s Jo. Nerdy escapades are her modus operandi.

I play(ed at some point) Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokémon. I can not avoid packing a dragon or two. Magic gives me easy purpose: Red/Black, a really good damage setup, is also full of great dragons. The other two permit it on playing style. (Dragon/Spellcaster setup and Charizard/Gardevoir gang-bang, if you’re interested in my style). I enjoy being melodramatic when I play. But that’s acting for you. No “off” button.

Sounds like a good time. I like to piss people off with my elf beasts, with a good green or green blue combo. People hate it when you can counter all their stuff with elves.

I know what you mean my first deck was a red artifact deck but now the decks I use generally have a strong Dias towards blue or black but my favorite deck is a black/white vampire deck

Oh god, Elf decks…

I remember one game where I went up against a friend who also had an elf deck.

“Okay, I’ve got 10 elves, you’ve got 20… I tap my three Wellwishers and gain 90 life.”

That’s an Elvish Visionary in 2013. It’s a Thragtusk deck. Lots of “enters-the-battlefield”-triggers..

The card being “landscaped” and the card being real make it stand out a ton… can’t tell if good or bad, but I had to look twice to actually see the rest of the art in the panel.

I played magic until I was at the top of my local gaming group, then mostly stopped… with the exception of SSB and Q2, that’s how most of my competitive gaming goes (except speedrunning, which is more of a personal challenge than competition, in many respects). SSB and Q2 I continued to play because I loved the game enough to desire to play at higher levels (national/world, respectively).

Personally believed my blue deck filled with flying creatures, counters, and bounce cards caused many to curse my existence.

I always call it a Gameboy. ALWAYS. I actually really confused one of my younger friends because apparently the “Dual Screen” handhelds ceased to be Gameboys at some point? And he didn’t even know they were related???? Wat? By my reasoning since Gameboy is/was the name for Nintendo handheld game systems it will always and forever be a Gameboy, even if the technical name is Nintendo 3DSIXLOMGBBQ or something.
My six year old has a nasty red deck that I bet could burn right through Jo’s green. Out of the 12 times I’ve played him he’s only lost once. He built the deck himself and I am pretty freaking proud of him. (He can’t read so I have to help him a little, but STILL.)

Elf Deck? ….. I have no idea what that is since I gave up around Fallen Empires.
Best I could have mustered were my theme decks – Bruise [Thalids and Deep Spawn] – Red Gobbler – all manner of goblins with a few tasty artifacts to make it just so awesome [ alter and valley ] – and ye ole artifact deck – just because I could [ fail spectacularly most of the time] XD

I want to play EDH or THG with Jo so much…wow Joe and Jo. I usually play black/blue control/Mill decks. In EDH though, I play blue red green with Entet the Dreamer as my commander. Free summons galore!
That being said, I have an Ex who plays with Elf for insane land drops and she’s beaten everyone at the local shop…except me and my friend ron who plays red cheap aggro. I just counter all her mana ramping elves. ^.^

I see Brooksie’s elf deck and raise her a salad (Thallid) deck. Nothing says annoying as all get out as those pesky Thallids that just seem to keep popping out of thin air, or in their cases the ground itself.

You people can tell that’s an “elf” deck just by looking at one card? She’s probably just displaying that card to conceal what kind of deck it actually is!

All that Ninjo-ery just worked on you, too! She’s so Ninjo, she fooled real life!

That, or just me. Not really a difficult task.

I have to say I have never played a collectable Card game in my life. and I’m a Hard Core RPG gamer nerd. When Wotc was purchased by Hasbro I saw D&D heading for a watery grave. I don’t really like 4th ED but i do play it. I’m withholding my comments on D&D next until i see something published.

jeeze I still have a original Black & white Gameboy kicking around somewhere probably in the same box as my Dragonbone (hows that for setting the wayback machine). I still have My deitys and Demigods Ad&D book (with Cthuthlu and Melnibone gods)

It’s hard being this age, your kids don’t recognize any of my pop culture comments. A lot of what Jo says I understand without looking it up. But sometimes I even baffle my wife with some of my comments and have to tell her where they were from except the YellowBeard ones I use them so much the she gets most of them now.

I last played M:TG when Weatherlights and Tempest were the hot sets. I remember building a weenie deck with Bubble Matrix in it, Pegasus Mesa (or something that would allow me to sacrifice a Pegasus to generate two 1/1 flying pegasi) and create several hundred 1/1 flyers that took no damage. :) It was more of a “Surprise!” kind of deck, when the cards came out in the correct order (and more than once in multiplayer games, I would hear lots of swearing from people who would go, “Damn you, Bubble Matrix!”) but it was just a FUN deck.

*sigh* it’s a shame that all of my decks are no longer valid for T2 tourney play…:(

I personally played pokemon a little(I was a little young at the time and couldn’t make the rules make sense) and Yugioh when it was a big thing here with the first “generation”, so to speak. My brother was able to goad me into a game as recently as 3 years ago but I always had more fun collecting than playing, since when I won it was from some unexpected screwball thing, anyone I would play got mad. Other games were always more complicated than I had patience for, but considering my fiance plays Magic, I may pick it up at some point so he has someone to play with. Ultimately, poker is my card game of choice, but maybe that’s just no one cringes when you bridge-shuffle a playing card deck.

On the other subject, Pikachu 3DS XL. Might show where my priorities lie a bit, haha. I also have the original blue DS, and a blue GBA SP. My brother(same one mentioned above, only got the one sibling) still plays on an old white standard gba(since the 3ds I passed to him has no gba cartridge slot). We usually identify the games rather than the systems we play on though, since most of our games make that easy.

Think I’m done rambling…yep, done. Pretty sure…

my mom still calls my handhelds (including my gamegear, and other non nintendo handhelds) a gameboy. but that’s cause she’s ignorant and doesn’t care. i only differentiate so people actually know what i’m talking about cause i have all of them.

as for magic: 10000 4/4 zombie tokens in a single turn. yea. then next turn…. it’s entirely plasuible to have over a billion in a a mattar of 3-5 turns.

I call my DS a Gameboy too. Glad others do too. And I mean… it still is, kinda, anyway. Right?

Also, W00t, Magic cards!

Get out of town! I’ve got a stack of Animehem cards about 7 inches tall. We should play an epic game over the internet, taking turns every few days as though we’re old-timey playin’ chess. I may even have the instructions somewhere…

I’ve never played a card game too enthusiastically. Except maybe Yu-Gi-Oh! way back when. I still have my dragon deck lying around somewhere… I was (am) in love with Red Eyes! (Cliche I know, but whatevs). I play Magic but I’m not TOO into it and am not very good. I just play for fun. A friend built me a white/red ally deck. It seems to do ok when I’m not up against hard core players. Lol. As for Pokemon… I only ever gathered the cards. I NEVER played with them. I was too afraid of ruining them. xD But I did have the TCG for Gameboy and played the shit out of that. I also really love the YGO TCG for DS.

Personally I’m a fan of vampire decks mostly cause it’s fun to watch people try to figure out how to beat me when all my guys have some combination of flying deathtouch and lifelink

My friend has an elf deck that hit me for over two million damage with no infinite combos. Its terrifying.

Elves are cool. I’m more of a skeleton/zombie/goblin type of person though. I liked Glistener Elf a lot. xD Green I tend to go for silly stuff like saprolings. Tokens in general are fun. Oh, dang, remember germs. I liked germs.

I’m…a sucker for card games though… Pokemon, MTG, A lil Yugioh, Hearthstone, TES Legends, EternalCG…I’ll give most a try. Though I learned to not get too into physical cards. All digital for me now — easier to put down..

Brooksie’s hair is looking really nice here. <3

” A Ninjo must be ever prepared”.
…I wonder how many ninjas, started out as boy scouts, + girl scouts?
Hee hee hee! :D

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