1070 Not Terrible.

You know, Fire Emblem Awakening has a street pass feature. I hardly ever run into people that use street pass, but I’ve actually had better luck, relatively, with FE. The first time it happened I had just barely started, didn’t really understand how the leveling system had changed, and was not ready. The player, ironically, had named their avatar Wymp. In retrospect the name was fitting, but at the time I was caught off guard. I won, but I had to circle the wagons. By the time I next had a visitor to my game I was fully prepared and they were not. In fact, from this point on pretty much anyone who faces my team should have a challenging time. Even if they choose to simply hire my avatar they will have gained a seasoned veteran, fully capable of clearing a map on her own. That said, I realize now that I can improve her further. Having played both genders I think I can safely say that the female avatar is the superior version. This is primarily because there is a gender specific skill that doubles your turns potentially. Male children can inherit it, but they can’t learn it. Not every female can learn it either, but any character who can is vastly improved by learning it. Avatar characters can reclass to any job available to their gender. So a female avatar can learn Galeforce and pass it down to her male children. By combining Galeforce with Lifetaker (witch drains life from units you defeat on your turns) you create a very dangerous character. If they are paired with a spouse they become as close to invincible as the game mechanics will allow. If the spouse also knows Galeforce you can switch between the characters and get 3 moves per turn while acting as a unit. that’s actually a turn less than if they were separate, but they gain the stat advantages that make them both very difficult to kill.

The long and short of all that is I enjoy setting up these little skill sets and playing army men. XD


When I first got my tablet, the first apps I installed on it were all the reader applications: Nook, Kindle, CoolReader, FBReader, Kobo, PageTurner, Play Books and even Sony Reader, since that was my first electronic reader, and almost all of my books transferred. It came with Toshiba Book Place, but that’s essentially a clone of Kurzweil’s Blio. Recently, I discovered Smashwords, a service that lets you publish your own work, if you have any; and you can download other people’s work for quite reasonable prices (free or 19ยข for some works). I think I’ve heard that Fifty Shades started on Smashwords.

Kindle, Nook and Smashwords will let you download part of some publications, up to 20%, for free. This gives you a chance to determine for yourself if the Suck Meter is zero (\–) or maxed out (–/). As I checked out new reads, I downloaded the samples. Yes, there are some that are not terrible, some that I put on hold ($7.99 to read the whole thing), some I bought as soon as I finished the sample and some that suck out loud. It’s nice to be able to preview. It’s more like walking into a bookstore and being able to browse the book before you slap down five, ten or twenty dollars of your hard-earned cash.

Most of these reader programs can be installed on PCs, some onto Apple or iOS. It’s a good way to evaluate the book without getting sucked dry for a piece of trash. Or barely not terrible.

Yea, somethin’ is messed up but I’m bettin’ Jackie’s working on it – I see his day has gone to .. well .. well used roughage, it sounds like.

Yeah, seem to be having some site issues, I was forced from my .net side over to this weird .com side. I do dig the redesign if this is the look you actually want. It could just as well be a placeholder till things get sussed out. Either way such minor issues aren’t going to make me stop reading your comic.

Even if I have to start reading it on the .com side…

For some reason, I think it wouldn’t be too bad for things to start tanking fast. On a serious note, I really love Between Failures. Earlier in the week I read all of the pages (1069 at the time) and nearly cried when I realized I’d caught up and read everything there was out. I like the characters, I like the way they interact with each other, I love your comic man. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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