1071 Powergirl.

Okay, so… The other day someone somewhere forced an update to the site. I don’t know who, I don’t know how. I only know that it happened and no one connected to the site did it. It resulted, as updates often do, with the complete upheaval of the site’s code. Which is why I never willingly update the site anymore. I don’t have the knowledge, or time, the relearn wordpress every time they find a security problem, and I don’t have the patience to deal with searching for answers on a forum. I’m far tired of that shit. It just so happens that I’m right on the line of being popular enough that my site has value to others now, so the fine people as Hiveworks fixed everything for me. (Actually it was probably just the one person, but still…)

That said, there’s no telling what sort of damage was done, or what the lingering effects will be. I encourage you to report them in whatever manner pleases you best. Some of the post images are gone for sure and may well never return. I don’t know if I have them or not. There may be pages missing too, but I can’t be sure of that just yet. In any case you should be able to read pretty much everything normally. The navigation buttons are stuck in some kind of tiny default style for the time being, I don’t know how, or if, that can be changed right now. I think the keyboard navigation still works if you just want to arrow through things.

Anyway, thanks for your patience. I know this kind of thing is irritating, but there’s just no helping it. Every system fails eventually. I’m looking into the possibility of new hosting and a new format that might alleviate these kinds of crashes for the foreseeable future.

I already know about the rogue text on the bottom of the archive pages, so that’s being pestered too.


It’s nice to see someone give a line that’s actually plausible. Challenging, but plausible, unlike the standard “Two shakes of a ‘coon’s tail.” or something like that. I know some people who would actually time the other person to see if they actually could tie their shirt into a cleavage window in the time frame of that sentence.
And in terms of errors, the comment section seems to have what I consider a glitch. When using the left and right arrows on my keyboard like I normally would to surf through text and correct a mistake, it actually sends me back or forward a page. Up and down works just fine, though.

That’s actually the site’s keyboard navigation… I’m gonna sound like a shitty video game developer here. It’s a feature… XD

I don’t know if there’s a way around that without disabling it… I’ll look into it.

Hey, as long as I can read the updates, we’re good. I couldn’t get the new comic on Wednesday, but I got it now. I’m OK with that.

On the iPhone, it’s impossible to zoom out.

I don’t know exactly HOW zoomed it is, but I can’t even see the name/email fields as I type this comment. So pretty far in.

Everything is SO BIG. So big. I’m feeling so very small now.

I’m having the same issue on my Android phone. I can’t zoom out at all which makes it tricky to read. The site never used to have that issue.

Also, I’ve always gone to betweenfailures.net until Wednesday’s comic but today when I try I’m being redirected to betweenfailures.com. So um, whoever did upgrade your site did not upgrade its convenience.

Samsung here. Yeah, same issue as these guys.

Even worse, there’s permanent scroll lock, meaning I can’t slide around on this page to make reading it any easier.

Time to go on a jerk hunt. *cocks shotgun* I’ll be gone awhile.

WIll you be gone awhile because you think it’ll be hard to find the jerk you’re looking for, or do you have a list, and were just looking for an excuse?

Yeah, I hate it when people feel the need to fix what isn’t broken.

It’s part of the reason I don’t do my sprite comics anymore. It seemed like ever six months or less, Drunk Duck completely changed the layout of the site for no reason. The final straw came with the name chance to The Duck. Not the name change itself, but the glitches that came as a result of (surprise!) yet another redesign that came with the name change. It totally screwed up the order of my pages. They also gutted the advance search functions of their search engine, which made it impossible to see how my stuff was ranking compared to the other Pokemon sprite comics.

Power Girl. Is there anything she can’t do?”

Wowsers — there’s a serious mental picture (* drool *)

Five days late, but thinking about Monday’s strip (/comics1/1069-preparedness). I wonder if it would have been even funnier if, instead of,

We are officially open and I am in command…
More or less.

Ed said,”…I am large and in charge.” Dumbfounded expression from Brooksie. “Okay, I meant…”

AARRGGHH!!! Okay, whatever they did to the comment editor, I am Officially Pissed! Every time I hit the back arrow key [<-] the damn page reverts to the previous web page. This is not nice — you lose whatever you've written. I mean, WTF, people; what made you think that was okay?

Catching up from several months of archives, some of the pages were displayed twice over, others below page-size-stretched versions of the post images. I’ll try going back and finding a few to confirm and point out where they were.

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