1072 Super High Me.

Okay, I’ve fixed a few of the pages I’ve been notified about. As far as I know the site is still fucked up on mobile devices. You can zoom even further in, but not out… So that’s… great. I turned off the arrow navigation in favor of people being able to comment. It looks like things are going to be a work in progress, as per usual, for some time.

It’s total bullshit every time this happens because it basically resets all my progress as far as ad values and new readers are concerned. Casual readers don’t follow me on social media, so when the site goes down a lot of them just assume it’s gone forever, or something. Or they were never that committed to the thing in the first place so it’s gone one day and they’re like “meh”. There’s just nothing a person can do about that though. I’ve made myself available on pretty much every whatchamacallit on the internet. If people don’t want to use it that’s just the way it is. I have to say though, my twitter is really funny. At least if your sense of humor is like mine. It trickles down to facebook so they’re pretty much the same thing since I don’t really use Facebook socially.

You can link most social media now, and what they all try to do is be the starting point. Like, my tumblr can send info to twitter, which can then send that same info to facebook. So it’s a little chain. It makes it easier than it was when they were all fighting. I’d like it better if I could start at any point and have the content go to everything. Tumblr wants to be a start point, so there’s no way to piggyback content to it from places. You have to go there and set it up. At least I don’t think you can do that. Anyway it’s similar to why I never use google+. Google plus made it super hard to make it part of a system. It wants to be the only one and won’t play nice with other things. At least that’s how it was a year or so ago. Since it was such a bastard I never made much effort to use it… and as far as I can tell no one else much did either.

The long and the short of all this is that every time the site gets fucked over it feels like a kick in the teeth. I want to minimize teeth kickings as much as possible so I can focus on making better content. Of course I’m doing that regardless as you will see in the comic weeks. >:D

Reading Homestuck kind of made me want to add in some more special effects in so far as I am capable. So look forward to my meager efforts in that department.


Well that’s…a piece of trivia for the fans. I can only wait until Nina’s troublemaker brother Hannibal finally shows up. Maybe he’ll save Thomas by disrupting the book-signing today with elephants!

And I don’t think anyone will complain about Nina showing skin. I certainly won’t ;D

Now I can only wonder what Nina’s middle name is…

As long as her middle name isn’t Hartley, we’ll be good.

(For the record, Nina Hartley is actually a REALLY intelligent woman and very…I guess empowered would be the best way to describe her? So what if she was acting in movies that showed more than Nina Grace’s cleavage and tummy?)

I hate to be a grammarnazi, but Thomas in the second panel should be saying “parents”, not “parent’s”.

Keep up the excellent work Crave! I make this comic a ‘must see’ every update day =)

I concur!
By the way, I’m not getting updates from the site in my RSS feed. That may be another problem to be aware of (or a delay?). Just goes to show that many of us will still be here to read whether or not the social media and/or feeds are working.

The RSS feed doesn’t work for me, and never has, except on special occasions. FWIW, I am using:


So I used the Archive, but that doesn’t seem to work now. I could go to the home page, but if I miss a strip or more, that shows me the later strip, probably destroying the story flow of reading them in order.

Oh, well. I’m young (enough). I’ll adjust.

Can I just say I love your art style? For some reason I just think this page, in all its relative simplicity (two characters standing around talking) is fantastic. But I’m really fond of how the characters’, ah, “outer lines” are typically thicker than any of the inner detail lines. I think that, plus the absolute LACK of outlines for the background, just makes them pop that much more, and it’s just incredibly visually appealing. (The rest of the art is fantastic too; expressions, body language, movement, et cetera. But for some reason my brain is just “damn fine outlines going on here. Excellent outlines.”)

Okay, let’s see if the arrow navigation works again…

Shuffles arrow keys, discovers Firefox no longer shifts pages forward and back

Yep, that works.

I suppose, since Silence of the Lambs came out in 1991, Nina’s brother could conceivably be 21 or 22 (I seem to recall that Nina and Tom are about the same age, 26) making the Hannibal monicker all the more… horrific…

“Is that you, Clarice?”

That’s sadly not the worst idea for a name I’ve ever heard. I have a friend who wants to name his first son Pez Douglas Spencer. Yup, Pez D. Spencer. Fortunately for his non-existent childs sake, he’s single, so probably not going to happen.

The mobile scaling thing is killing me since I usually read webcomics before work on my phone…

If you take out the 5th line on your template:

it will stop doing that. You’re not doing any mobile specific styling anyway, so that line of html’s only function is to annoy people on phones.

Also I love your comic. Can’t wait to see how this story arc turns out!

I just freaking love this. I’ve gotten quite a few of my friends turned on to it too! I read the comment about shipping and I totally ship John and Jo too!

Homestuck-inspired effects? I think maybe something like the occasional animation in Deadwinter would fit really well into this comic. Homestuck makes me think of textual quirks mainly (which ARE kind of awesome imo).

Interesting that you lose a big chunk of readers when the site goes down for a bit. I tend to keep checking a comic for months after it goes down. If it doesn’t come up after a while I move it over to the ‘check every few months’ bin… which I think I haven’t gone through and checked for almost a year? But I’ll get round to it.

Ah, her parents were hippies. Nina’s personality almost all comes together now. It all makes sense, names like “Nina Anne” and “Hannibal Solo”, based on their memories from growing up combined with excessive drug use and a free love attitude.

I suddenly want to see Nina’s family.

I think we could all take a cue from Nina about not being shy about showing a little skin.

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