1073 Face Off.

Hokay… I fixed the scaling thing with advice from a user. The RSS is working as far as I can tell. People are still finding page errors. If you spot one it’s better if you post about it on a current page, or on social media, because I don’t get notifications for the archive posts. I’ve fixed several so far.

The navigation buttons… I don’t know what the deal is with them. They don’t seem to have any settings associated with them. That strikes me as a design flaw. Especially if you’re making something that’s supposed to navigate comics. That top menu I can only alter parts for some reason, and not remove the home button…

I guess I’ll keep messing with it until I can sort it out, but it’ll have to be between pages since I’m WAY behind on them now.


Scaling is indeed fixed! Yes!

Stupid victory dance time!

Okay, so I’d just like to say that that Thomas’s mindset seems to be surprisingly mature, and healthy, and… not hateful towards this girl.

I am suspicious

Victory for you, Crave. Brava.

In other news regarding the comic, I smell verbal warfare, and my caramel popcorn. I’m PREPARED this time. Let the smackdown to end all smackdowns commence henceforth!

Yep yep, I can confirm that the comic scaling is fixed on my Android smartphone. Nice work on the fix!

Don’t know anything ’bout The Great Gatsby’s soundtrack, but I imagine watching that in 3D is about as useful as tits on a Hanar. <_<

That last face makes me think Thomas just “This is Sparta’d” Constance in his head…
(with exagerated cartoon dust cloud for impact)

I can see it now… Thomas walks up to Constance thinking that he’s finally ready to move on, but then their eyes meet… They stare into each other’s souls, and their true feelings are finally realized. The smoldering coals of resentment erupt into fiery, passionate hatred, and they realize they were meant for each other. Destined to be kismeses, forever caliginous. Nina is then forced to take on the role of auspistice for the inevitable relationship between Carol and Constance. Meanwhile, Jo starts waxing pale for Ed, who clearly already has a black rom going with Reggie. John continues his futile search for something flushed, and… and I think this farce of a Homestuck reference has gone on long enough, because as Hussie himself once said, “this is incredibly silly.”

I want to read your comic now… O_O

Sorry, man, but my real fan fiction plans are far more adventurous and dramatic than anything that could be based on Between Failures, and not nearly silly enough to be inspired by Homestuck. Also not nearly erotic enough for Nina to be interested in. I’d probably put an emoticon here to indicate that I’m joking if I had any idea what any of those damn things meant. XD, maybe?

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