1461 Everything You Need.

The snow has knocked out the service for my ISP, so I’m doing this over my phone. Please excuse the abruptness of the post. I have limited data.

Poor Jess, she’s a litter more bluster than she’d like to admit when push comes to shove. When she thinks she’s in control of a situation she’s dangerous, but falls apart fast when that idea is challenged. XD Then we have Reggie who isn’t really paying attention to anything they’re doing particularly. I guess he’s just going through the motions today. In his defense it’s been an emotional time, what with the graves, ferries, and what have you. I think he can be excused this time.

I finally saw Inside Out. It was a good little movie. The acting was stellar. Voice and animation wise. The thing with the gum commercial was brilliant.

Anyway, I’m going to use up all my internet if I’m not careful. See you in the comments!


Anyone else think Reggie looks kinda tired here? Almost distant?

It’s him pondering the upcoming date with Alexandria Melvil, and probably worrying about becoming as emotionally invested in her as his cousin Victoria. He’s brooding and filled with butterflies, which is never a good combination.

Am I the only one who immediately thought of Hank Hill’s voice when I read that “BWAAAAAA”

I read that in Hank’s voice too.

On another note, it seems Reggie is unofficially the store genitalia block. He’s so irritating he stops libidos belonging to either sex!

The ultimate expression of “that one storeclerk that interrupts your conversation by asking if you need assistance.”

Am I the only one who thinks it’s amazing how Jess’ lust shows through the nickname ‘baby blue’? Please bring that back. Please.

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