368 Fluffy Doom.

I seem to remember the oldest kid I ever heard of dying this way was 8 years old.  He pulled over one of those super giant teddy bears and couldn’t shift it off.  It’s a horrible way to go for a lot of reason, some more subtle than others. 


Don’t wanna hurt u dude, but that’s written O R I G A M I.

Other than that cool comic.
Carol’s the real boss after all =)

Crave: Bam! Fixed.

….can’t they just turn their head to the side and breathe?

Panic can be a cruel master. Maybe yes, maybe no. And some circumstances could deny that escape. You should understand I speak entirely in the theoretical on this matter.

It’s possible to suffocate without any obstruction to the airway. With enough weight on top of you, it may be impossible to expand your chest to draw in air. (This is similar to the way snakes such as pythons kill their prey; the just keep squeezing tighter and tighter until the animal can’t breathe at all.) The toy would have to be a whole lot bigger than the child, but it’s certainly possible. Just consider the idiots who have autodarwinated while tipping vending machines.

HAH! Validation for one of my oldest childhood fears! I never kept more than 3 small to medium stuffed critters on my bed for fear they would suffocate me while I slept……Now that I think about it I was kinda a weird kid. Oh well I love your comic, Rock on!

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