368 Fluffy Doom.

I seem to remember the oldest kid I ever heard of dying this way was 8 years old.  He pulled over one of those super giant teddy bears and couldn’t shift it off.  It’s a horrible way to go for a lot of reason, some more subtle than others. 


Don’t wanna hurt u dude, but that’s written O R I G A M I.

Other than that cool comic.
Carol’s the real boss after all =)

Crave: Bam! Fixed.

….can’t they just turn their head to the side and breathe?

Panic can be a cruel master. Maybe yes, maybe no. And some circumstances could deny that escape. You should understand I speak entirely in the theoretical on this matter.

HAH! Validation for one of my oldest childhood fears! I never kept more than 3 small to medium stuffed critters on my bed for fear they would suffocate me while I slept……Now that I think about it I was kinda a weird kid. Oh well I love your comic, Rock on!

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