369 Devil Went Down To Georgia.

Halloween contest update

There have been no entries so far.  For those who may have forgotten here are the details of said failstravaganza:

The contest is simple.  Try to look like a character from Between Failures.  Feel free to enlist people you know to help if you know someone who reminds you of a cast member.  Who ever looks the most like who they tried to emulate gets a drawing, on real paper, which I hardly ever do.  You can email me the results, post them in the forum, or whatever.  If you’re successful in any way you shouldn’t have to tell me who you’re dressed as.  And to keep you from cheating you, or who ever you enlist to help you, have to be holding a note that says “I love baby ducks.” on it. 



Geez, you’d think I’d learn to always enter these things, huh? Well, I really don’t feel like shaving off my hard-earned beard, so I guess my options are limited. But here goes nutthin’…

PS – I think the staff is already an elite fighting force, just not for the kind of battles Mike wants to win. Especially if he wants a raise/promotion/whatev

You are posting like a crazy person lately. I thought you didn’t post on Saturdays and Sundays?

Crave: The comic is supposed to appear at 11PM on Sunday night for Monday. All the days are like that. It’s still M-W-F, but I can’t help but make each page available an hour early…

eh… Cosplay contests are usually a little hard to get people motivated for. Cosplaying is more of a group activity. People do it knowing that there will be other people doing it.

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