389 A Powerfull Ally It Is.

I had this wild dream about plant aliens that were invading Earth.  I’m gonna have to write it into a short story or something ’cause the imagery of the plant creatures was really neat.  I hate to explain it all here ’cause if I do I’ll end up never writing the story, but I made a note at least.  If I ever get it finished to a decent level I’ll let you guys see it. 

I read that new Tales Of Beedle The Bard book by the Harry Potter lady.  It’s surprisingly good.  I hope she writes more Potterverse books.  She’s got a whole mythology built up, I’d hate to see it go to waste. 


Come on, Ed! Kick his ass! Make him bleed hi own blood! Fight for your honor!

Also, I kinda sold tickets already and I can’t afford to give everybody refunds…

I am deeply in love with Brooksie, if only she were real. then again, if she were real she would prolly be freaked out but creepy people professing their love for webcomic characters. so it was a fattefully one-sided, disturbing, and short lived quasi-romance. sigh* logic killed my love.

congrats on reaching the number three spot on thewebcomiclist, man! Take that, manage a 3!

Crave: I actually got as high as #2 once that I know of. Just goes to show how effective tits are in advertising.

I like Menage A 3 though. It’s like Archie comics with sex. Which is really the only thing Archie comics need to bring them into the modern era. XD

Sorry I have missed the last few pages. I got laid off and have been frantically seeking new employment.

You know what mythology totally did go to waste? Water World. So much could have been done with that, books, or a miniseries, anything. I would have loved to have been able to go deeper into that world.

Crave: Man, all these people I know keep losing their jobs. It’s quite dissheartening… I hope you find a new job soon.

Dude, Waterworld was an awesome idea. It would have been sweet if they had carried it along. I mean it seems like there should have been more survivors, or a fleet of still functioning nuclear subs, or something.

Nuclear submarines need maintenance as well as any other mechanical thing. Waterworld had to take place pretty far into the future for evolutionary mutations to appear so I’d reckon the subs simply didn’t survive that long. I mean, remember how that oil tanker looked, a sub in such a condition surely would’ve found it’s place in the depths of the ocean years before.

As much as I like to see Ed punch Reggie I don’t that wise career move.

As a waterworld mythology check out an anime call Tide Line Blue with more survivors like actual cities or communities, technology still working, and fleet with nuclear subs.

… the more i see him, the more i dislike him… you designed his character perfectly, he is what he is meant to be: the perfect asshole to hate…

Huh. Usually when I have alien invasion dreams, I sell out most of humanity to get appointed planetary overlord and subseqently fix the world.
I’m not sure which is more satisfying – feeding everyone I hate to my extraterrestial bodyguard or creating a paradise of technology and wilderness as one.

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