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I commanded Tivo to bring me Total Drama Island the other day.  I saw some advert for it and thought it looked like Clone High.  It’s from the same animation company, but I’m not sure how far the connection goes.  In any case, I liked it.  It was a fun show.  Geared for a younger audience, but still good enough for someone like me to enjoy.  There seem to be references made to Clone High, like the strange dolphin obsession, but it might just be coincidence.  Either way I look forward to seeing how they make a second season work. 

Clone High never got a second season…  XC


Reggie’s hand looks huge in the second panel. Is he the new keeper of the right hand of doom? I only ask because he is obviously spawned from hell.

I like this scene. It’s like, the difference between being harsh and being a douche, when you compare it to Carol and Ed’s first impressions of each other.

Dude, you just caught wind of TDI? I like it… anything that’s a sort of anti-teen drama… or is that anti teen-drama? Anyway, it’s fun. I’m surprised Reggie would know enough to make that reference, though…

DAMMIT! Clone High was, like, the best show EVAR! /scudworth

I haven’t seen an episode of TDI, primarily because I can’t get past the awful, awful animation. The entire thing is animated with TWEENS! The good stuff on Newgrounds is FbF (as was Clone High). I feel like traditional animation is a dead art. Some people (Craig McCracken) still use it, but once the veterans are gone then what?


Yeah. keep it up, Reggie…

He’s gonna’ get it SO bad…

Anyway, I really liked TDI. Problem is, I never got to see the finale. Unless it hasn’t been broadcast yet…?

And once again, Reggie transcends the standards of asshole behavior…

Nina or Boopsie had better show up soon. Not because Ed needs the support (he could probably take Reggie out in one swing), but because he’s is in the perfect position to do something totally stupid. One of the girls needs to be there to stop him!

This seems like a good time for Brooksie to find that douche Reggie and give him a really menial and embarrassing task to do.

And let Reggie know that she and Nina kissed Ed yesterday. :D

Ed gave him a chance to make it right, but Reggie really blew it. He went too far, even for a jerk. I really hope someone can get over there and split them up before Ed does something he will regret.

Total Drama Island was a decent satire of your typical reality TV show, and for that I appreciate it. Sadly, it was so dead on that I almost couldn’t stand it, just like the real thing.

I like to imagine that in the second panel, Reggie is taking a moment to come up with an appropriate response.

Also Reggie’s hand is huge in the third panel.

I understand that hitting your own employee seriously hurts your chance of staying on, but this guy….he must make the best sales in the world to still be there. He better! C’MON ED! ***K THIS PLACE HIT HIM WHERE THE SUN WILL NEVER SHINE!

Total Drama Island = Win
They made another show called “6Teen,” which I’ve been meaning to watch (I’ve recorded several episodes), that has at least half a dozen of the voice actors from TDI, but I never seem to have time. And if I do, I usu. end up using it for something else. I think maybe I hesitate since I’m 24 now, and most of the issues 16-year-olds might deal with seem a bit…juvenile to me, at this point.

something funny looking at previous pages i know hat is going to happen next wee-man is going to punch the ass hat

I agree with Ed respect must be earned it cannot be merely given and sadly many people don’t realize that and expect me to respect them when they do things that if i had had any respect for them would drain away said respect

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