391 The Shadow Knows.

The title of this page reminded me that I don’t own the Alec Baldwin version of The Shadow.  You know who I haven’t seen in a while who’s in that?  Tim Curry.  We need some more Tim Curry in our empty lives.  I hope Hollywood gets on that issue pretty soon.  If not, I’m just going to have to buy, The Shadow, and Legend, watch Muppet Treasure island, and Clue, and see if they ever realeased Peter Pan & The Pirates on DVD.


If you’re looking for a new-ish Tim Curry movie, take a look at the UK production of Terry Pratchett’s “The Colour of Magic.”

JT: One movie that Tim Curry was in (along with a LOT of others) is a Sylvester Stallone comedy (OK, OK, I know!) called “Oscar”. Despite what it sounds like, this is a really funny movie (and you know my tastes). Stallone is a 1920s era gangster who is trying to go straight. Events conspire against him and escalate higher and higher. At the very end, you meet Oscar. Find it if you can, it’s usually in the bargain bin. Curry’s part is a juicy one — falls in love with Marisa Tomei . . .

— Doug

Check Tim Curry out as the evil Cardinal in “The Three Musketeers.” He was such a great villain in that movie. Anyway, I feel sorry for Ed having to deal with all of Reggie’s displaced anger, I mean it is not Ed’s fault Reggie is an dumb ass.

first time posting here. love the comic by the way.

tim curry was in brutal legend. one of my favorite games of all time. it had a lot of other people in it that I didn’t recignize because I didn’t listen to metal before I played the game.

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