674 Douchebag Sunglasses.

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I had a dream that started with my dad needing me to give him a ride to work. I had to do it a few times because something was wrong with his truck, or something. At one point he was telling me about a forum that people were talking about where they talked about things to do with his profession. Later on he told me he wanted me to go on to this board and troll around because he heard they were badmouthing his company. He hadn’t seen it himself because he doesn’t like computers.
Before I could get online I happened to notice that some people were in our garden stealing. So I went out to confront them. They were dressed in various costumes, mostly Victorian, but the lead guy was clearly some kind of director. They ignored me, and when I scolded them more forcefully they threatened harm. So I picked up a long dog chewy, the kind that’s a long tube of dried… something, and started beating them up with it. At first I was just poking them and prodding them to move, but when they started trying to genuinely harm me so they could keep stealing I totally let loose.
I tried not to hit the girls at first, but they got just as violent as the dudes in pretty short order, so I wailed on them too for a while. Eventually they started to retreat by floating up to their airship, which was apparently hovering above the garden the whole time. I’m not sure how they were doing it, but whatever it was I was able to use it to follow them.
When we reached the deck they all sort of collapsed, but there were other crew members who had sent them to get stuff, and some old people who seemed to be in charge of everything. I ended up having to beat up all of them to. After I was done with that I smashed up all of their stuff to the point of it being nonfunctional, destroyed all their navigational maps, charts, and so on, then set the steering to fly as fast as it would go in a random direction. I broke the wheel and the drive box so they wouldn’t be able to stop the airship with the regular controls. That way they’d be super far away by the time they were able to do anything. All of this I did with that same dog treat, by the way.
When I was done I got of the airship and walked back to the house. I woke up at some point before I got there. In retrospect those people might have also been squirrels somehow at the same time as being people.


I always feel weird when i wear sunglasses indoors. I wonder what I’d be like if I had to get a prescription pair.

Couldn’t you just get outdoor and indoor ones? That’s what my mom does.

Some glasses that are usually colorless and dark when exposed to UV rays (sun light), so you only need one pair of glasses for indoor AND outdoor.

You can but they’re darn expensive. It adds like $60 to the cost of the lens.

This is true, but it’s totally worth it. Some people’s insurance knocks the price down a fair bit.I only paid like 80 dollars-or something like that-total because I’m a military dependent,.

This is as good a place as any to point out the title of this page is kinda offensive.
Heck, so is Carol’s manner.

I never figured when I had to start wearing sunglasses that there would be a stigma attached to it… but so it is. Every day I get oodles of gormless twats staring at me as though I couldn’t see them clearly. I get even more dodgy looks inside. I can people making ridiculous assumptions about my character. I get bellends making ever more annoying “Matrix” taunts at me. And even when I mention what the issue is, half the people don’t believe me.

There are only two places dark enough to go without sunglasses. One is my home. The other is the pub I frequent. Anywhere else, at least during daylight hours, I can’t take the sunglasses off without ending up squinted almost shut and tears running down my face.

I see we’re both introducing blonde douchebags this week.

Ha! Tiny indoor eyes. How I constantly seem to have those, myself… ‘Course my glasses eventually fade to non-sun type. Theoretically. Never actually see the damn things when they’re not on me, so I guess I’m not all that sure about it… Then again, far as I’m concerned it’s too bright outside so long as any sun is out anywhere (this planet or any other).

Also, I think your level of dream recall frightens me. Not sure about that yet, so I’ll mull it over for a while and get back to you about it. Or not. Y’know, one or the other, unless a third option comes up.

Don’t mull it over too long. It ain’t worth it, dude.

Mulling is always worthwhile. It makes wine taste better, and provides you with something to do instead of telling people just exactly how moronic they are (admittedly, I have found this last one to be a bit difficult. perhaps that explains the constant ‘needs to work on people skills’ comment in my work reviews…)

Incidentally, I decided that yes, your ability to recalll so much about dreams does indeeed frighten me slightly, but mostly I am just annoyed being as I rarely remember dreaming excepting times when I dream I can’t get to sleep… Which might not be a dream… Stupid insomnia.

Well, one doesn’t have to be blind to need sunglasses…. my boyfriend is very sensitive to light and wears sunglasses most of the time. Not… always indoors, however.

I doubt that Wes suffers from anything but a case of the douche, though.

I wear a pair of prescription sunglasses due to light sensitivity and some vison loss. According to the eye doctor this was most possibly due to partially detached retina. Always hated that test where they puff air into the eyes to test for glacuma fracking thing hurt in one eye. The eye I could push a little back in when it hurt every months to a year and would feel pressure coming out the corners of the eyelids. They cost close to 400 dollars and to repair one lenses is 150 bucks.

I wear them indoors in shops etc. My light sensitivity means under bright lights it’s like I don’t have any tint at all. Some things are hard to make out like certain colors or text on certain backgrounds but a quick pop up fixes that. The shades are so dark I have been confused for a blind person from time to time.

Crave, two suggestions about Internet Exploder:

1. try removing the <span> from the image links – replace them with simply Previous, Next, etc. IE throws hissys with that stuff all the time for no apparent reason.

2. Try using the numbered names instead of stuff like «

You can find a good list here:

He may be a douche, but she’s being a cunt. She’s got a huge attitude, and she holds herself like “she’s all that and then some.” And I don’t normally talk like that, or use that word (especially not that word), but I do honestly feel that she’s a very incentive character.

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