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I did a little poll for suggestions as to what Jo would be wearing in panel one, but ultimately settled for something simple. Maybe they can play dress up later. I dressed Jess in the same outfit as that Nico Robin figure I talked about before. Drawing blue sweaters is easy and I think they always look nice. Classy, but also hot. Anyway, it’s not haut couture, but it’s nice and within the bounds of my skill.

Also, yes, Jo is referencing Adventure Time.

We took the Teen on a shopping expedition on Friday last. What that boiled down to is she disappeared for an hour or so in Wal-Mart doing god knows what with the friend she dragged along. The upside of bringing said friend is that during the car ride we listened to her playlist rather than the Teen’s. So it was mostly a band called One Direction. This pleased me because the music was happy sounding and forgettable. No songs lodged themselves in my head and as a result of that I didn’t kill anyone and bury them in an unmarked grave while humming something from Hollywood Undead. Which I think is something for the plus column.

I finally found a Swap Force Skylander that has the last of the new powers required to 100% complete the games. Why they waited months to release it is beyond me, but whatever. It’s a cool green skunk lizard looking thing called Stink Bomb… How creative.
In addition to that find I also happened upon a used copy of Dragon Age 2. Those of you true believers out there might recall the many blog posts about Dragon Age that eventually ended with me not picking up 2 because I thought the demo was off. Still, I wondered where the narrative went after EA took over, and for $7 bucks it was like why not?
My old nemesis, unreadable text, was there again, so that wasn’t cool right off the bat. As far as the rest of the game goes, so far, I’m far enough from the source now that I can’t remember how it played really. I can only recall that it was better before. That said it’s playable, and the familiar world made me want to explore, which I did, a lot. I assume that I will eventually fight someone, or something, but I’ve been wandering this damn city for a while now and done little more than return lost property to random people. Hopefully things improve over time. It looks like all the exploits I could have taken advantage of have been patched, which is a shame. I do enjoy a good infinite gold glitch.

I downloaded Animal Crossing Plaza, or something, for my WiiU. It was free, and I love Animal Crossing, so… Again, why not? It’s pretty pointless. In fact pretty much everything to do with going online on the WiiU is. Nintendo has no clue what to do about the internet, I have decided, and they are terrified that people might actually talk to each other. AC Plaza is basically a broken message board. You can comment on the various villagers and/or draw pictures. (so long as they are not offensive in any way and you divulge no personal information at any time.) Honestly, the content rules suit me fine. I don’t want rated X Animal Crossing images popping up on my WiiU. Keeping that aspect of reality separated is fine by me. I dunno, I feel like Nintendo is going to have to do something different to stay relevant in current gaming culture. What that is exactly is not something I could suggest. I certainly don’t want Nintendo to become Sony or Microsoft, but I feel like they should be able to have a place in the market too, since their voice is unique.

For my part a little more connectivity between the 3DS and WiiU would be welcome. Something that incentivizes actually connecting the two systems. Mini games where you can earn items, or something? Maybe an open market, or bazaar type of thing? Like you could set up a little store and offer stuff you’ve found. That would be cool, and maybe less annoying than trying to set up the same thing on Tumblr… Just a thought.

I’d really like to see that Dragon Warrior MMORPG come over here on the WiiU. That might be enough to get me to actually play one again. I do love Akira Toriyama’s art. Colorful, easy to see, saturated. I know it seems out of character for me, but what can I say, I’m a man of many moods.

Actually, I’m not even sure that’s on the WiiU. Anyway, something like that would be cool. Although, in reality, I have plenty of games to keep me busy without adding the bonus of interacting with actual humans.


Heh-heh, I like that AT reference. Everyone has a little Lemongrab in them… I just realized how disconcerting that would be. Scratch that.

Also, taking a look at your tweetbox over there, I am glad to see that you are finally fully enjoying one of the greatest comedies at the moment that is Parks and Rec! If you have a favorite character, who would it be?

Ron and Leslie will have to fight to the death for my love.

And when they’re both tired from fighting, from behind comes April with the stabs with her adorable orange hoodie on! Boosh! Game Over!

No matter how relentless Leslie might be, in the end Ron Swanson is unconquerable. Great comic today, and always remember:

“Always give 100%. 110% is impossible. Only idiots recommend that.”
-Ron ‘Fucking’ Swanson

I find Ben adorable… but also Andy… and Ron when he’s being giddy like a school-girl (on those very rare occasions). It used to be Mark Brendanawicz.
This is one of those shows where the cast is so spot on that you love them all as a whole. You might have a favorite but the whole is perfect.

Love them together, So cute!!! And Heterochromia!! Awesome!!! Would of liked to of seen Jess’ first reaction to those eyes though.

Honestly, I don’t think she’s noticed them yet. Probably too distracted by the rest of Jo soaking wet, then naked, then in underwear.

Can’t blame her, though, can you? Brooksie is surprisingly… well, let’s just say I agree with her reaction in panels 2 and 3.

Heterochromia is no joke. There is no cure. 100% of all persons with heterochromia die with the condition.

[/PSA Mode] It’s also completely harmless and sometimes, sexy as all get-out! Of course, Jo’s heterochromia was caused by an illness, so that was no fun, and of course, the idiots at her school were heartless and mean, but bygones.

heterochromia? it just looks to me that Jo’s eyes are the two different colours of brown m&m’s….makes me hungry for Jo

I think Nintendo needs to step up the virtual console a ton to keep relevant. Step one, link the VC so purchases you make on the 3DS are available to you on the WiiU if you have both. Step two pull out all your old content and put it on the VC. If there was all of the old NES games and all the SNES games for sale (at a reasonable price) on the VC people would buy their hardware. The big N has been in the gaming business for nearly 30 years, they need to show people what their legacy means.

I would also like to see more GBA games on the VC. I’m under the impression that Nintendo doesn’t even want to go this route, though there are a handful of them around.

Putting Pokemon RBY and GSC on VC would go a long way toward making the Virtual Console a huge success. And it would also allow people a way to legitimately acquire those games instead of ROM/Emulators or digging out the old GBC and your battered cartridges (some of which have dead internal batteries making it impossible to save).

I would also like an ETA on Super Mario Bros. 3 and would love to see Super Metroid come to 3DS Virtual Console.

As long as I’m dreaming can I have Majora’s Mask 3D too?

The one thing I always wondered was why they didn’t make use of the DS for Wii Speak functionality. It had enough tech on it to be doable. The only possible downside is battery life, and that’s really not even a thing if you have another outlet for it nearby.

Well, I suppose you would’ve had to keep that DS nearby. I don’t think that microphone was particularly good for more than 2 feet away. Having the DS on your person, but with no hands on it, seems like a good recipe for dropping it.

Still, they could have done it!

I didn’t recognize the cuties’ repartee; I guess I’m going to have to start watching Adventure Time. And taking notes…

“This pleased me because the music was happy sounding and forgettable. No songs lodged themselves in my head and as a result of that I didn’t kill anyone and bury them in an unmarked grave while humming something from Hollywood Undead.”

Thanks for that — I thought for sure I was going to have to explain to my coworkers why I was laughing so loud! Hey, for that piece of music you get stuck in your head, a study at the University of London discovered that humming or singing God Save the Queen may help get rid of that earwig. Stumped for the tune? It’s exactly the same as America (you know, ??My Country, ‘Tis of Thee??)…

Your tale brings to mind something I turned up in research this weekend. Back in the late-1950s to mid-1960s, Capitol Records published an LP series of recordings under the title Teen Beat. The instrumental installment had a female teenybopper with crunchy-ass hair chomping a cigar, for whatever reason — shock value, I guess (don’t blame me, I was, like eight at the time). Actually, the music isn’t bad; a lot of it’s what they call ‘Surf Guitar’ today, and it’s pretty upbeat. The cover shot just made me think of you and She Who Must be Entertained. Just, keep the Teen away from the Stogies…

Adventure Time is awesome but don’t give up on that first season. It’s insane and hard to get through for some. I didn’t like the show till about episode 8. There are a couple good ones early (including 8) but they are few until the end of the season. Season 2 is where it starts to take off and, beyond that, it gets incredible and completely worth it. But, honestly, it was a chore for me to get through season 1 and I love cartoons. It gets brilliant, though.

I wonder if they changed writers mid-season? It’s happened on plenty of other shows, animated and live-action. Even Star Trek TOS (The Original Series) started using famous Science Fiction writers partway through their first season, namely Richard Matheson (I Am Legend), Robert Bloch (Psycho), Theodore Sturgeon (More Than Human) and Harlan Ellison (A Boy and His Dog).

For some reason I thought Jo’s eyes were more different in color, but after sifting through the archives,I found they are not. :/
If anyone want’s to know, Jo met Jess around comic 740 :)

If it were genetic heterochromia it would be more pronounced, like a blue and a brown, but since it’s as a result of injury it made more sense for it to be hazel and brown.

Wow, I stop reading Between Failures for like a month or two…and come back to a whirlwind of truths, romance, and some of the best and most adorable pictures of every character.

….now I gotta wait another couple months. ._.

Oh wow, Jo has really lovely hips, I would have never noticed. She was just the adorable bundle of adorable to me. Mmmmnop, still too difficult form e to get into the sexy threshold she’s still just adorable to me.

I mean come on, she quoted Adventure Time, it’s precious.

I just recently used a variation of Jo’s ‘Sentencing without trial’ in a multiplayer game I was playing. It’s such a useful thing.

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