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I’m going to be on the road Tuesday. I was hoping to get a bookend image done for Ed & Jessie’s story, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to. I may just post a sketch and finish it later like with the Carol & Thomas one. As you can guess I’m writing this post early in case I can’t get home in time to post it like normal.

It’s been a long time since this guy’s threads were woven into the tapestry, and it isn’t even his story. This stuff is just the lead in for something else. I only wanted to get him introduced so he’d be around for other stuff later.

As you can see I am trying out hand lettering. I waited a long time to give it a shot, but I can do it fairly quickly now, and it’s passable. Hopefully I’ll have the hang of it before too long. I think it reads pretty well and it fits the art alright. My terrible handwriting bleeds through a little, but you have to start somewhere.

I’m tired and have a lot to do. I would talk more, but I can’t at the moment. I will see you all later on though.


Well look at that it was not just Edward that she yells at first meeting. Next thing she picks on him for is wearing sun glasses inside

She does…
Though she shouldn’t.
Even as a potential employee, that shouldn’t be any of her business.
As a dude who can’t go outside during the day without sunglasses, I get a bit uppity about the subject.

you seem rather uppity about a lot of things. I think you are single single-handedly driving me away from reading the comments…I thought I would enjoy re-reading the archives and the comments, I’m rethinking the latter though.

Ah Carol.

Is it strange that I aspire to be as forthcoming as she is? I think these thoughts in my head and if I could just work up the courage to SCREAM AT THE STUPID PEOPLE SOMETIMES I probably wouldn’t be as consistently sharp-tongued as she is.

I’ll bet you could get good at it if you had practice. The thing is you can only get away with this if you are really good at your job. Otherwise people start gunning for you.

Carol’s actually being sorta civil to someone who came in rude. Interesting.
The hand lettering looks OK, but I think you’re going to want to use some guide lines to keep the words from wandering around the speech bubbles. Keeping the letters sitting on a straight horizontal base does wonders for readability.

I like where the hand lettering is going. The way the words that need stressing are slightly darker than the rest works perfectly. It ends up reading easier and more accurately. Also I don’t think hardly anyone else does that so you get points just for that.

I love that his name is “Wesley Asel”…which sounds a lot like it was derived from “weasel.” You know when you hire a dude named “weasel” that you canNOT turn your back on him.

I like the new lettering, keep it up. I’m terrified of doing hand lettering, but i have a lot of really good fonts so there is not much of a need.

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