She Paid, He Tipped.

I hope that Ed & Jess’s story gave you all a good insight into their characters. I know it was hard not seeing Nina & Jo for so long, but I felt this was important for later on. And I hope it reminded those of you with siblings about the mostly good parts of having them.


In a larger ensamble story it is always a good idea to take time out and meet people more individually every now and again. if nothing else it helps establish that there are other people out there (neighbors, friends, family, etc) that don’t make it to the main story, but still have an effect on the main players.

That being said, this little excursion seemed (to me, at least) barely scratch the surface of their personalities. I’ll be glad to get back to the main story, but I can’t wait for the next side-step (possibly with some other cast members: he added in a voice hat suggested potential pleasures await should such things come to pass, then shortly afterword spoiled the effect by allowing his tie to dip into his tomato soup…)

“And I hope it reminded those of you with siblings about the mostly good parts of having them.”

The what now?

you know, like when your oldest sister will sometimes foot the bill when you go out for food, and, and, . . . that’s all I got

The START BACK NEXT & END buttons in the archives are not working with my Internet Explorer browser. What browser are you all using and are these buttons working for you? Thinking this may be an IE problem only. Have to be out of town today, but hope to be able to fix this soon. ;-)

Dude, Jess spent most of the arc in her panties. Of course we enjoyed it! ^^

Seriously though it was nice to spend a good amount of time getting to know her because up to this point she was the least developed character. We got to see a nice range of emotions from her and you put her in a variety of situations so we could really understand her personality. Plus we got to see another side to Ed as well. All around a successful job,

BTW are you going to start ending every arc with the dialog free pages like the one of Carol “busting out?” Cause I like them a lot, they kind of sum up the chapter in a neat little image.

While yes I did miss Nina, this part of the story was quite enjoyable. Before this Jess didn’t seem like much of a real character, we didn’t know enough about her. Ed feels like he has a lot more depth now too. You did a very good job making their relationship feel real. And it did remind me about the good parts of having siblings, even if they weren’t many. My remaining brother and I only started getting along relatively recently. As this didn’t happen long before he shipped out to the air force we’ve not shared very many of these moments.

Your comic continues to impress and make me think about life issues. Stop that.

I think I mentioned in another comment that Ed is my second favorite character… since I’m sure you keep close track of every comment that is made, especially mine. Anyway… I think I’d like to state that it is interesting because he is so unlike myself, anyone in my family, my friends… yet, I like him. Closest thing is he’s got long hair like me… but it’s different colour and texture. It’s an odd thing, but not a bad one.

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