Jo’s thoughts:”Mustn’t… look… down…”

The surprisingly universal response!

And here I am thinking, “Man, I’m glad Jackie pointed out what was going on in Jo’s mind about Evrina’s tits.” I couldn’t figure out what the hell was giving Jo that expression in the last panel. I was tentatively attributing it to her worrying that she was being rude by bringing up Alex’s personal stuff in a public place, but I was pretty sure that wasn’t it.

Like, complete whoosh on my part. That said, boobies do nothing for me at all — I have to be constantly reminded that other people find them attractive to the point of distraction. (I guess in part because I have a pair myself, so I don’t find them a big deal.)

Have Jo’s eyes ever been smaller? It’s quite the demonstration.

Yeah, I like that artistic device.
I think, in this comic- people’s pupils get smaller when they’re frightened, or unhappy. :)

I’m really surprised by the direction the strip took recently. I looked over it specifically because of these comments. My guess was that he would be down with everything going on in the cities, but he surprised me.

“Trying to be #1 woman respecter very difficult job.”

Oh yeah. Just ask Tatsuya Ishida, #1 Male Ally. :D

Seriously though, that whole thing’s a train wreck if you’re not following it already.

Tat’s comic you mean? Yeah, I’ve followed it for years and his recent storyline is kind of a mindbender. Not in the least because I can’t quite get on board with his current ideology.

That said, I follow it anyway because I find it interesting, and he has a great way of distilling complicated concepts into a single comic, or even a single panel.

Evrina needs a name tag, right on her bosom. Then you need someone who is bad with names, ecpaially slightly out of the ordinary or odly spelt names to come to work with her, and constantly be trying to sneak peeks at her chest to read her name tag, because they can’t remember the name. The story of my life, lol.

Looking at the comic, after a day’s rest, I cannot say that Jackie did not “fix” nor change anything, Howeverunlikely that is, (but if it is the same as posted on Wednesday), while Brooksie’s thoughts may not be pure, I cannot see (in this page) any fixation on Ervin’s boobs. Full stop. All I see is Brooksie baffled by the revelation that was shared with her; whether from modesty or the severity of the tragedy, I don’t know, but her smol pupils in the last frame make it look to me like she is reliving the moment wherein the depth of the tragedy was revealed to her.
To me, Boobs are pretty, boobs are fun, but I don’t get the fascination with them that many avow. Now, a figure, the shape and form of the body, well, that does get my motor running. Those curves, Jackie’s wimming… yowwwzy!! Humminna-humminna!

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