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I rarely point to my Patreon links, but perhaps, in order to thrive, I must take a more active role in promoting my work, & related methods of support. Alternately Subscribestar is available if you disagree with the actions of Patreon. If you enjoy my work perhaps it is worth supporting for the minimal amount I suggest, which you can increase if you so choose. Website ads haven’t been a viable method of monetization for years, but the are good as a small supplementation, which is why I keep them. Anyway, simply a reminder for those of you who have come to have warm feelings for these stories I present thrice weekly.

For those of you who have been around long enough to remember The Teen, her birthday was recent & she is coming to visit tomorrow. She is doing well enough in these dangerous times, in spite of working in the food service industry. Dr Cornelius’s virus has not brought her down… yet.

As a historical footnote, the 3DS family of systems was officially retired today. The era of dedicated handheld gaming has, as far as I can tell, come, at last, to a close. It’s an era of gaming that defined much of my life. From the Gameboy all the way to the 3DS I have had a dedicated handheld device on my person more often than not. The comic itself even has a conversation about such devices early on. So now those pages are even more firmly rooted to a specific point in time. Something I generally avoid now. Although it’s safe to say, if my experience is anything to go by, that these now outdated devices will never fade completely from the minds of enthusiasts. Their roles will change, but they will remain to be tinkered with now that the creator has abandoned them. Still… given the potion I would certainly welcome a Switch small enough to fit into my pocket.


One day years from now, some fresh faced youth will discover this comic and be confused by the references to multiple Nintendo handhelds made early in the series.

I like your optimism. The implication that there will be a future is nice to hear from outside my own head.

Of course there’ll be a future, Jackie. Where else could they put the dystopian nightmare of blasted lands and roving bands of cannibals (who all sleep with BOTH eyes open-which isn’t hard, cause no-one has eyelids anymore). Always good to have something to look forward to!

I still play on my day-1 DS. And I plan to get a 3DS when it will die.
So I guess they will be around here for some more time.

Damn … has it been that long since the teen has been around? I guess I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been reading.

Speaking of out-dated devices having a group of enthusiasts keeping them alive, I just heard a podcast referencing a community of Sega Dreamcast people keeping that console alive. Between still developing games and through hacks to get online. It was pretty interesting. While I remember the Dreamcast’s launch very well, I didn’t know anyone who had one. I wasn’t aware there was such a love for it.

Oh, the Dreamcast was the last, great console I’ve ever used. Used to play Madden Football on it constantly — on the easiest setting (called it “Wussball”).

I have two boxes of Win95 game CDs. Someday I’ll get around to setting up my dedicated Win95 game machine from one of my old desktops I’ve been keeping around for just this purpose.

Ah, yes, The Teen….

Those weren’t simplier times, but you know how it is. The past feels brighter as time passes.

That reminds me-

I think the last line of the book, The Three Musketeers, goes something like this:

“Ah yes. You had some unhappy memories about your times in the Musketeers. But over time, your unhappy memories will become sweet ones.”


It always feel super weird to promote your own stuff; it feels, to me, like you’re bragging, but in reality you’re just advertising your brand/business. Nothing shameful about that. If it doesn’t bother you when other people do it for their stuff, then other people probably feel the same about you. I like when people keep it short, sweet, to the point when it comes to self advertising.

I always feel weird about people I know selling their little handicrafted items, either too expensive for the quality, OR they charge the going professional price per hour, but it takes them three times as long, cause you know,… NOT professionals. But if someone is advertising what they do professionally, that’s different. That’s a professional, they do what they do in the time it takes a professional to do it, and Then price accordingly.
So since this is your comic, I think it smoothly and naturally done to put in a blurb about support. It’s your economic engine after all. Gotta keep that motor in fuel water and oil, purring like a kitten,… unless you have allergies. Then run like a Deere. Or a Toro, Husqui, what evs.

I still take my 3DS to conventions. Don’t get nearly as many streetpasses nowadays, but it’s great when I do finally get someone. I can help them with their puzzle pieces since I have almost every puzzle swap completed, and they can help me with my find mii game.

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