1595 Sexpet.

I have done so little outside of trying to catch up on comic related things that every time I sit down to do the blog I find myself at a loss. The things I’m doing are tedious to describe, and I expect to read about.

The only thing I can think about is taking out the garbage. The Teen noticed that it looked like someone had cleared out their fridge. One dumpster had piles of frozen meats and stuff. It made me wonder what the story was behind the waste of it. Maybe the unit failed and the meat spoiled while going undetected? We’ll probably never know… When we got back home I took this mixable putty stuff and repaired the garbage can as best I could. Mice had eaten away two parts this summer, making it hard for the liner to stay around the rim. Hopefully my makeshift repairs will be enough to solve the problem. I hate having to reach in it to get the bag back out. It’s deeper than my arm’s length so I have to really strain to do it and I often get a faceful of vacuum dust, which makes it hard to breathe for a few hours.

That’s as exciting as it’s gotten this week. I’m still really struggling to get back on track with everything. I’m going to get back to it. You guys have fun in the comments.


This shit is giving me flashbacks.

to what?

I had a guy that I worked with who was just like Wes in this comic. Only he said stuff like what Wes said to Reggie to the girl’s face. The cringe was so real.

I work with railroaders.

Thankfully it’s only a handful of them that are like Wes seems to be here.
‘Oops, damn. We missed the exist we needed because I was distracted by how much of an arse you’re being despite me asking you to stop. Looks like we’re going the long way back. I hope we won’t have to the really long way back.’
I’ve only ever had to do that once.

Is Wes helping Reggie become less of a jerk???

Wes is being enough of a jerk that Reggie doesn’t have to fill his quota.

I think Wes has dethroned Reggie as the new jerk employee. The Duke Nukem of Megatainment.

I didn’t believe Wes could get any worse than that time he violated Brooksie with his eyes. *shudders* Thanks for proving me wrong.

When Wes was admiring Brooksie I was okay with it. It’s not a crime to look at someone and like how they look. But I’m not defending him this time. He’s out of line and I want to see karmic retribution hit him.

There’s no such thing as karma. It’s a lie, like most things in human society.

Several of my own life experiences disagree. It’s true that karma isn’t always, but it does happen fairly frequently in my experience. :)

I can see that. I once saw a youtube video, where a [1960s?] astronaut b*tch-slapped an under 30 reporter, a reporter who was repeatedly saying that the astronaut’s space career was: all just a fraud done on a movie set.

Some people find out the hard way: if you say things that rashly infuriate people, loudly + often, then karma-like stuff can visit you, in the form of an infuriated man or woman, giving you a POUNDING! [!]

I have to say that doesn’t sound so much like karma as a consequence of being loudly and stupidly rude …

It might be nice to live in a universe where karma opperated … However, there are too many happily successful (borderline) psychopaths and a lot of really nice helpful people that absolutely horrible shit happens to, so I’m going to go with nope!

The body shaming comments are very frequent… I would expect that in 3rd graders, maybe, but adults? O_o Maybe I just was fortunate to not know many assholes in my life, since I’m about the same size as she is, give or take a few pounds. I can’t wait for karma to f his shit up. ^_^

This reminds me a bit of the talk Brooksie and John had about Alex way back when, with John saying ‘She might be nice, but she’s not my type’. Reggie is being decent enough about things here. That being said, Wes does need to be slapped around some. Preferably with a heavy object.

I know Reggie is wired differently about sex (we all are), but if I had a woman throwing herself at me to be her sexpet, I’d take her up on it.

Wes is just an ass, and it looks like Reggie is starting to see it.

…she wants to be MY sexpet, not the other way around….

Depends on the girl.

Also, if Reggie knows himself well enough to know that he wouldn’t be able to give her the level of love and attention she needs (for whatever reason), then his refusal to begin such a relationship is not only acceptable but laudable. To use a possibly unkind analogy (not intended as such), it would be like adopting a stray puppy if you know you don’t make enough to feed it properly and stuff.

Oh for sure, his refusal of a woman throwing herself at him when he doesn’t reciprocate is certainly laudible. I just found that when I was his age, I would have been all about eating that cake, so long as everyone understood what was going on.

I’m not going to let this entire comment strip be a bunch of bleeding hearts on the Hate Train.

Wesley may be a certifiable douche nozzle, but he isn’t a very smart one. Sure, he beat Carol’s 10 second test with a counter question, but anyone with a brain could beat that bullshit lickety split. He will eventually harass someone, push someone to the breaking point–my bet is on Nina, as Carol would be more apt to fire Wes or give him restroom duty than fight him–or steal something like everyone has suspected from the beginning. He’s only an insulary character, who certainly doesn’t show any signs of personal development at the moment…

“Ancillary” character, not “insulary” (there’s no such word, BTW). :)

Secondly, while I agree that Wes needs a smack, I’m glad he’s around, because he’s an interesting character. Every story needs “bad guys” as well as “good guys,” though Wes is far from being a villain or anything at this point.

i always kind of hated Reggie, but with what i’m seeing him do and how he acts now changes my mind. Now Wes is the (clueless asshole), or is doing this on purpose to rile up Reggie and i think that in the long run would be worse. I believe Reggie has a good shot with either of the librarians.

I have to admit, I never understood how there’s a thing called “fat shaming”. When doctors tell you being fat is bad.

Of course, Wes isn’t talk about the health aspects, instead he’s talking about the weight issue, but notice how no one seems to get upset when someone says “She’s to skinny.”

So basically. Some people just need to get over it :p No one seems to get upset over calling her stupid :p They call that stupid shaming?

His comments though are crappy. :p But he’s dissing her weight. Others dissed her intelligence. I’m at a loss of what the difference is :p

The difference is tone and intent. If you call someone fat, or make jokes with the intent to hurt their feelings, then it’s bad. Fat people, generally speaking, know that being fat is harmful to their bodies, but some can’t do anything about it. In some cases what Wes said might be seen as a harmless joke, but you have to take into account all the various cues that people give in a social situation.
Reggie calls Maddison slow rather than stupid because he’s pulling his punches. He doesn’t intend harm by stating objectively that, compared to what he considers smart, she falls short. In another situation calling someone slow might well be seen as an insult. Most people who are objectively slow don’t think of themselves that way and would take offense at the term being applied to them. Social interaction is a complex game with a lot of implied and unstated rules.
Sometimes you just can’t win no matter what you do and just have to do your best not to do harm.

Part of my comment though, goes to Nina, who didn’t seem to be pulling punches in that Maddison is dumb (ie…stupid shaming :p) and no one batted an eye, even when the way she said it, was just as mean.

Only, when Wes does it over weight, people call him out on it. :p

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