1269 Let’s Get This Party Not Started.

Okay, I’m starting out with business this time in case people get sick of reading. I added a new milestone goal to my Patreon. It’s not comic related specifically, but a lot of people enjoyed my fantasy fiction, so I made it part of the goals. If it gets to $400 a month I’ll make sure to write at least one chapter every month for the fiction fans. I know that might not seem like very much, but the goal forces me to do it no matter what. It also makes it easier to argue with the teen when she tells me to blow off my work, because she likes when I buy her things. Anyway, the link is still Nina in the Patreon logo shirt. She’s right there on the sidebar.

Okay, comic stuff. One of the things I like most about Jessie is her willingness to take on whatever new project presents itself and then go way too far with it. People like this are very important in the world. They tend to have an initial burst of intention that drops away sharply. That’s where the support classes come in. People like Jo are slower to act, but keep acting continuously. When paired with a quick starter they become a formidable team. As one starts to lose faith the other supports them, helps to drive them forward. Complimentary personalities are very good in every day life. Figuring out your class can help you get further in life by gathering classes that support you.
I am like Jo. I work slowly, but continuously. There are rarely bursts of activity. I work well with quick starters. Thomas is the same kind of person as me (obviously) and therefore has a kinship with Jo. Which is probably why she sees him as a brother more than anything else. Carol is a doer. She rarely instigates a plan, but will carry out a plan, without deviation, once she buys in. A very important kind of person when you need things to stay on course. Reggie is similar, although he has a streak of leadership trying to manifest, he’s just not good at people yet. Ed is also a doer, which is why initially he butted heads with Carol, but ultimately became her friend. John thinks of himself as a doer, but in reality his personality is in flux. He doesn’t know his class, so he chose one that he thought was right. Not consciously, but he chose it. Of course no personality is as cut and dry as a class system. These are just broad strokes and trends that can be easily seen in people.

The Teen’s brother, Stone Cold, gave me his broken PS3. He already bought a replacement, so I can pretty much do whatever I like with it. Apart from the disc drive the thing is fine. It runs a little hot, but it runs. Netflix, and that sort of thing, work just fine and I don’t feel bad about leaving it on like I do with my Xbox. Anyway, I looked up some repair instructions for this model of PS3 and it looks like I should be able to replace the disc reader. I just have to remove the old one and put in a new one. I checked the types that can go into a PS3 and ordered one. Hopefully I’ll be able to do the relatively simple procedure and get a functional, if not perfect, system out of the deal.
Strangely it took a long time to convince the system that I had a playstation account. I tried for the better part of an hour before it decided I was who I said I was. After that I was able to update the store and load Netflix. I also have some spare controllers to try and fix. I might pirate parts from the ones I cant to replace parts in the Teen’s controllers. One of them seems not to hold a charge very long anymore. I suspect I can trade the battery out.
I don’t have a charging cord for the controllers though. I’m going to have to take the old one that’s too short for the Teen’s room. My room is much shorter so I don’t need as long a wire.
Anyway, if I get the thing running you guys could potentially add me to your playstation friends list. I’ve had my account ever since I bought my PSP, I just never used it for a regular console before. I think it’s betweenfailures… I don’t know if capitalization is important.


Well, hopefully you’ll get the PS3 in gaming shape soon; If you get a friend request from The_Chronicler09, that’s my PSN I.D.

Lucky. Wish I had a pee ess triple fall into my lap. Don’t even care about the disc drive. The only exclusive I want to play didn’t have a hard copy made. Siren: Blood Curse.

I figured out my class long ago; Lawful Evil Paladin, my wife is more of a true Neutral Ranger with a cat animal companion. My oldest son is a Chaotic Good Bard, while I haven’t figured out my youngest son’s alignment yet from his build I’m thinking Barbarian.

I realised that’s not what you meant by “class” but I ran with it anyways.

I suppose it depends on what frame of reference. If I were in a Forgotten Realms setting, I’d probably be a neutral good warrior with paladin training, but never really developed into a paladin. If R.A. Salvatore were writing this story, my defining moment would probably be when I abandoned my warrior ways and switched entirely to a priest class. I don’t think my neutral good status would change, though.

I’ve never read Harry Potter, or even seen more than two of the movies. Even so, I’m that guy who, if I were in the Harry Potter setting, describes myself as a muggle. That’s right, folks. Hogwart’s wouldn’t even be on my radar if I were in Harry Potter.

*IF* I were somehow forced to be a participant at Hogwart’s, my role would change to whatever it is they call people with magic training who can’t use magic. I’d probably be an assistant to what’s-his-name. The groundskeeper. Hagrid? I think that’s him.

I’d be the victim of so many magical pranks… I would probably hate magic. The only people I could even relate to would probably come from Hufflepuff.

Hmm, taking that into account I’m definitely a neutral good sorcerer who desperately wants to be a wizard. I’m impulsive and “talented,” but I have no willpower to develop talents from “oh that’s cool that you can pick that up” into something that’s actually worth sharing. Interestingly, in Jackie’s class system I’d say I’m a doer. I can’t get anything done until other people commit, at which point I’m comfortable putting in far more effort than is required.

I really enjoy reading your insight into human nature that you put into your blog posts, Jackie. Like another poster said recently, I think I enjoy them almost as much as the comic, even if I don’t always understand the references (such as console games). The characters are wonderfully deep and memorable, and their story, though not some whacky, dynamic adventure in hilarity by intent, seems to still manage to capture the incredibly bizarre mixture of comedy/tragedy that is everyday life.

Anyway, if I had a to pick a “class”, I think I’m some sort of bizarre combination of what defines Thomas, Jo, and Mike. I try to be a leader sometimes (online in GW2, etc.), I have bursts of inspiration once in awhile (story ideas, etc.), but mostly I’m more likely to just support someone who is a doer.

My own PS3 broke a while ago, lost the blu-ray dvd reader on it, and managed to repair/clean the lens instead of replacing the whole drive. There’s some good instructional videos online and they really are easy to follow (if I can do it, they must be).
Also, first time commenting but I’ve been reading the comic for a few years now and it’s only got better. :)

I can’t believe I didn’t say this much earlier, but I love it that most of the cast have awesome, ‘anime’ styled sideburns.

Now we just need some giant robots…

They say you should be the change you want to see I’m the world. Well I want more sideburns in it.

Your timing with this story is perfect. Today is my birthday, and it felt a little like “Hey, I now have a connection with one of the characters. Other than the video games and bibliophile-ness.”

Accidentally let this go a while without reading. Okay so I can get more than 3 in a row…but man, I missed some great stuff.

And I just love how you write things. “Remember that time when…? It’s still then.” It’s awesome.

Jolene Brooks would write Zen and the Art of Conversation, but she doesn’t want to bring attention to herself.

To my knowledge, PS3 controllers use standard USB mini cables.

Yeah, I don’t have any at the moment. So I had to get the one the teen used to use before I bought her a longer one.

If you have points with GameStop, they have a reasonably long charging cord you can get as a reward. It’s worked great for me for the past 2 years.

There’s not much space between my system And the spot on the floor I sit on. I can just use this old one till it wears out. I’m all out of gamestop points after the Skylanders affair… Amazon also carries some very inexpensive cables in a variety of lengths.

the phrase: remember when i was shy? its still then
is the best thing ever and you cant convince me otherwize

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