2214 Saint Young Man.

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Ramon is wearing the original God Be With Brew shirt, whereas Evrina is wearing the new one. I like the idea that Ramon is constantly moving things around & changing things in some bizarre effort to Feng Shui everything to greater success. Operating totally on instincts he interprets as communication from a higher power.


He has such a clear view of his own social Locus, it frightens me. His grasp of people and their motivations is Totally Awesome!

I can see where Evrina might like her second version shirt as it allows her to show off her figure.

What is the green thing at the junction of the cross on the wall in the first panel?

If I was to hazard a guess based on the artistic creative types I know – Green Tinsel – stuff is free to those willing to weather the weather in the early weeks of January.

As drawn it almost looks like an eye in the center,peering at you. Projection on my part, I’m sure.

My guess is palm fronds. Do I win?

That would fit, given the Christian symbolism. I don’t recall seeing palm fronds being paired with the crucifix but people often make a mashup of symbolism. It probably isn’t relevant to the story, my ADHD just hangs up on background details sometimes.

Is Alexandria making a subtle jest or hypothesis about Evrina’s menstrual cup? I know Alexandria likes to make clever innuendos, so it seems in character.

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