I must admit I usually don’t put much thought into the colour of monochrome backgrounds. While it could be the colour of the room it could also be a mood colour or just for contrast to the actors.
So for me the colour either fits or not.

I had completely forgotten that Evrina and Jo met, but if anyone is as confused as I was, they meet here: /comics1/2001-everyone-is-gay

“Spoonful of brown sugar”, and continued use of “sweet pea”. Evrina really like Brooksie. I mean, perhaps even more than everyone else.

Also Brooksie’s look in panel two, with I’m fabled?, is to die for.

Yeah, Jackie, gotta say it; I laughed, and started the dog, and my Mate asked if something was wrong or was everything still OK.
It’s 2020, how is anything OK?? Response? “You know what I mean!!!”
So I didn’t say anything more. (Shhhh….)

This comic brings up several nice childhood memories. The color scheme reminds me of the old Capt’ Crunch boxes with the over saturated red and blue colors. As a little kid I could stand in the cereal isle and shake my head back and forth and watch the colors swim. 50 odd years ago a dear family friend nicknamed my little sister and I “Sweetpea” and “Sugarfoot”. Others might not relate but good memories.

Has Ramon said why his crucifix, or crucifix-like statue, is covered in barbed wire?
Does he like heavy metal music, or something? *shrugs*

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