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I’m endlessly amused by thinking about the process that led Ramon to think this giant crucifix was a good idea for what amounts to an ice cream parlor. It’s not the worst idea though because over time something like that can become a landmark that everyone uses to give directions. Being a landmark is good for business.

As for Alex she’s probably doomed to add to her extensive collection forever. Of course you can get by in the world with a massive collection of fetishes largely unopposed. Anyone, in my experience, who gives you guff is a million times worse than you.


I mean, you’re not wrong. I’ve found that the louder someone criticizes, the more likely they are to be projecting and desperate to feel like they’re better than they really are.

I mean… you can enjoy things without them being fetishes. Just remember, safe, sane, and consensual.

for some its not a fetish. its a paraphilia.

mmmmm booobies!

Any more it’s only considered a paraphilia if it causes distress to the person or harm to others. Finding boobs attractive is normal. Becoming intensely aroused by a particular size or shape of boob is a fetish. Coercing one’s SO to have breast augmentation for one’s own gratification would be a paraphilia. Alternatively, being unable to leave the house because the sight of any breast was excessively arousing would also count as a paraphilia. Fetish is another of those words that started off with a specific meaning but which crept in to common usage with a diminished or modified meaning. With Alex a fetish is things or activities that she associates with particularly pleasurable activities. Not that she might not have an actual fetish or two.

Just so! Associating a Very Metal Crucifix with community, contentment, fulfillment, or pleasure is an association, not a fetish.

It’s almost as good as the (unfortunately overpriced “artisan”) ice cream shop that was here for a short time that had a neon sign inside that read “It’s not going to lick itself”!

Not possible Alex. Take this from somebody who has an extensive amount of fetishes himself. That space always has room for rent, and the rent is cheap.

My only issue with the crucifix is that it’s too low.
I understand that (from a ‘story-telling’ perspective) it needs to be visible in the scenes, but “IRL”, it’s seldom a good idea to keep so much barbed-wire within arm’s reach of your average careless shopper, much less their kids.
In truth, I’ve no idea how one might make this safer, except by sacrificing some of this great scenic design.
For example, PICTURES of this “Barbed-Wire Savior” logo, although safer, would have FAR_LESS of a dramatic impact. The same goes for enclosing it in a plexiglas box, which would also be a pain to properly render every time. Having it “out in the open” keeps it more emotionally ‘immediate’ to the viewer, & harder to ignore…
…which I suspect is part of the proprietor’s evangelical goal. He just appears (to me) to be FILLED with good intentions that are being expressed in awkward, poorly-thought-out ways…
…which, as I type this, is reminding me about the “paving-stones” on a rather, “unfortunate” famous road.

Look at the backgrounds and angles. They are still outside, and the crucifix is in the shop window. From their point of view it is behind glass, and there is no indication it is accessible to patrons inside the shop either, many display windows are not.

Actually it looks like the crucifix is in front of the glass. Notice how it overlaps the streaks in said glass. If the crucifix were behind the glass then the streaks would overlap it instead. So it seems like the crucifix is also outside along with them.

The barbed wire is probably just plastic. Or Ramon is relying on his faith in the lord to ensure nothing could possibly go wrong with a barbed wire window display…

Since this is presumably Texas, people coming in from the countryside would be disappointed if it weren’t real barbed wire.

Really it could be real barbed wire – there have been much more dangerous and toxic materials used in high priced art installations.

Very True.
But at-least those ‘installations’ are usually kept behind velvet ropes.
Don’t mind me, I’m just being “OCD”.
It’s not something worth fixating upon.
If this was something that *TRULY* bothered me, I would’ve said something way back when we saw this shop for the first time.

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