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I got some help on this page from the cat who draws Bandit’s Quest.  Help which I almost totally ignored after it was given, but help none the less. 

There aren’t many pages where you can see the entirety of a character.  I can only think of 3 counting this one.  Panning back very far just creates a lot of dead space that I am then compelled to fill with things I’m not nearly as interested in drawing as people.

I saw Batman: Gotham Knight finally.  It was surprisingly better than I expected.  There wasn’t too much influence from the movie series it’s meant to be a bridge for.  Some of the animation styles were crappy, but whatever.  Kevin Conroy was the voice of Batman, which pretty much sells any Batman story for me.  The voice doesn’t really fit the ultra anime prettyboy they made him in one clip, but again, whatever.  The most disappointing thing about the whole thing was the first story, which was INCREDIBLY similar in structure to an episode of the animated series.  A group of kids are telling tales of seeing Batman, and embellishing.  Which ends with Batman finish his fight in front of the kid who had never seen him and had no story to tell.  Honestly it doesn’t matter.  DC owns the rights to the whole damn thing so it’s just down to me being nerdy about the affair.  It just made that first part seem like a rehash of something I’d seen. 

On the whole it was a solid watch.  To the point that I’ll keep an eye out for when it hits the $5 bins.  It would go nicely with my other Batman videos.

I have not had a chance to play the new Batman game.  Partly because I have several games I’m playing already, but mostly because of the cost.  It’s always a problem for me because I miss out on the shared experience.  What I need is friends who love games, but are also thrifty.  So I can talk about Batman, Skyward Sword, Mass Effect 3, and so on, many months later when they have a price drop, or I can get them used.


I really like that outfit to be honest. Did you make it up, or did you get inspiration from somewhere?

It’s really just a simple dress that I added stuff to. The next page explains some of the features of it.

To be honest, I don’t really find that dress appealing. I happen to love carol, shes my favorite character from this comic, so I suppose thats why this just dosent seem to fit with me, didnt seem like the sort of thing she’d normally wear

I’m a guy who loves games and is also thrifty. I figured out a while ago that paying $20-$30 for a new game is pretty reasonable, especially since EA still gives you all the “New game” bonuses, and in some cases it’s actually better to wait to buy a game. When you have instances like Dragon Age Origins, which eventually released the ultimate edition with all of the DLCs. In fact, I’m getting ready to buy Dragon Age II once I get done molding the world in Dragon Age I.

Wow…now the hat makes perfect sense.

And don’t worry about the ‘dead space’ in a panel – when used correctly, extra space can act as a buffer or help create contrast to an otherwise busy scene.

And Carol…stay classy, girl.

What’d I say? Attention pays!

Also, I think that ‘dead space’ thing is called a ‘beat’ leaving some room or having no dialogue for empashis or whatever. I might be wrong.

A “beat” has more to do with chronological timing. A panel that consists only of a static reaction shot inserted between two action or dialog panels is kind of the most common example in comics. Like panel 3 here: /archives/archive/881-i-heard-you-liek-movies . You can also imply one in a single panel by splitting dialog between two word balloons (not all dialog that’s split like this represents a beat though).

It is a kind of punctuation/framing device, but it’s one of sequence and/or timing rather than of physical space (ahh, it frames a verb rather than a noun, if that makes sense).

Using empty space to frame a visual element like this is called “negative space”. “Negative space” actually has two different meanings: it can be relatively empty areas used to frame something visually (as here), or it can mean the subtractive or cutout shapes that are the “negative” of the subject’s “positive” shape (a good demonstration is the old face/vase optical illusion: the “negative” and “positive” spaces swap places depending on whether you’re seeing the faces or the vase).

I won’t lie, she looks like those ladies you think of when you think of cruise trips. The ones with the big, white hats and the flowy dresses.

Which is a cool archetype, really.

Fun fact: both of the Batman shorts you mentioned, the episode of the series and the short in Gotham Knight, are re-hashes of an old Batman comic book.

I used to have a book of compiled Batman comics from the 60s and 70s (a lot of it from the camp/kiddy era), and one of them is a group of boy scouts sitting around a camp fire telling stories about having seen Batman, while the Scoutmaster Bruce Wayne listens in. One kid tells about Batman being a ghost that fades through walls and can be the size of a man or the size of a city. Another kid describes a blaxploitation “supah-fly” Batman with Muhammad Ali-style boxing moves.

At the end of the comic, the kids realize Scoutmaster Wayne is nowhere to be seen. He jumps out of the bushes in his Batman outfit saying “Th real Batman looks like this.” The kids laugh in his face and says Bruce Wayne could never look like the real Batman. As the kids go to sleep Bruce internal monologues something about Batman’s image “frightening the guilty, not the innocent”.

TL;DR: The rehashed short is actually a rehash of a rehash of a bit from the 60s. XD

And that’s my trivia for the knight.

That’s neat. I didn’t know that.

The blu-ray of Batman: Gotham Knight has the episode from the old animated series on it. It has girl robin from the Dark Knight Returns comic and I heart her. I got that blu-ray before the second new Batman movie came out and loved how Gordon’s two cops were featured in both films. The betrayal of the girl cop really hit me hard since she’s so likeable in Gotham Knight.

I was expecting a birthday suit, but this is quite a pleasant surprise. A lot more depth added to Carol, in the form of a rather fetching outfit. Refreshing to see someone not going for the easy reveal.

It’s a world wide punomenon! Now is the winter of our disco tent!

Wait you mean you don’t have Mass Effect 3 on pre-order? Have you at least played the demo? I played the crap out of the demo I ended up leveling all the characters to max. It was kinda cool because up until then I only ever played infiltrator. From what I had alien anything seemed OP except for Drell Vanguard but I think it was just a matter of me needing to adapt. Poor humans always the jack of all trades race. Anyway I loved it, and think when they first announced multiplayer I thought it might ruin the game.

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From a lady: kudos on the flats. A woman built like Carol may play around in tall heels from time to time, but when planning an ensemble that she might actually wear on a fancy date for hours, I think she’d probably go for flat heels. This pair in particular look just as fancy as pumps, but would be super-comfortable.

Waow, dude. That’s a NICE DRESS! More elaborate than other stuff Carol wears, but that’s what makes it awesome. And DAT HAT.

Carol’s glamor-like dress kinda reminds me of Eliza’s [ascot racing day dress], in the
Rex Harrison film- “My Fair Lady”.

I don’t know why- maybe it’s Carol’s large hat, + the blue + white dress. It looks very good, though.

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