1460 Meow Meow.

Jo might have been safer if Thomas was around to draw away Jessie’s attention for a bit. She’s getting frisky. A little distraction would ha e gone a long way toward keeping her in line. At least in as much as she can be kept in line.

I rewired my television and game systems so it wouldn’t be an insane mess. During that process I plugged back in my 360 and PS3 and let them update for a couple hours… After that I looked on the sony store just to see if there were some free games or good deals. Apparently they made that new transformers game for the PS3, which I didn’t know. Does anyone have it? Does it look cool on the PS3? If it’s comparable I no longer have a reason to want a ps4, which is good. I just need to wait for a sale…

I also finally got a Robin amiibo at regular price. Lucina is still $58 or there abouts, so still waiting on her for Codename Steam. Technically it’s next week before I get Robin as well, but anyway… The Fire Emblem Amiibos have been the best implementation of the amiibo so far. Although just making the extra characters DLC would have been less annoying. Also, just having all the characters in a game when it comes out would be cool, but we don’t live in that world anymore…

We do live in a world where Cloud is in smash and that’s something at least. Ryu is getting an amiibo, which is cool too. I really want there to be a Konami character so I can have the ultimate battle royal of all the major companies. Sonic, Mario, Ryu or mega Man, Simon Belmont, or Alucard, Cloud, We could finally settle it. I’d even tolerate Snake coming back if that’s what it took.

There are so many characters I’d love to see in Smash bros. I wish they could add them in faster. Who’s on everyone else’s smash list? I’d love The girl from Drill Dozer, One of the double dragon bros, A ninja turtle, Cooking Mama, the list is really long…


I wound up voting for Shantae in the Smash ballot. Gotta support those indie developers, plus WayForward already had some ideas for Shantae’s incorporation into Smash.

I was also strongly tempted to vote for Geno (Whom I’ve wanted in Smash Bros since forever, and now that they’ve got a SquareEnix character in there, it seems possible!), as well as Daisy (She’s kinda gotten the short end of the stick in the Mario-verse…), or possibly even Sora from Kingdom Hearts (Although Disney may be a higher hurdle than SquareEnix!). Like Jackie, I’d love to see a Ninja Turtle in Smash Bros, but I won’t hold my breath on that notion. At least I can use the Shredder Mii Swordfighter I made…

Jessie kinda comes off as a predator on this page…and of course her target is the shy little rabbit known as Brooksie.

I really wish I could find the Fire Emblem Amiibos. Them and Palutena without having to resort to using Amazon.

And I can already see people saying they want Banjo-Kazooie in SSB4 despite the fact that he’s owned by Microsoft and his series has accomplished nothing to the extent that Metal Gear, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man, Mega Man, Street Fighter, and Final Fantasy has.

There’s a difference between being a predator, and playing a role for mutual enjoyment. I think enough of Jess to suppose that if Brooksie had said, “No, you’re creeping me out!” in the last panel, that she’d back off.

Bad scenario: Reggie was listening.

Worse scenario: Wesley was listening.

Worst Case scenario: They were both listening, and end up egging each other on. Of course, that might end with Reggie pulling out of his asshole phase and helping her.

What I love about this page is how it draws the parallel between two incredibly distinct characters who turn out to be very much alike. I doubt anyone would confuse Jess with Carol, but once you drop the bullet points, they end up being really similar. They’re both confident with strong and imposing personalities. They’re both indulgent creatures who actively seek out their pleasures shamelessly. They’re both incredibly influential (and manipulative in a kind way) to the people around the them, their SOs in particular.

And yet, they’re so distinct in their motive and presentation (Carol is more of a queen on her throne, while Jess is a sorceress whispering temptations into the ears of the innocent). I have a hard time telling how well they would get along. They could either clash due to their similarities, or they could echo with each other in a feedback loop of dominance.

Characters from Golden Sun would be cool to play in Smash. Some already exist in trophies but it’s not the same thing

Honestly now I’m just terrified by the notion that, as Ed put it, Jess is going to screw up poor Jo. I love them both, but just the headstrong nature of Jess makes the scenario very possible.
I love this one as well :)

1. Damn you to the pits of Hades for managing to get ahold of a Robin Amiibo at a reasonable price!
2. I was on the Fence about Cloud’s inclusion in smash till I decided that I love cross overs so it’s cool.
3. I want the Inklings from Splatoon or Quote from Cave story as the final smash character.
4. Thanks as always for the fun comic.

Oh my, a subtle, suave… Kabe-don! (I apologize for the nerdish reference, well, basically a japanese expression. By the way, Jess, don´t break this one. Sweet female blue haired ninjas aren´t common fair these days. Lady-killer, uh.)

How about throwing in the guy from Kung Fu/Spartan X? It’s the VG tie In for the Jackie Chan movie ‘Meals on Wheels’ (released as ‘Spartan X’ in the States).

Ore maybe some of the myriad of old Famicon and Super Famicon characters? They could easily expand the female roster that way.

Hell, I’d love to see Colonel Scott O’Connor from ‘Kabuki Quantum Fighter’.

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